Why Kobe’s death matters…a lot

Why Kobe’s death matters…a lot

I’m sure your timeline is packed and your friends have talked about it but…Kobe’s death was different. In an age where critics want ball players to “shut up and dribble”, where your job defines you and listing off your qualification is the main metric of success, Kobe Bean Bryant was more than that. He was more than an athlete, he was bigger than basketball and he was bigger than sports. At 41 years old to die in such a tragic crash, it makes you think “what if?”

What if the 5 time champion, Oscar Award Winning, WNBA advocate, father, husband, ultimate competitor was alive today? He wasn’t perfect. He wasn’t my favourite player, but I’d be lying If I said he wasn’t the most fun player to watch. I’d be lying if I said I never screamed “KOOOBEE” when I chuck a piece of paper in the garbage. I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t a big loss for the black community. And that’s why it hurts, we lost a great black man. This reminds me of Nipsey in early March 2019 when he passed, a man of the people that wasn’t perfect but was heading to greatness. Kobe was already great but he was going to be greater.

As a father he was there for his daughters not only physically but emotionally as well, this is a blessing that a lot of black children don’t receive. Especially for his daughters, Gigi Bryant in particular who died on that helicopter. A 13 year old angel with so much talent and potential to tragically pass away in her fathers arms, its heartbreaking to even write it. Kobe was passing the torch to the scrappy teenager who had that same fire her father possessed. Publications like TMZ or other stupid tabloids are quick to show the worst in black people but rarely shine light on the good men/women of our community. I loved Kobe he defied the conventional, he wasn’t a regular hooper! Yes he copied Jordan but isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? Didn’t we all want to be “Like Mike”? Guess what? Kobe surpassed Mike, as a man, as a father, as an ambassador of the game and as a human.

When it comes to Black Mamba, I will always respect his focus. The man wanted it more than anyone on the court and he was willing to put up the shots to prove it. No matter how many times he missed, he still shot it up. That’s what I’ll remember Kobe for, a man that kept pushing forward no matter what! A man that exceeded expectations and started out a prospect to one of the greatest players in NBA history. A man who did it his own way…the Kobe way. Mama there goes that man…

RIP 8/24, Gigi Bryant and all the people lost in that crash ❤

Remember the Titans…

Remember the Titans…

4erI’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice and I’ll say it again…Football is hard to predict. Any Given Sunday is not just a great movie (film reviews are coming back y’all) it’s also the realest phrase in football, any given sunday you NEVER know what could happen. Chiefs down 24 points in the first quarter, Ravens high powered offense gets shut down and the pathetic Green Bay Packers outlast the Seahawks WHO TF saw that coming?

AFC Championship Game – Kansas City Chiefs vs Tennessee Titans 

If you look at my predictions since day 1, I never believed in both these teams and guess what? I’m dumb. Very dumb. But not today, I have the Titans winning this game…31-28 a field goal decides this one. In today’s game everyone in the media focuses on quarterbacks and it makes sense for buisness but it doesn’t make sense for THIS GAME. We know Mahomes is a going to put up numbers but we have to focus on the Trenches because that is how the Titans will be remembered. Their O and D Line literally bully the life out of opponents, my Ravens had the best O-Line in football…until we played Tennessee. I expect Kevin Byrd, Jurell Casey and Taylor Lewan to have huge games.

Houston lost last week because they were in man defense and had no answers for Kelce, but the Titans have athletic linebackers to put fear in the Chiefs offense. Expect a slow start and a wild finish, with Derrick Henry stomping this weak Chiefs defense.

NFC Championship Game – Green Bay Packers vs San Francisco 49ers

Football evolves but to the core it stays the same, especially in the playoffs. You don’t get fancy, you don’t get finesse, you do what got you to the dance and the 49ers can salsa. Or Krump…because they are electric and wild! This team is literally in the business of punching teams in the mouth and it starts with that elite front four lead my Nick Bosa. I have them embarrassing Green Bay 38-24 because the Packers have not faced a team like this. I’d argue that San Fran has the best D-Line and Linebackers in the league and let’s not get started about Sherman and that secondary.

I expect Green Bay to be one dimensional because they will be forced to throw all night, why? Because Aaron Jones will have trouble finding holes in the first level, Kwon Alexander and Fred Warner are two of the fastest backers in the league and they go sideline to sideline. Expect Aaron Rodgers to throw 40+ pass attempts in a losing effort.

