Deep down we all knew it: Duke did will not make the NCAA finals. AMERICAN sports media is pathetic. They want you to get on the hype train but when a bump occurs they run to the exit sign faster than Usain Bolt runs for curry goat. Zion Williamson is a victim of this, folks are quick to forget that they did this with Andrew Wiggins, Ben Simmons, Blake Griffin and even Markel Fultz a few years ago. American sports media is pathetic. They build you up to tear you down. But here are 3 reasons why this Duke L will help Zion and RJ Barrett’s career:

  1. Ls are for Lessons: Imagine if Duke somehow made the final four, and somehow made the finals. They would get DESTROYED! And it wouldn’t be close. The way Texas Tech, Virginia and Auburn are playing is ELITE, they would WASH Duke. This loss forces Zion, RJ and even bummy Cam Reddish to work on their game instead of being complacent like the bummy Warriors.
  2. Less pressure: When you look at the hype machine and the constant media coverage of Duke you start to realize that these 18 year old kids have heavy shoulders. Comparing them to the Fab 5 and claiming that Zion is the greatest college player must have got to their heads. I was 18 a few years ago and I can’t imagine that kind of pressure. This loss to M. State is good for their mental state.
  3. The end of One and Done: Zion and R.J. represent “one and done” the logic of spending one year in college basketball and go straaaaaaaight to the bag NBA. Because Duke failed it brings up the question: is “one and done” worth it? And we just got our answer, HELL NAH!

All these 3 factors make me realize that this loss will help Zion and R.J’s future NBA career. They’ve faced the shame of losing, they’ve been punched in the stomach by reality and now they have no choice but to RISE! And as a basketball fan I can’t wait to see how high they go.


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