You’ve read my spoiler free review, and now I have to bless you with my real THOUGHTS and yes this post is full of spoilers so you’ve been warned famo.



Aiii the real ones have made it, here are 3 points of the movie that I want to dive deep into:

  1. Thor is fat as hell: I was shocked and how they did my boy Thor, he is one of my favorite characters especially after Ragnork. But when I saw him in this flick I was shook. But at the same time I wasn’t. After Thanos wiped half the universe everyone dealt with loss in different ways and one way people cope is by drinking. Thor ate and drank his emotions, and that was a deeper subplot that most people ignored. Depression can take up many forms, instead of crying like Black Widow, Thor did what most men do: he drank and ate. He let himself go, he let depression take over his life. To see him team with the Guardians at the end gave a silver lining that was important, especially for men.
  2. Ironman Had to die and I’m happy he did: It seems weird to write but within the MCU we have constantly dealt with the same characters and the same stories refurbished. This is why I loved Infinity Wars, it flipped the script and so does Endgame. It decided to kill off a major character to open up a new era. Tony had to go, he had to pass the touch to a new generation and I’m happy it was him. It was a sad death but it was needed. I find it poetic that Stan Lee and RDJ are bowing out of the MCU at the same time.
  3. Thanos is the best villain in the MCU: If we keep it 100, Marvel has TERRIBLE villains, absolute TRASH (yes Altron and Loki are LAME)!!! But Thanos affirmed what I’ve always thought, he is the best villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Killmonger was my personal favorite but to see the impact Thanos had on this entire cast is amazing. Josh Brolin was so smooth through these past two films I was cheering for the Titan HELLA TIMES. Dude literally fought all the “heroes” TWICE and basically won both times. Hands down he is the best villain in the MCU.

Sidenote: The Westerbros (with Charlamagne tha God) did an amazing breakdown of the flick and it is worth a listen.



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