U.S. Thanksgiving is weird and a celebration of Colonialism…Plus FOOTBALL!!!

U.S. Thanksgiving is weird and a celebration of Colonialism…Plus FOOTBALL!!!

Overall Record – 90 (W) – 66 (L) – 5 (D)

W = I was right

L = I was wrong

D = Forgot to predict

Thursday Thanksgiving Ball’

  •  Bears vs Lions = This game doesn’t matter and here’s why, both of these teams ain’t making the playoffs and they are going nowhere fast! Lions are more bi-polar than Anne Hathaway in Modern Love, they’re going to lose 21-14 , Da Bears take the Dub.
  •  Bills vs Cowboys = If we keep it real the Bills are for real and they play like the Ravens (The best team in Football), expect Josh Allen to put on a show and the Boys to lose…BAD! 34-17 Buffalo Bills.
  • Saints vs Falcons = Divisional games are tricky but I can’t bet against Micheal Thomas, Brees and Kamara ! 28-24 WHO DAT nation.

Sunday Game Day

  • Titans vs Colts = Brisette is still injured and Derrick Henry is in his BAG, I expect the Titans to take control and win this 35-28 Tennessee.
  • 49ers vs Ravens: *GAME OF THE YEAR* not week, this is game of the year. One (or both) of these teams will be in Miami for the Super Bowl and Lamar is going to do Lamarvelous things, 24-21 Ravens FLOCK!
  • Jets vs Bengals = I LOVE PREZ, not Trump but Jamal Adams who should be in Defensive Player of the Year conversations, I expect a major win for J-E-T-S  of 45-14.
  • Browns vs Steelers = I hate both these teams and but as always I will always pick the better coach, expect a Steelers Dub 24-14 with a Mikah Fitzpatrick pick 6.
  • Eagles vs Dolphins = Let me make this clear, Carson Wentz is not the problem, injuries and sorry ass receivers are the problem! Hot take…Dolphins win this 18-7.
  • Redskins vs Panthers = Dwayne Haskins got his first NFL win and unfortunately its his last win of 2019-2020 because the Panthers will MOLLYWOP these boys 48-21 expect 35 fantasy points from CMC.
  • Packers vs Giants = I don’t believe in Green Bay and I have 0 faith in Pat Shurmer (Giants Head Coach) Packers somehow battle and win 21-18.
  • Buccaneers vs Jaguars = Jags are pathetic, Buccs win 27-18 with amazing play from Godwin and Mike Evans.
  • Rams vs Cardinals = Kyler Murray is gonna embarrass these boys, and its not even close! The Rams ain’t real, Cards pull the Rams card for 33-7.
  • Raiders vs Chiefs = Big divisional game that goes to Overtime with an Oakland win 26-24, the Chiefs can’t play Defense their linebackers are trash.
  • Chargers vs Broncos = Rivers will get benched this game but I see the Chargers taking this 18-7 why? Because Drew Lock is not the answer for Denver and neither is Flacco.

Sunday Night Football

  • Patriots vs Texans = This has the makings of a Divisonal Round playoffs preview with the Patriots edging out Houston 27-18 which is good because we will finally start talking about trash ass Bill O’Brian. He needs to GO!

Monday Night Football

  • Vikings vs Seahawks = If the Ravens weren’t playing the 49ers this week I’d have this as game of the week because this has MAJOR playoff implications. Russell Wilson and Harrison Smith will decide this game, because Smith has to read Russell and D.K. Metcalf. I have Smith and the Vikings making a statement 35-32 in an Overtime shootout.


Can you smellllllllll what Dalvin is COOKINNNNN?

Can you smellllllllll what Dalvin is COOKINNNNN?

