Tiger King is funny, sad and pathetic

Tiger King is funny, sad and pathetic

I don’t know who’s the head of marketing or content at Netflix but that mf deserves a raise because OH..MY…GOD..this docu-series was amazing. If you haven’t watched it, get on it because there will be spoilers. This is not a review, it is an analysis and commentary on why Tiger King is funny, sad and pathetic.

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Motivation Monday: Phil’s story

Motivation Monday: Phil’s story

Over time we lose motivation to do what is best for us, and one of the biggest things we fail to do is exercise and stay healthy. A few months ago I asked some friends what keeps them motivated to stay fit and healthy and over the next few weeks I will profile one of them. Today we start with Phil, a friend I meet through flag football at uOttawa, I hope his story motivates you to keep moving through this wild pandemic.

Question: How does fitness effect your life?

Phil: Fitness goals have imposed an infrastructure on my life that has supported me through difficult times of my life. It has also made me believe in achieving things I never thought possible.

Q2: What made you decide to transform/change ? And how did you do it?

P: Two friends of mine passed away in a short period of time while i was amplified by a bout of depression. Over the following week I realized that I needed to do something dramatic to get back to myself. So I started running…EVERYDAY! It started a routine of self-care and consistency that got me excited about life again. The routine started a snowball effect of positivity.

Q3: What inspires you? Or keeps you motivated?

P: I stay motivated in fitness because I always seek challenges that push the limits of my ability, and fitness is a constructive avenue for that desire. Also, ball is life. That’s a BIG one, because I want to become a versatile basketball player by the time snow starts falling again.

Bonus: What is the best fitness advise you would give out?

P: Create a routine that you follow every week, because putting in half effort on days you don’t want to work out is much better mentally than not showing up at all.

Jon Jones lost to Jon Jones…(again)

Jon Jones lost to Jon Jones…(again)

He can’t stop, the man can’t stop beating himself. In these hard times, we’re stuck at home to self isolate and some of us can handle it and some clearly can’t. Why? It could be many reasons. Some of us are extroverts and crave human interaction, some of us have demons we run away from and some of us love work and hate being home doing nothing. Jon Jones is one of those and it’s definitely the demon part.

If you’ve been living under a rock, Jon Jones the UFC’s Light Heavyweight Champion and the best Mix Martial Arts fighter of all time (sorry GSP) got arrested for drunk driving again but this time with a gun. He’s destroying himself. Nobody in the 205 weight class can beat him, even the next best guy, Dominic Reyes, lost a split decision because Jones was barely trying in the first 2 rounds. I won’t count all the dumb things this man has done, so watch this clip where Daniel Cormier reads him to filth.  The people who hate you the most, know you the best.

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Sex and the City season 1 review

Sex and the City season 1 review

One of the the best things about this Quarantine is that we have a lot of time on our hands which means we’re all watching Netflix. But I’m watching Crave and specifically watching Sex and the City because…Why Not? Here are my 3 takeaways from season 1 of Sex in the City.

  1. I don’t like Carrie 

We can catch liars, we can spot lies but we never catch ourselves lying. Lying to our friends, family and ourselves about what we actually want. Carrie is very annoying because she spend the entire season extremely confused about what she says she wants and what she actually wants. She flows between logic and emotion to the point where I was happy about the last episode where her and Mr.Big go through something big.

2. Honest and refreshing

This show came out in 1998 and still holds up to this day age 22 years later, which is amazing. Most shows that came out in the 90’s are dated, but this one feels like it could come out next week and be a hit. The way each episode explores relationships in an honest way it feel different and the writers are solid because they give you perspective from men as well even though this is a female oriented series. They didn’t have to do that but they did. The threesome episode stands out because it explores each character. Charlotte, the marriage focused relationship girl , Miranda, the super feminist independent woman, Samantha, the hyper-sexual new age woman and Carrie the bra-less flower child with 0 direction in life. It’s so honest and real!

3. They left a lot on the plate

Darren Star made this show based on Candace Bushnell’s novel by the same name, which is good because this season left a lot on the table. It left me wanting more, when most shows lose my interest quickly. One thing that surprised me is that episodes are 30 minutes long and move smoothly into the next one. My only critique so far is that these episodes should be longer, maybe an hour long and less 4th wall, speaking to the audience vibe. At first It was interesting but it got annoying near the end.