I have McGregor winning with a 2nd round KO and here’s why…

I have McGregor winning with a 2nd round KO and here’s why…

First and foremost…this will be a fun card, because of match ups plain and simple. What is a fun match up to me? DESPERATION and Storylines. I’m not one of those MMA fans that wants a KO. I like the art of martial arts, I like watching a nice takedown and the complexities of an armbar. I respect the sport! I’m not a pro but I damn sure ain’t a casual. Here are my predictions for this card…

Maurice Green vs Aleksei Oleinik

I gotta keep it a buck, I had to google Maurice Green and research him as a fighter but to my credit…this is his first main event. He just came off a loss and so did Oleinik. The UFC heavyweight veteran nick named t he “Boa Constrictor” is know for his submission strength. Both fighting after a loss, expect a Brawl! Green to have his hands raised in the 1st Round KO.  *might be fight of the night*

Holly Holm vs Raquel Pennington

This is a huge fight for Holly, after losing 3 of her last 5 including the one where she got dominated by the GOAT Amanda Nunes, this is a MUST win for the UFC vet. The psychology of a fighter is key…Holm just got divorced and her confidence is low, while Raquel won a slit decision in July 2019. I expect a war and a split decision for the soon retiring Holly Holm.

Conor McGregor vs Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone

The real winner of this fight is Cowboy, regardless of what happens he wins. His name, his legacy and his wallet wins. He has nothing to lose. I love MMA because anything can happen, its the hardest sport to predict but when it comes to human nature  I’m equipped to analyze that. McGregor ends this in the 2nd round because he faced the 2nd best fighter in MMA (Khabib) and made him lose a round, the first time in his career. Conor is not just a shit talker, he’s an elite fighter WHEN he’s focused. If analysts talk to you about “ring rust” you can tune them lames out because an elite fighter will always be elite regardless of age or time outside of the ring (ex. George Foreman, Jon Jones, Roy Jones, Floyd Mayweather, etc.). Here’s how I know Conor will win.

He’s less emotional and he’s having fun. When a fighter is psychologically loose and has clear focus, he wins! Isreal Adesanya is an easy example of this. When Conor was killing it 2014-2016 the man was having fun and he didn’t let his emotions rule his fight plan, he used other fighters emotions to ruin THEIR fight plan.

As an sports fan, I love a redemption story and this night will be Conor’s. Can the man fight the top Welterweights? Hell nah! But can he beat a journey man, half way retired brawler? Absolutely. Expect a big night from Mystic Mac and a big year for the fighting Irish.

WTF happened last weekend…

WTF happened last weekend…

My Ravens lost because they quit, everyone quit BUT Lamar and Hayden Hurst.

First and foremost I have to congratulate the Titans on a great game plan and literally bullying the life out of my Ravens. Here are 3 reasons B-More lost.

  1. Titans Defense: People don’t want to talk about it, they want to pile on Lamar Jackson because secretly they hate this black quarterback but if you watched the game and watched the Titans you know the truth. The Titans defense is ELITE! Pats fans can attest to this because their Quarterback got embarrassed, Tom Brady and Jamais Winston ended their season the same way…a Pick-6! When Lamar was in the pocket he was uncomfortable because the Titans secondary is SERIOUS. To top it off Jurell Casey was bullying our O-Line (the best group on our team) and the linebackers…in particular Rashan Davis was tackling everything in sight. There’s a reason I highlight Defensive players…because DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS! Ask the 2000 Ravens, 2002 Buccaneers, 2019 New England Patriots and 2020 49ers.
  2. Derrick Henry: When a 6’3, 250 pound man runs the ball 30 times you get tired of tackling him. When a man is bigger than most of your linebackers and literally uses your All-Pro Safety as a blocker (Earl Thomas) you literally give up, and my ravens Defense for the 2nd time all season…gave up.
  3. Coaching: I love Harbaugh but our team is not Green Bay, Seattle or Kansas City…our team does not throw the ball 59 times. Our O-Line is not built for pass protecting, our team is built to PUSH and bully TF outta people. Why force passes to Andrew’s when he’s injured, why not pass to Hyden Hurst the only receiver that actually gave a fuck about winning? Why go for it on 4th down twice when the Titans D-Line is harassing us on every play? Why rest starters on week 17 when our team is rhythm based? Why? I know why…bad game planning. Vrabel was the better coach last Saturday and Tannahill put up a Lamar Jackson stat line (less than 200 yards passing, 2 TDs and a rushing Tuddy) in one of the most shocking/saddest games I’ve watched as a 10 year ravens fan.

