The Warriors won’t win this year

The Warriors won’t win this year

Yup I called it, you can quote me right now “The Golden State Warriors will not win the title!” NBA analysts lack one big big component of the game and that is The EYE test. They are hype beasts, they don’t actually watch games, they watch highlights and give commentary. These guys are DJ Akademiks. Here are 3 reasons I KNOW the Warriors will fail:

  1. Arrogance: In basketball you have to be confident but the Warriors have become Arrogant. The latest example is last night’s game in Minnesota with 30 seconds left, Steph makes a clutch 3, gestures to the ref then seconds later Durant fouls Towns and the Timerwolves win by two clutch free throws. This team is arrogant. They take nights off and don’t play with fire. They are lazy. They are beatable in 7 games.
  2. Chemistry: I remember a few months ago when Kevin Durant and Draymond Green had issues and all of a sudden they’re cool again. FAKE NEWS. Body language says a lot and the way this team moves, reacts and interacts tells me they don’t have the same chemistry. The same energy that drove them to 3 chips in 4 years.
  3. Coaching: I’ve argued that coaching in Ball is very important, but in this specific case with a dynasty and arguably the greatest NBA team of all time…coaching matters a lot. Let me keep it 1000: Steve Kerr is NOT a great coach. He was blessed with Hall of Fame players in their prime. To three peat you have to be in Popavich, Pat Riley and Phil Jackson territory and Kerr will never be that.

I could be wrong though, I’ve been wrong before (the JL curse) but this one thing is true: THIS AIN’T THE SAME GSW! 


Follow up to my Cardi B post

Follow up to my Cardi B post

When I started this blog in 2013 it was a hobby, something easy and chill to do, from my very first post I made it clear that this was for fun. The tag line for this page is “A good waste of time” but slowly I’ve realized that this site has an impact and I want to start off by saying this: THIS IS MY BLOG, MY VIEWS AND I CAN EXPRESS MYSELF ANYWAY I WANT! A lot of you don’t know me, my intentions and it shows, especially when it came to my Cardi B post yesterday. So let me make 3 things clear:

  1. My main point (thesis) was that Cardi B represents what I don’t want in hip hop and black culture in general. Yes I admit it comes off as judgy and yes I used harsh words but that was my point. Plain and simple I use controversial words to increase engagement. And yes my word choice can be improved. The way I addressed it made folks uncomfortable but the Internet is beautiful. Why? Because you can exit my site and go towards your echo chamber, never challenge your own views and never learn from others.
  2. Cardi and R. Kelly are not the same, I know this. I juxtaposed both of them to show how absurd Twitter (and most social media) has become. Making a false equivalency (google that) with disgusting crimes is not right! My message is consistent, I don’t like Cardi or what she represents! Some have argued that Nicki Minaj is in the same lane as her, following the hyper-sexual Lil Kim path and I agree. The only difference is Minaj has authentic hip hop talent and respects the culture therefore I respect her more. She writes her own rhymes and has put in the work, two things I can’t say for Cardi. To top that off Barti has said in radio interviews that she is a “bag chaser” which tells me that she cares less about the culture and more about the bank account, this is one of the reasons I will never respect her.
  3. I’m not perfect and I never claimed to be, we are all flawed and for folks to go out there and take a moral high ground makes me suspicious of them. I can’t even number the amount of Trash things I’ve done (and still do). Of course I can improve the tone of my writing (and I will), of course I could use different words to make my points (and I will) and of course I am open to hearing different opinions and views (and I always will) but I hate where our generation is going. I hate where our society is going. If you don’t fit into the box of mainstream thought you’re a cancer. Imma make this clear, I like being different and I will always be ME! Regardless of any comments, rumors or anything haters throw at me, and I hope you are the same. Authenticity is rare and I aim to be authentic in all parts of my life.


Thank you for reading.

Marry Brown’s in Kanata is what Popeye’s chicken should be

Marry Brown’s in Kanata is what Popeye’s chicken should be

Every Sunday I wake up hangover, praise God last week was different! My boy Lankz hit me up to try this new chicken spot in the city and I LOVED IT! Here’s why…

What I ate

Three piece (two thighs and a drum) with fries, a can of spite and coleslaw // 15$


This was it chief, this was it! If we keep it real KFC is too greasy and Popeyes is too breaded but Mary Browns is just right! Ya boy felt like Goldie Locks. It was amazing, the chicken was served with the right skin to chicken meat ratio, and y’all know how much I love my fried chicken. One of the best fast food chickens I’ve ever tried.


