Yup I called it, you can quote me right now “The Golden State Warriors will not win the title!” NBA analysts lack one big big component of the game and that is The EYE test. They are hype beasts, they don’t actually watch games, they watch highlights and give commentary. These guys are DJ Akademiks. Here are 3 reasons I KNOW the Warriors will fail:

  1. Arrogance: In basketball you have to be confident but the Warriors have become Arrogant. The latest example is last night’s game in Minnesota with 30 seconds left, Steph makes a clutch 3, gestures to the ref then seconds later Durant fouls Towns and the Timerwolves win by two clutch free throws. This team is arrogant. They take nights off and don’t play with fire. They are lazy. They are beatable in 7 games.
  2. Chemistry: I remember a few months ago when Kevin Durant and Draymond Green had issues and all of a sudden they’re cool again. FAKE NEWS. Body language says a lot and the way this team moves, reacts and interacts tells me they don’t have the same chemistry. The same energy that drove them to 3 chips in 4 years.
  3. Coaching: I’ve argued that coaching in Ball is very important, but in this specific case with a dynasty and arguably the greatest NBA team of all time…coaching matters a lot. Let me keep it 1000: Steve Kerr is NOT a great coach. He was blessed with Hall of Fame players in their prime. To three peat you have to be in Popavich, Pat Riley and Phil Jackson territory and Kerr will never be that.

I could be wrong though, I’ve been wrong before (the JL curse) but this one thing is true: THIS AIN’T THE SAME GSW! 

3 thoughts on “The Warriors won’t win this year

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