Overall – 82-61-4

Sunday Game Day

  • Dolphins vs Browns: The Cleveland Browns are surprisingly on a surge right now and I wouldn’t be surprised if this game was very close, expect a Browns victory 26-21
  • Lions vs Redskins: Detroit is the hardest team to predict, they lose games they should win and win games they should lose. But we all know the Redskins are chasing for Chase Young, expect a fat L for HTTR, Lions take this 34-14
  • Raiders vs Jets: Possible game of the week with two teams that want this win BAAAAD, I’m going with Oakland for 1 main reason: Gruden21-18 Oakland
  • Giants vs Bears: The Bears are hopeless…with injuries at Linebacker and their horrible suspect offense I expect Saquon to eat their food. I expect a major Giants Dub 28-7.
  • Panthers vs Saints: Kyle Allen was never the answer, but we know Michael Thomas is. If the NFL wasn’t sucking off QBs, Thomas would be in MVP talks and he’s going to be in the win column today 34-21 Saints. 
  • Seahawks vs Eagles: Eagles have the worst receiving core but the Hawks have the best one, so guess who I’m taking? MVP Russ and the Hawks 30-24
  • Buccaneers vs Falcons: This is a confusing game with two teams going the opposite direction, I’m done sleeping on the Falcons and I will take them 28-21 Atlanta keeps the W streak alive. 
  • Broncos vs Bills: Denver is pathetic, do y’all even need my analysis? 35-7 Bills mafia. 
  • Steelers vs Bengals: Refer to my last analysis…Bengals are in sorrow for Joe Burrow, 18-6 Pittsburgh. 
  • Jaguars vs Titans: Jags under Nick Foles are losing and they’ll lose today because the Tannahil Titans are for real…24-21 Tennessee Takes this. 
  • Cowboys vs Patriots: The Pats offense is pathetic, really really bad and we all know it. Dallas has a spirit and that spirit is called Dak Prescott who is in MVP talks, I expect a major upset with the Cowboys winning 21-14.

Sunday Night Football *GAME OF THE WEEK*

  • Packers vs 49ers: We’ve had a lot of trash Sunday night games but this one is clearly the best and it is because of DEFENSE. This will be a low scoring hard hitting, multiple INT and Fumble WIN for the 49ers 23-18.

Monday Night Football

  • Ravens vs Rams: I have to confess I never saw my Ravens being THIS good, this fast but Gah damn it y’already know my prediction!! I expect Aaron Donald to do work, I expect Cooper Kupp to catch everything and I expect Goff to be medicore because he sucks. B-More humbles LA 45-20. 


P.S. I know the Vikings aren’t playing but I HAD to use that Dalvin Cook title hahah

November and December is what they remember…

November and December is what they remember…

Overall record – 75-54-3

Thursday Night Football

  • Browns vs Steelers: I hate the Steelers with all my heart…but I love Mike Tomlin, he is a top 5 coach in this league and it shows. His Steelers started 0-3 without Big Ben, Antonio Brown, LeVeon Bell and a trash defense this game is huge, and I can’t see him losing this 28-24 Pittsburg battles for this wildcard spot. 

Sunday GameDay

  • Jets vs Redskins: Toilet Bowl round 2, this is going to be a terrible game. Only tuning in for Jamal PREZ Adams, expect a Jets win 21-7
  • Jaguars vs Colts: I can’t lie, this game has me stumped, because we know the Colts are great…with Brissett under center and the Jags are a mystery…but Duval finds a way 18-14
  • Bills vs Dolphins: You may be shocked to hear this but the Dolphins ain’t as bad as we’ve been saying, they’ve turned a corner and I believe they expose the Bills 24-7 Miami shocker.
  • Cowboys vs Lions: I was wrong, the Cowboys are pretenders NOT contenders, expect a blowout 40-21 DETROIT win.
  • Texans vs Ravens: *GAME OF THE WEEK* Houston’s defense is no joke, especially the play of Whitney Mercillus having a career year! Expect Deshaun Watson to do Watson things and Lamar Jackson to do INSANE things, this game goes to the wire with…a RAVENS victory 28-27
  • Falcons vs Panthers: A huge divisional match up, expect it to be competitive…but c’mon bruh…you think I’m actually gonna pick the Falcons? HAHAHAH 18-14 Panthers steal this dub. 
  • Saints vs Buccaneers: The Bucs are always in games and Mike Evans is having a career season, this is going to be another game that might go to Overtime. Drew and the Crew (NOLA) find a way 38-32
  • Broncos vs Vikings: I’m starting to believe in Kirk…I know, it sounds insane. This Vikings team is elite in every phase of the game and the Broncos are about to start Drew Lock…an unproven rookie, expect a blowout 44-14 Minnesota stomp. 
  • Cardinals vs 49ers: San Fran should have won last week but they were playing the MVP (Russ Wilson) so it ain’t hard to understand why they lost. Kylar Murray has Russell level talent but his team isn’t even close to what Pete Carroll has, expect a tight game and a 49ers win 21-18
  • Patriots vs Eagles: I told everybody the Patriots are all hype, there were reports that Robert Kraft was begging for Gronk to return and guess what? Pats are going to get worse…and they will get EXPOSED by Philly’s run offense, 24-21 Eagles surprise the league. 
  • Bengals vs Raiders: Just fire Zack Brown #TANKFORTUA…Oakland wops these bums 28-3

