I’ve been doing a serious of daily questions on my Instagram (@jeanviews) and my recent one asked: Does sex matter in relationships? The results of the poll didn’t surprise me AT ALL. 90% said Yes and 10% said No. But the truth is, this poll should have said 100% Yes and here’s why…

Relationships are complicated and there is no exact science to figuring them out, especially with the times we live in. Understanding dynamics and social norms in cultures evolves every damn day. From swiping left and right to meeting someone at the bar we can talk about ways of meeting folks but we have to understand one thing: Sex is key in ALL relationships. Why? Because your views on sex and how you perform can make or break a relationship.

Some people believe in abstinence, no sex before marriage, while others think sex is important in figuring out who you want to marry. This can be a deal breaker on both sides. Let’s say you are abstinent and your partner isn’t, that can end the relationships because y’all want DIFFERENT things! Y’all do not relate therefore why are you in a relationship?

One of the top 10 reasons for divorce is lack of intimacy and let’s keep it 100 , a lot of married couples don’t have sex. Your views on sex matter so much that dating websites literally ask you to put that in your bio and people GLADLY put it there. No matter what relationship you’re in: short, medium and long term, sex will always matter. And that is the hard truth 😉


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