Sunday evening as I was watching another episode of “Heroes” on Amazon video I was scrolling through IG and fell on the most heart breaking news I’ve read in years. Nipsey Hussle, born Ermias Asghedom, was shot and killed in broad day light in his store. A small tear fell down my cheek because 3 things came to my mind:

  1. Nipsey is Us: He was born to an American mother and an Eritrean father, he is a child of the diaspora and I couldn’t help but see myself in him. A black man raised in poverty, that went through the growing pains of the streets to become a Black businessman focused on his community. If that ain’t the American dream I don’t know what is. Working from the bottom (even doing crime at times) to get to the top. The man was nominated for Rap Album of the Year when 5 years prior folks clowned him for selling 100$ albums. Nipsey is who we ASPIRE to be! A black male that was born in circumstances beyond his control but decided to TAKE control.
  2. Envy in the Black Community : I understand that he was making a documentary on Dr. Sebi and the impact he had but I also understand niggas. Nipsey most likely knew the shooter on a personal level because 2 hours before his death he made a cryptic tweet “Having strong enemies is a blessing”. This was not a CIA/FBI tin foil hat conspiracy, HELL NAH, this a jealous and evil nigga that decided to end the life a black leader. Envy in the black community has manifested itself so many times, last year we lost Xxxtentacion, few years ago we lost Bankroll Fresh and even before that we lost Chinx Drugs. Men who stayed in their hood and got killed by their own. This murder was premeditated, it was erratic and it was based on ENVY and JEALOUSY! Why can’t we let our people win? Why must we blame the white man when we are killing each other? Why can’t we stop the cycle of violence in our communities?
  3. The Family of Nip: As all the dedications and RIP posts rolled up I learned one major thing: this man was loved and respected. My heart broke when I realized Hussle has left this world with a young child and the love of his life, Lauren London. My heart broke when I realized Crenshaw and Slauson would never be the same because of all the business he brought. My heart broke when I realized that this death could ignite gang violence in LA between Crips and Bloods. My heart broke when I realized that Yesterday (April 1st) Nip was planning to meet LAPD to discuss ways to improve impoverished communities.  And my heart broke because we lost one of the most influential leaders in our generation. We as a people have lost a family member, Nipsey is our brother and when family leaves our hearts are beyond broke.

We can’t let his legacy die, just like Tupac, Nipsey had a mission that was beyond music. On several interviews you could tell that he wasn’t just “a rapper” he was more than that. I dare you to listen to any Nipsey album/mixtape and tell me you didn’t find GEMS. I dare you. So what happens now? I want to challenge everyone to listen to every Nipsey Hussle song on SPOTIFY, APPLE MUSIC OR ANY STREAMING SITE because he owned his masters and every cent will go to his family. I want to challenge everyone to buy a product off , I want to challenge everyone to look after black men because this effects us too. I want to challenge everyone to spread love to those you love (and those you don’t) because you never know which day will be their last.


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