Dark…this movie was dark, from start to finish it is disturbing, weird, creepy and feels like a nightmare. Here is my spoiler free breakdown.

  • The GOOD

This film has amazing acting and we all know why…Joaquin Phoenix is going to get an Oscar for this film (of he doesn’t the Academy is stupid wrong). But supporting roles from Zazie Beetz and Robert De Niro make Pheonix rise, every scene they interact you feel like it matters and moves the plot. This movie is very realistic and current, almost too current. They make Arthur Fleck seem like a Mike Brown or Trayvon Martin, a figurehead of a movement…a movement with good intentions but terrible execution. Fleck is not a sympathetic figure, he is literally a mentally unstable, fucked up loner that uses life events as an excuse to fulfill his selfish rage. Joker is so realistic that it turns bad.

  • The BAD

Do y’all remember Elliot Rodger? This video is a reminder, he was a weird anti social bozo that decided to kill people because of his own issues that he could have resolved. He blamed the world for his problems and had 0 self awareness. That is Arthur Fleck in one sentence and that is Joker in that video…the Bad about this movie is that it glamorizes Fleck too much. If this was Todd Phillip’s intention, to drive us into the mind of a lunatic then Bravo but I can’t ignore the fact that this film sides with Joker way too many times. This film also handles mental health poorly, to be fair this is art and it is not here to teach, art is made for expression. But the way the film maker treats mental health (Schizophrenia specifically) makes me wonder…are y’all lazy? Can’t you be more creative?

I won’t be like the FBI or the Parkland parents that protest this movie…nah I’m not that stupid. There won’t be movie shootings. My biggest concern is for Joaquin Phoenix. we all saw what the Joker character did to Heath Ledger and even Jack Nicholson warned Ledger about the dangers of tapping into that world of the Insane. It made Ledger become a pill popper which lead to his tragic death, and I hope and pray Phoenix doesn’t fall in that path. He played this character so well, he snapped at his own production crew.

  • Final Thoughts

Yes, this movie is dark, disturbing, disgusting, bizzaro, frightening and creepy as hell…BUT it is also the one of the best Comic book movies of all time. When we look back at this film we will realize how powerful it was, it gave me Black Panther vibes (i reviewed that) and freaked me out like Us (of course I reviewed it) yet gave me surprise twists like The Departed (a Scorsese film I will review next week). Go watch it NOW!

4.9/5 Stars

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