Yup you read that title, this movie was so good I had to buy tickets for next week. Yes Jordan Peele take my money, I don’t care! Here are 3 reasons I loved this move.

  1. Creepy as Hell: Throughout the whole movie you feel goose bumps because this movie is so damn creepy. From the opening shot of rabbits to the last shot of _____ you are Creeped tf out! I was on the bus this morning and I got terrified when I saw a kid with a mask around Blair station, keep in mind Nothing scares me. But this movie was so damn creepy…just makes your skin crawl. In my mind being Creeped out is worse than fear.
  2. Acting: One of my few issues with Get Out was the acting. It was good but not Great. Us takes acting to a new level! Everyone talks about Lupita’s and I agree she is in Academy Award territory but when it comes to the small subtle facial expressions of Madison Curry and Ashley McKoy (child versions of Adelaide) and Elizabeth Moth’s character during the mirror make up scene…family I was SHOOK! Whoever did the casting for this movie deserves a RAISE. PAY THE MAN (or Woman #equality).
  3. The Message: I won’t give you spoilers and I won’t explain to y’all the ending. I won’t explain the Rabbits, the Tunnels, the Chain of humans, the gloves, the scissors, the cloning, the Amusement park, the passage, the inequality, the colorism, the privilege, the religious elements this movie talks about, nah I won’t. But to put all these messages and symbols in a 1h 30min feature tells you how DEEP this movie is.

Have you read the title fam? Have you read anything above this sentence? Do you have 15$ and 2 hours of life? Are you dumb? Go on Cineplex.com and buy your ticket right NOW.

Final Score 4.9/5

Since nothing in this world is perfect, my only gripe with the movie is that it could have addressed more race related issues but I believe that Peele is going to tie this in with his next feature. Get Out and US are in the same universe. Can’t wait for the 3rd.

p.s. I plan to write a “Deep Dive” on this movie about the symbolism and theories I have. Stay tuned for that. Cr


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