Service was basic, since it was a dry sunday the server was more attentive to our order. They looked bored, maybe because Mary is a Toronto based company and this is one of the first locations in Ottawa. Service was quick and friendly

Final Thoughts

Overall I found this fast food joint very very promising, with the quality of food standing out. Service was average and quick with a reasonable price.

4/5 (real rating)

8/5 (Chicken rating)

Nav (and your favorite rapper) wants clout more than money

Nav (and your favorite rapper) wants clout more than money

Came across an interesting Instagram post by 6ixbuzz, the popular Toronto based hip hop page, about Nav and how he wants fame. I was SHOOK so I decided to make a poll on my photography page @jeanviews (follow dat! best up and coming shooter in the city) to see if folks wanted Clout or Money. It was all cap, folks voted 90% money and 10% clout. CAPPING IS AT AN ALL TIME HIGH! Nav made it clear, he wants fame, he wants the TMZ cameras, he wants attention, he’s clout chasing and I find that pathetic.

I’ve written several times about social media but few times about clout and here is my unfiltered view. Most of us (rappers included) want clout more than money. Imma give you an easy example: look at IG model Sommer Ray. Like most Instagram models she has a large following and makes tons of money to advertise for brands but in many interviews she admits to loving the fame more than money. If you do some research you’ll find out that her mother bought a pornstar’s IG to propel her daughter into social media stardom. In this case you’d think that her eyes are on the BAG first, but NAH it’s about clout!

For Nav to fall into that trap of clout chasing is disappointing as hell! After a solid album (Bad Habits review on the way) and great potential the man still wants clout, something that mega artists such as Bieber, Beyonce, Drake, Kanye try to avoid…Why chase clout when you can chase money? This generation is sad.

Full disclosure: I used to think like Nav. I used to want clout more than money and I hope I never go back their again. Let’s aim to be legends at what we do, let’s aim to support or family, let’s aim to make the bag in silence and with integrity.

Why I will never rock with Cardi B

Why I will never rock with Cardi B

I read the media landscape, I have twitter, that’s why I was surprised to see a weird hash tag… #SurvivingCardiB…tf? It’s a play on words to #SurvivingRKelly trend. Years ago Cardi went on IG live and rambling about luring men into having sex but drugging them first before and robbed them after. Let me keep it all the way real This AINT IT CHIEF! Cardi is Not R. Kelly, the pedophile superstar singer that had sex with underage girls, she has never inflicted such damage. She is not an abuser but she is utter complete trash and everyone like her is trash!

Let me make this clear, I absolutely hate Cardi. And let me make this crystal, I HATE what she represents: Hoe, Stripper, Finesse, Loose Morals, Ratchet, Ignorant, Dumb culture! When folks stan for criminals and hoes that’s where I draw the line. Since when did we decide it’s cool to be a hoe? Since when did we decide it’s cool to drug and rob men? Since when did we decide it’s cool to have ghost writers for 90% of songs? Since when did we decide it’s cool to make a mockery of rap? Since when did we decide it’s cool to be bird on social media? Since when did we decide to let Cardi B be a role model for girls?

Y’all did that, y’all decide that Integrity doesn’t matter. Morals don’t matter. Being virtuous doesn’t matter. Having class doesn’t matter. None of this shit matters unless you’re getting to the bag…that is the motto for 2019…

The hard truth is y’all don’t care. You guys would rather keke and haha at the fuckery instead of look deeper. To me Cardi is a recycling of trash rappers that the music Industry and multi national corporations feed us to tear down the very fabric of our society. To fill the stereotype of a ratchet ghetto black female which falls into the prism of how they see us, she’s a mockery of our culture and our people. But y’all don’t care…y’all just want to twerk to mediocre bars…y’all will never care…


P.S.   Rico Nasty, Dej Loaf, Young MA, Noname Gypsy, Nicki Minaj and many more female rappers are 10x better than Cardi and less problematic, support them!

Us was so damn good I bought tickets to watch it again next week

Us was so damn good I bought tickets to watch it again next week

Yup you read that title, this movie was so good I had to buy tickets for next week. Yes Jordan Peele take my money, I don’t care! Here are 3 reasons I loved this move.

