That title is very very simple but the concept is not. This morning I read an article on the Ottawa Sun about a band that was requested to play for free at Canada Day Kanata. A yearly event that attracts thousands in Kanata for Canada day, this band was asked to headline FOR FREE. Pathetic. This is a struggle I know about. As an artist (@jeanviews) myself I constantly deal with the issue of getting paid and I will scream this till the day I die: ARTISTS SHOULD GET PAID!!! 

Why? Because we love our craft and work hard for what we do.

Why? Because a “good look” ain’t enough! We have bills!

Why? Because what we do is important and without us, society would be ruined.

Why? Because it is a sign of respect.

Why? Because it is the right thing to do.

If you request an artists services PAY THEM, doesn’t matter if they are your 3rd cousins best friend’s brother. People disrespect artists all the time: Musicians , Painters, Photographers, Videographers, Poets, etc are told “your work doesn’t matter”. How? By y’all not paying us. How do we end this disgusting cycle?

Read my title.



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