The playoffs are WILD, especially round two, so I thought to myself: Why haven’t I blogged on this? So here I am with my thoughts on each playoff series

Bucks / Celtics

Giannis is too much for Boston, a team that ain’t a real team. They hate each other but on the other side of the court, Bucks play with FIRE and chemistry, this series ends tonight!

Warriors / Rockets

Durant is a God, not a Demi-God, he is a GOD! But Harden is the Anti-Christ and he’s on a sinful streak, Rockets have the tools to win but they need James to be the biggest tool (lightwork).

76ers / Raptors

I love Toronto, they always break my heart but when the other team has inconsistent super stars and terrible defending I feel secure. Kawhi in his MJ bag, this series wraps tomorrow.

Nuggets / Trailblazers

The Joker is no joke, mans is making Dame “Time” and his squad look fooooooolishhh. Jamal Murray stepped up big time and they need him next round, by far the most fun series to watch.

Who do I have next?

Rockets vs Nuggets and Bucks vs Raptors



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