It’s been a week since 99 Rideau stopped being 24hours, and yes it hurts my soul. The classic Ottawa spot is now a 6am to 10pm and I don’t like it. Here are 5 reasons why I will miss McDs Rideau:

  1. Post turn up McNuggets : All of y’all have done it: you leave the club, sweaty, ugly, horny, drink and hungry. Your wallet is telling you “NOOOO” but your body your body is telling “CHICKEN” ! You grab a 10 piece with plum and Big Mac sauce.
  2. Reunions: Some may argue that Zak’s is the spot but HELL NAH, Rideau McDicks was the top spot to have high school, elementary and even family reunions. I’ve seen distant cousins at Rideau McDs 2:30 am. I’ve seen high school classmates from 6 years ago. I’ve seen folks from my grade 3 catholic elementary school at Rideau McDs, you get the point.
  3. The crackheads: Yes I will miss the crackheads. Sadly our city has a lot of homeless shelters DT but at the same time they are the most entertaining people to watch. It’s 3am, you just smoked a blunt with a random Somali and you see some crackhead in the corner cracking jokes, that’s what life is about. If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t have the Infamous Racoon. racoon
  4. The drunks: Deep in our soul humans are simple; we wanna fight, fuck and feast. At Rideau McDs you could do all 3 within 30 minutes (sorry ladies #QuickieGANG). Why? Because people are DRUNK as hell!
  5. The memories: If you ever turn up downtown especially Byward you have memories of this spot, I won’t pretend it was perfect. I won’t pretend that things will change. But I will say that Rideau McDs gave me some of the best memories of my young life and that’s what matters.

End of an Era

(guess its a Perkins flex now)

R.I.P McKie Ds



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