  1. Creepy as Hell: Throughout the whole movie you feel goose bumps because this movie is so damn creepy. From the opening shot of rabbits to the last shot of _____ you are Creeped tf out! I was on the bus this morning and I got terrified when I saw a kid with a mask around Blair station, keep in mind Nothing scares me. But this movie was so damn creepy…just makes your skin crawl. In my mind being Creeped out is worse than fear.
  2. Acting: One of my few issues with Get Out was the acting. It was good but not Great. Us takes acting to a new level! Everyone talks about Lupita’s and I agree she is in Academy Award territory but when it comes to the small subtle facial expressions of Madison Curry and Ashley McKoy (child versions of Adelaide) and Elizabeth Moth’s character during the mirror make up scene…family I was SHOOK! Whoever did the casting for this movie deserves a RAISE. PAY THE MAN (or Woman #equality).
  3. The Message: I won’t give you spoilers and I won’t explain to y’all the ending. I won’t explain the Rabbits, the Tunnels, the Chain of humans, the gloves, the scissors, the cloning, the Amusement park, the passage, the inequality, the colorism, the privilege, the religious elements this movie talks about, nah I won’t. But to put all these messages and symbols in a 1h 30min feature tells you how DEEP this movie is.

Have you read the title fam? Have you read anything above this sentence? Do you have 15$ and 2 hours of life? Are you dumb? Go on and buy your ticket right NOW.

Final Score 4.9/5

Since nothing in this world is perfect, my only gripe with the movie is that it could have addressed more race related issues but I believe that Peele is going to tie this in with his next feature. Get Out and US are in the same universe. Can’t wait for the 3rd.

p.s. I plan to write a “Deep Dive” on this movie about the symbolism and theories I have. Stay tuned for that. Cr

5 MMA fights that NEED to happen in 2019!!!

5 MMA fights that NEED to happen in 2019!!!

I love what Dana is doing, he’s copying Scott Coker. Bellator give the fans what they want, they don’t wait, they don’t hesitate, they just give us, MMA fanatics (and casuals) the fights we want to see! FINALLY Dana stopped thinking with his wallet and started thinking with his Cok(er). Here are 5 planned (and rumored) fights I can’t wait to watch:

  1. Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz IIConor

Lets just keep it all the way real, as MMA fans this is what we ALL WANT! We NEED to see McGregor and Diaz at 170 beating tf outta each other for 5 rounds. Yes 5 rounds! Why? Because this puts Conor back to what he does best: Great promo, build up and fantastic trash talk. And it gives us what we LOVE about Diaz: the tough Spanish street kid from Stockton to SLAP tf outta Conor! This HAS to happen in 2019

2. Jon Jones vs Stipe Miocic  

jonesYup y’all thought I’d say Cormier, but NO! Cormier wants the Brock fight and as the 2nd greatest mixed martial artist of all time he deserves that fight. Jones wants to be Champ Champ and the only way that happens is when Cormier gives up the Heavyweight strap and Jones/Miocic scrap for it. I want Jones to take all the roids possible and I want Stipe to use all his Immigrant mentality to have WAR! This HAS to happen in 2019

3. Showtime Pettis vs Wonderboy

anthony-pettis-stephen-thompson170 is the most fun division right now, with Usman taking over after Woodley and Ben Askren slowly dominating, I want Wonderboy back in the mix. We all love Showtime Pettis but he needs one BIG win to get in there like swimwear, so why not kick the lights outta Thompson? This is happening Tomorrow night!!!! Can’t Wait!

4. Michael “Venom” Page vs Rory MacDonald

mvpYes I know Venom is fighting Douglas Lima May 11th but Imma keep it real: He’s gonna SQUASH the man. We NEED MVP vs The Canadian Psycho , we need this fight! As MMA fans we know how lethal Venom is and we know MacDonald’s talent. A fight for the Bellator Welterweight strap between MVP and MacDonald is what we NEED! This HAS to happen in 2019.

5. Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Cormier

brock-lesnar5The rumors are slowing down but I still stick with it I want this fight. Two NCAA championship wrestlers, Two Heavyweight champs and one big ass Viking looking gorilla, are you not entertained? We need this fight. This HAS to happen in 2019!!!!