Sunday Night Football

Bears vs Rams: Two teams with potential that find a way to fuck it up, the Rams and Bears in one sentence. This game is going to be boring as hell, somehow the Rams come on top 14-7

Monday Night Football

Chargers vs Chiefs: This is a possible game of the week and here’s why, both defenses are weak and the offense on both are ELITE. This will be a shootout with Mahomes and Rivers throwing for 400+ yards, McCoy and Gordon going for 120+ yards and a 51-45 Chargers win. 

Trust me, Trubisky will be terrible (Kirk too)

Trust me, Trubisky will be terrible (Kirk too)

Overall record – 68-47-3

Sunday GameDay

  • Giants vs Jets: I have the Giants winning this one, the Jets offense is so bad I can’t see them putting up points. 24-7
  • Falcons vs Saints: Saints 34-14 (c’mon bruh do you need an explanation.
  • Chiefs vs Titans: Personally I know Mahomes is not fully 100% and he is being rushed on the field, luckily for him the Titans D Line is weak, expect a close Chiefs win 18-16
  • Ravens vs Bengals: Leagues best running offense vs the worst linebacking core in the league? You do the math, 28-7 Baltimore
  • Bills vs Browns: Not gonna lie I was on that Browns bandwagon but we all know how that’s going. Expect Josh Allen to go off, this will be a close Bills win 24-21
  • Cardinals vs Buccaneers: The Bucs always find a way to lose…but so do the Cards, expect a shootout 48-37 Bucs
  • Lions vs Bears: Terrible Trubisky is going to ruin this game, and I predict he gets benched. Lions roar with a 26-7 blowout. 
  • Dolphins vs Colts: I know this sounds wild but without Brisette this Colts team is beatable, and my hot take is Miami shocks everybody 14-9
  • Panthers vs Green bay: I don’t trust that Panthers secondary and After that terrible game last week I can’t see the Packers offense sleeping, big big win for A-Rod. Expect 35-27 Greenbay
  • Rams vs Steelers: Big time game and big time plays will be made (by Jalen Ramsey). Rams are fighting for a playoff spot but I believe Tomlin is a better coach…and I hate to say it but…Steelers somehow stand 21-14

Sunday Night Football

  • Vikings vs Cowboys: It’s prime time, it’s Kirk Cousins, it’s no Adam Theilan and It’s Zeke Elliott…do the math. Cowboys cruise 32-17

Monday Night Football *Game of the Week

  • Seahawks vs 49ers: This game will mean a lot, especially in the playoff picture where the Hawks are dreaming of that Wildcard spot, but I can’t front…this Niners team is the most balanced, strongest ball team i’ve seen in years. San Fran takes this nail bitter 28-27

Mid Season NFL Awards!

Mid Season NFL Awards!

MVP (Most Valuable Player)

Russell Wilson


  • Are you surprised? Cause I’m not. This is the same guy that’s been in the MVP convo since 2015, every year he is mentioned as a top 5 MVP candidate and if it wasn’t for Marcus Peters 2 weeks ago this man would have 22 Pass TDs with 0 Interceptions. Insane numbers. Of course it depends how his record looks by week 17 but we can’t deny…Russ is having an MVP season.

