I can’t speak on your experience but I can speak on mine, when I went to Hooleys last monday with my crew we had some of the WORST service of all time, keep reading for details.

What I usually eat

Two plates of Lemon pepper wings, and one honey garlic with 2 pitchers (split cost) // 35$


This is the highlight of Hooleys especially when it comes to how much you are paying, the wings are large and beautiful, 49 cent wings with a beer you’ll be full on 20$! Issa blessing, especially their LEMON PEPPER (BAE) WINGS with a side of ranch…lord have mercy!!!


ABSOLUTELY TRASH! The moment I walked in the hosts ignored me while they talked about some random annoying customer. Once I got seated with my friends they messed up 3 of our orders and put the wrong info on our receipts!!! To top that off the wait times were INSANE! After ordering 1 round of wings we had to literally scream at our Server to get her attention…TRASH TRASH SERVICE

Final Thoughts

Overall the quality of chicken and regular beer pricing saves this place but the service is a major turn off. Their servers and hosts can hold this L.

2.5/5 (real rating)

7/5 (Lemon Pepper Bae Rating)



3 thoughts on “Hooleys has the best lemon pepper wings in Ottawa and some of the worst customer service I’ve ever seen

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