On my Art/Business Instagram (@jeanviews) I started a new series called “Question of the Day” where I ask a divisive question to understand my users and people of my generation. My recent question was: Is our generation connected?

Results: 44% Yes 56% Nah

My answer is simple, Yes and No. But mostly no. This question is tricky because it depends on one word: connection. We all define it in different ways, for the 44% that said yes, they find connection to be easier because of technology because our generation is defined by tech. The poll was on IG  which implies that 44% of voters believe that social media has connected our generation. And I understand why. I can call, text, facetime my relatives in Rwanda or Belgium or Australia within seconds. BUT our generation is less connected than ever before…

Why? Folks would rather stare at a phone than stare at their friend’s ugly t-shirt. Folks would rather text about the function than actually be at it. I have literally seen people at the club with earphones playing music while the DJ is blasting “Old Town Road”. We are not interested in authentic connection and it is getting worse. In 2013 it started, when people whipped out the celly mid-convo, that was when I knew it was over. That is when connection ended in our generation. When people decided the TL was more important than the person in front of them. Nowadays its weird if you DONT whip it out (shouts out to Louis CK) and it will get worse…


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