Honorable mention: Christian McCaffery, Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson

Defensive Player of the Year


Shaquil Barrett

  • I know you don’t know this guy but YOU SHOULD! With 10.5 sacks, 4 forced fumbles and 1 Interception this guy is a monster! He’s the only reason this Buccs defense does anything, their DBs are weak, their Linebackers are average and their D line is good because of 1 monster on the edge, BIG SHAQ! Its Tampa Bay so mans is definitely Hot.

Honorable mention: Nick Bosa, Myles Garrett and Devin McCourty

Offensive Rookie of the Year

josh jacobs

Josh Jacobs

  • Lets keep it a buck, nobody expected the Raiders to be this good, even Jon Gruden. But 1 offensive rookie made the change and that guy is Josh Jacobs. He is on pace to beat Bo Jackson’s rookie rushing record for the Raiders, he is on pace for a 1,300 yard season and already has 6 rushing TDs and is a problem in the passing game. He might not get the Saquon, Christian McCaffery or Alvin Kamara hype but this kid is beast.

Honorable mention: DK Metcalf, Kyler Murray and David Montgomery

Defensive Rookie of the Year

Nick Bosa

Nick bosa

  • Do I even have to write this? The 49ers have the best D line in Football and it starts with the 22 year old phenom out of Ohio State. This kid just takes over games, even without a sack you can see Quarterbacks running for their lives and throwing dumb passes into Richard Sherman’s hands. You know you’re good when the 9 year All Pro cornerback (Sherman) says you should win Defensive player of the year.

Honorable mention: Josh Allen, Ed Oliver



Let’s talk about Antonio Brown…

Let’s talk about Antonio Brown…

As you all know, I love football. I love the NFL, I love the Ravens and I love great players. I predict games, play fantasy football and watch the game religiously but one thing I hate, is a COON! And from top to bottom, Antonio Brown is a coon.

What does that word mean? A coon is a black person that reinforces negative stereotypes of black people and is an embrassement to our community. To be fair, I was on AB’s side most of the time, but today was the final straw. Let’s review his behaviour in the past:

  1. Video tape Mike Tomlin during a post game locker speech
  2. Get benched on the final game of the 2018-2019 season
  3. Insult his former teammate (Juju Smith-Schuster) for dropping a ball
  4. Froze his feet in preparation for training camp with the Raiders
  5. Physically fight the General Manager of the Raiders Mike Mayock
  6. Intentionally fight the NFL about an old helmet so he can get a Xenith helmet deal
  7. Intentionally miss Raider practices to get released from the team
  8. Threaten to beat up an alleged sexual abuse victim through text messages
  9. Insult the team that picked him up (Patriots) because they cut him
  10. Insult the NFL and it’s treatment of black folk because he can’t get his way <– today

This man is pathetic. I was with him until today because if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck then it ain’t a chicken! AB is not a clown, no, clowns are entertaining. Antonio Brown is a coon. An embrassement to the black community, this man is reaching Kanye levels of pathetic. Instead of having morales and wisdom the man goes out of his way to ruin all relationships and play the victim after his own fuck ups.

It’s sad, so sad because the man is so talented. The man is so loved (even by me, a Ravens fan), the man is a generational talent but this man is also pathetic. Is he going to play football again? Yes. Will it be in the NFL? Yes. Should he play the game? No.

A guy like this needs immediate Psychiatric help, because he isn’t just a danger to himself, he is a danger to black folk, his kids, players and a whole generation of fans that look up to him.


Who’s real, who’s fake and who’s irrelevant…my week 9 picks in two sentences or less

Who’s real, who’s fake and who’s irrelevant…my week 9 picks in two sentences or less

Last week was my best and it came down to one thing Defense !  But as we get closer December we start to see who’s real, who’s fake and who’s irrelevant. So far I’m 60-42-3 (i missed the 49ers game this thursday).