What happens next? Vrabel won’t cut off his penis because I have him beating the Chiefs and making it a tight game against the 49ers. Ravens need to hunt for an Elite receiver in the draft *Justin Jefferies or Ja’Marre Chase* and find fast athletic line backers or edge rushers. Any Lamar Jackson slander will not be tolerated (looking at you Stephen A Smith) because he’s the reason we went 14-2.

This is going to be fun!

This is going to be fun!

Saturday Ball

Vikings vs 49ers : Let’s keep it real, nobody (even Minnesota fans) expected the Vikings to be here…but ay stranger things have happened. This is a big game because you’re dealing with an explosive offense vs the best defence in the league. Sherman vs Theilan and Nick Bosa vs Dalvin Cook, expect a fight. 21-18 9ers they’re too good to lose, and their loses are tight contested Ls.

Ravens vs Titans: I’ve missed Lamar and so has the entire Flock, it’s time to turn up!!! Derrick Henry is scary but it comes down to who has the better Linebackers this game. Look for Patrick Onwuso and LJ Ford to have a breakout game, look for Henry to run the ball 30+ times and Lamar to go for 3 Touchdowns. 35-27 B-More

Sunday Ball

Texans vs Chiefs: I’ll take the Texans over the Chiefs 42-41 because of Watson. Point blank period, he’s a literally Jordan, there’s a reason Daboo Sweeney said that this man is CLUTCH! You watched the game last week, the Bills were going to win that game. We all knew it. But Watt’s sack and Watson heroics won that game, Mahomes lacks that clutch gene and i trust Houston’s defence more than Kansas.

Packers vs Seahawks: Not my game of the week because Greenbay is going to get smacked 34-20 because of JaDeveon Clowney. That man is alive and he’s ready to dominate more than ever. The Packers weakest point is there Defensive back and the Hawks best unit are their Wide outs. DK Metcalfe will explode and expect Russ to throw 300 yards and 4 touchdowns!

Let’s talk about Joe…

Let’s talk about Joe…

I’m not a Netflix guy, I don’t even Netflix and Chill. I’ve literally invited a girl over to watch football with me while I explained plays and how Janoris Jenkins (Saints Conerback) managed to contain Dalvin Cook on the left RB pitch. But sometimes, on a rare occasion a show comes on Flix that has me FIXED. That show is “You”. When I caught season 1 I gave it a perfect 10, for many reasons but the main one being…it is entertaining and relevant. A lot of shows follow formulas and are afraid of taking risks but not “You”, on top of all that, this show is DARK and it explores human nature.

Season 2 came out December 26th and while it still gained my interest it was disappointing. I give this season a 8.5/10 and here’s why….

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One of the wildest wild card weekends I’ve seen in years…

One of the wildest wild card weekends I’ve seen in years…

Overall record: 133 – 100 – 5

Saturday (?) Game Day

  • Bills vs Texans: Texans are one of the most confusing teams to analyze, they can go and destroy the Patriots yet lose to the Cardinals…this team is inconsistent and at times lacks identity. The match up to watch is Tre’Davious White vs DeAndre Hopkins two all-pro players who are arguably the best in their position. This analysis is not two sentences because Its the playoffs and the rules are different, therefore I’m going against my nature…and taking Bills Mafia to win a tiiiiiiiiiiight 21-19 nail bitter
  • Titans vs Patriots: I hate to say it but…the Patriots are not over. The media narrative is that they’re done and can’t play anymore, Tom is terrible and the offense can’t move the chains, but that’s a lie. Yes the Pats have one of the worst offenses going into the playoffs but I can gurantee you one thing: the Titans have a terrible Linebacker core. Bill Belick knows this, expect him to expose them with a lot of screen passes, BUT Titans still win 24-18 because of Derrick Henry the best running back in football right now.

Sunday Gameday

  • Vikings vs Saints: This is clearly *Game of the Week* because of the 2017 Minnesota Miracle where we realized…it’s never over until it’s over. The Saints have one of the most explosive offences in football and it starts with Drew Brees but Minnesota has the 2nd best secondary in the league, expect a tight game. This will not be a blowout, it will go to the last whistle where New Orleans will get revenge 34-31
  • Seahawks vs Eagles: Easiest game to predict because the Seahawks will eat these Eagles 42-28 and here’s why: Carson Wentz can’t carry the load anymore. Wentz has lifted this pathetic Philly team from the ashes and pushed them to the playoffs but Settle has been consistently in games and even blowouts, expect Marshawn to have a big day against the weak Philly Linebackers.