As you guys can guess, I am not Mexican or spanish at all. I like the culture, the people and of course I love FOOD! Went on a date to Zak’s Cantina a few months ago before I started reviewing spots, since Easter is the spring version of thanksgiving I decided to take my family to Cantina and here is the review:

What I ate

Beef enchiladas with a side of sweet potato fries and a Dos Equis beer // 19.99$ (approximately)


As I said before I’m not Spanish so there’s a BIG BIG chance that this ain’t “authentic Mexican” cuisine but gah DAMN it was good. There was too much cheese but I wasn’t cheesed. Matter of fact I was cheesing. I loved the Bus section, it gives the resto a fun and goofy ambiance.


When we walked in (me and the fam) our Hostest was so disrespectful, she was in a rush to get us seated at the windows when the whole damn resto was empty! Customer service is about the CUSTOMER and she was hella selfish. On the bright side our server was great! She even joked around with my lil sis and yes she got an amazing tip, opposite of Hooley’s servers. 

Final thoughts

Started off whack with the Hostess but it ended up being bless because of the Enchiladas and Waitress! I can’t give this place a perfect score and I can’t shit on it either. I’d say that this is a great date night and a chill happy hour spot, especially during patio szn!

3.8 / 5 (real rating)

8 / 5 (drunk divorced father of 3 on a first date with Guadalupe rating)



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