Sunday Football

  • Texans vs Jags: Houston is a playoff team with or without JJ Watt, this squad has the strength to beat 90% of AFC teams and they’ll do it again: Texans take this 32-18
  • Bears vs Eagles: This is gonna be an ugly Eagles win, these Bears are pathetic (Cam Newton can save this franchise) 21-7 Philly
  • Chiefs vs Vikings: I can’t trust Kansas vs good teams, without Mahomes they won’t beat a streaky Minnesota defense. 33-28 Vikings
  • Colts vs Steelers: C’mon bruh, these Steelers almost lost to MIAMI! 14-3 Colts
  • Titans vs Panthers: These two squads are so confusing I barely ever get their games right, one second they’re contenders the next they look like DOOKIE. Panthers somehow take this 24-2
  • Jets vs Dolphins: The Toilet Bowl…trash trash game Jets offense wakes up and takes this 14-6
  • Redskins vs Bills:  I can’t trust both teams but let’s keep it 100, these Redskins are pathetic 35-7 Bills mafia. 
  • Lions vs Raiders: Josh Jacobs is in Bo Jackson levels he is going to take over this game, expect a 28-27 shootout with the Raiders riding this.
  • Buccaneers vs Seahawks: Hawks are real, 100%. Expect Josh Gordon to make plays today 48-21 blow out by the Hawks.
  • Packers vs Chargers: Chargers always find a way to lose 24-21 Greenbay, why? Because both Aarons (Jones and Rogers) and Smiths (Zadarius and Preston) are playin ELITE football.
  • Browns vs Broncos: Baker and Odell are going to explode today (not at reports). Expect a big Nick Chubb game, 31-14 Browns.

Sunday Night Football

  • Patriots vs Ravens: There’s something about this game, the history, the mini rivalry and spice of two AFC contenders that will make this the Game of the Week! Expect Lamar to expose the Pats Linebackers and edge out the Pats with their first loss 28-24 Ravens

Monday Night Football

  • Giants vs Cowboys: I hate to say this but this game ain’t even gon be competitive…Cowboys easily beat the G Men for two reasons: Vander Esche and Jaylon Smith. Expect them to contain Barkley and win this 21-7


This is the greatest fight night in 2019

This is the greatest fight night in 2019

Fight fans are in for a treat, tonight we will witness three amazing fights and as always when a big card comes along I have to give you the real! Here are my prediction for what will happen.

  1. BMF : Masvidal vs Diaz 

We can hate Dana all we want but we can’t deny this, he gives the fans what they want! And we wanted the BMF (Baddest Motherfucker) belt! I want this to be a tradition and even it’s own category, this is the type of belt that Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and other badass fighters should qualify. I have Masvidal winning the decision for one pure reason…he is the better wrestler. This fight will not be a full “stand and bang” nah, this will be 80% stand up and about 20% wrestling. I expect takedown attempts by Masvidal and a few submission attempts by Nate. This goes to Decision with a thriller by the two biggest BADDEST MF in the game!

p.s. Winner will 100% fight Connor McGregor

Masvidal wins split decision

2. Light Heavyweight title: Kovalev vs Canelo

canelo-kovalev (2)_2

This should be fight of the night but gah damn the BMF took over but we can’t deny the flavor of this fight. First we must acknowledge the experience and power of Kovalev, who is a legit top 10 P4P (Pound for Pound) but we can’t deny the lion that is Canelo Alvarez. Spoiler alert, this is going the distance too. Kovalev has been put down once by the GOAT Andre Ward, it was controversial but it was legit. I expect this Kovalev to commit the upset, why? Because of the jab and the technical nature of his skill set. These two are matched in power with the edge going to Canelo but the experience and size of Sergey will come out.

p.s. Check out this video of Kovalev missing weight, this matters because it tells me the weight cut was serious! Winner might face Andre Ward.

Kovalev wins the majority decision 

3. Middleweight contender fight: Kelvin Gastelum vs Darren Till

Fight of the night potential with this one and it is very clear why, these dudes want to make a statement and they’re going to let the hands go. The Till hype train is over and Gastelum will put nails in that coffin! Expect an early KO.


p.s. Expect the winner to face Style Bender

Kelvin with the 2nd round KO