Short answer, no. Thanks for reading. Bye.

Jokes aside I’ve been doing a poll on my Business Instagram (@jeanviews) to see what people think of this controversial question: What matters most ? 100% voted Personality over Looks . I wasn’t surprised, especially because 100% of votes were from women. Here is my take on this question: Personality matters LONG TERM and looks matter short to medium term.

I’ve been reading this book Mate by Tucker Max and Dr. Geoffery Miller where they analyze evolutionary psychology and relationships. One of the main theories is that women want Dad, Husband and Protector material in all situations weather its a hook up, dating or marriage. This makes sense logically but on the flip side men are different. I’m generalizing but most men do not give a f**k about personality when we want to hook up. And that’s okay. We are allowed to be as vain as possible and so are women. We live in a world that is filled with shame and judgement, so what should we do? Let society decide what is right for us or what we should do? What we should like? How we should live our lives? How we should make our decisions ? HELL NAH!

Choosing someone because of looks over who they are as a person is what we do every…damn…day! The reason we scroll down our IG and double tap on a “model” who spent 25k on her body is because WE ARE ALL VAIN. And that is okay. Is it ideal? No. But is it okay and realistic, absolutely.


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