On my Business Instagram (@jeanviews) I asked another question: Are you judgemental and why ? This was a poll that had 40% of folks say Yes and 60% say No and I know that’s CAP!

We THRIVE on judging each other and as humans it is natural for us to do it. In sociology the concept is called profiling, it can be negative when it becomes racial profiling but in general we profile every day. We judge people’s clothes, their smell, their walk, their talk, their looks and everything in between. And in 2019 folks would rather lie than say the truth, 60% of people on my IG really said that they are not judgmental…

Why would they chose that? There’s many reasons and the first one being, judge not least ye be judged. A verse found in the Bible, Matthew 7 verses 1 to 5 where Jesus outlines this universal truth. Many religious have a version of this and I know why. Because it is against our HUMAN NATURE. We LOVE judging! If we were not judgemental Capitalism wouldn’t exist, Social media wouldn’t exist, Racism wouldn’t exist, Sexism wouldn’t exist and Greed wouldn’t exist. It is our NATURE to judge and that’s okay.

This is why religion is beautiful, because it demands us to go beyond our nature, to stop judging and treat everyone with love and compassion. You become a super human when you are the 60%. And that is my wish for all of y’all.


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