From my previous post I’ve been asking questions to my IG followers on my Art/Business page (@jeanviews) and today I asked: Can money bring happiness? and the answers were shocking.

53% said yes and 47% said no

What inspired this question were tweets by Tiffany Haddish about how lonely she was despite being famous and rich. I always hear stories about rich folks that are not happy. This is why the poll surprised me, I thought that most people would vote no. But the devil is in the details. Why ? Because money can buy happiness but it can’t BRING happiness. We live in a very materialistic era where commercialism is the wave and clout is king. The easiest example of this is are airpod memes:


Money can buy happiness because “being happy” is subjective. It can be a state of mind, it can be temporary, it can be long term, it can be cutting off the heads of cats, it can be spending time with family. Money can buy comfort. Happiness to you can be a new bust down Patek Phillipe or a G6 private plane. But can money bring happiness? No. Being happy to me is a state of mind and can not be linked to material things. You could be happy sleeping outside Rideau McDonalds and you could be depressed living in a Hollywood Hills mansion. It doesn’t matter. Happiness is a state of mind and if your mind ain’t right then money will never fix it.



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