Final Score – 8/10

This is the PND’s best album

This is the PND’s best album

Let me start this by saying that PARTYNEXTDOOR is one of my favorite artists, so this will be bias, I am not a music journalist and this is an opinion based blog. Here’s a quick break down of why Partymobile is PND’s best project:

The Great Good

Unlike The Weeknd’s weak assAfter Hours” , Partymobile is consistent has a specific tone. Like his first project PARTYNEXTDOOR decided “I’m going to stay in this lane and flow with it”. Other than Believe It most of the songs on this album sound similar and to some people that may be boring but when you look at R&B as a genre and the greatest albums created they have a cohesive tone. They don’t jump up and down like a pogo stick. That’s why this project stands out because PND is telling stories about the past. The strongest case for it is the smash hit Savage Anthem, my personal favorite. The man sends smoke for Kehlani and Kyrie while talking about his side nigga tendencies, its beautiful. This record will do numbers, it felt like a throwback to 90’s love ballads similar to Joe or Jon B.

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Being a rapper in 2020 is corny and lame

Being a rapper in 2020 is corny and lame

To put it bluntly a lot of you can’t rap and you’re lazy. I’m not here to discourage those who put in the work and grind every day to reach there goal, no this post is not for y’all. This is for those dummies that wake up and look at Instagram videos of a Blac Youngsta flexing insane amounts of bread. This is for the black teenager that looks up to goofies like NBA YoungBoy without realizing that YoungBoy is a dummy. This is for them and I’ll repeat it BEING A RAPPER IN 2020 IS CORNY AND LAME! 

Why do I say that? Because there’s no REAL money in rap. When it comes to hip hop in general it’s a young man’s sport and unlike Football or Basketball where skill takes you far, rap is one of the unique genres where you can be complete trash and make it *Look at my cover pic*  . That’s why corny and lame people drift to it, that’s why people with 0 ambition and life goals run to it. Become a manager, an executive, a marketer, a trader, even a janitor makes more money than the average rapper over a lifetime.

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Stephen Jackson was right and wrong (but mostly right)

Stephen Jackson was right and wrong (but mostly right)

If you haven’t seen it here’s the link to Stephen Jackson’s recent Instagram video with advice for the young boys about baby mothers. What brought this to my attention was a Paris Milan video where she spends about 30 minutes critiquing and over generalizing about who Stack is, but I won’t do that. I’ll tell you why Stack was right and wrong from my perspective.

The Right (70%) 

His message is perfect and clear “Don’t have babies with multiple women” which should be common sense but common sense ain’t common. Jackson has 6 kids with 5 different women, this man sounds like Future. His overall advise to us (young boys) is to stick with one mother of your children and I agree with that sentiment because in the black community, especially among black men, we glorify the dude with the most hoes. We overlook the ones who stay faithful and monogamous and it seems like Stak, at almost 50 years old, realized that its better to stick with one that fight in court with 5. I can’t imagine how much he has paid in child support and I can’t even begin to imagine how 3 of his baby mamas don’t let him see his children. Its sad and pathetic BUT he could have avoided all of that by giving 1 woman a baby and using condoms with others. He takes accountability near the end of that video but he also messes up at the end too…

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Biggest Winners and Losers in this year’s NFL Free Agency

Biggest Winners and Losers in this year’s NFL Free Agency

It’s been a wild NFL free agency and no this is not another corona virus article, I’m going to dissect which team won and which team lost this NFL free agency. Near the end I’ll add some predictions on big name free agents and where they might land.

The Biggest Loser

Houston Texans vs. Tennessee Titans

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Some thoughts on Rona

Some thoughts on Rona

Its been almost two weeks since Adam Silver suspended the NBA season and we all realized that Coronavirus was real. I recently Blogged about this situation and the league but I wanted to attack this subject in a different light…from an honest logical and hopeful perspective. Here are 3 thoughts I have about this virus after 2 wild weeks.

  1. The Chinese Government is hiding A LOT

China's President Xi Jinping meets German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing

If you know me, you know I’m a conspiracy theorist and I don’t trust governments (including the Canadian one) but when it comes to China I have my eye brows raised higher. They’ve been trying to colonize Africa for its minerals and all of sudden they have a deadly virus that quarantined an entire town, then it spread to the entire country of 2 billion? You think my eye brows ain’t raised? China’s Covid-19 situation is A LOT worse than they’re telling us and I pray the Chinese people revolt against their corrupt oligarchy.

2. Social Distancing is bad and will ruin our society

social distancing

I’m a social person and deep down I believe that humans are the social ape, we are built and made to be around people. Even Introverts need others but I believe that Social Distancing is still gonna be a thing after this pandemic. Especially in cities like Ottawa or rural areas where small communities stick together and there’s a lot of division. Social Distancing will ruin social life. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a rise in sexism, racism, ageism and any other kind of ignorant behavior after this pandemic. As a society this will spread us apart more than ever.

3. We will make it


A lot of us are scared and living in fear, look at the movie “Contagion” on Netflix. The 2nd act is literally what our entire planet has become…scared and clueless. We need answers, we feel insecure and we feel hopeless. BUT trust me…WE WILL OVERCOME! My prediction is that there will be a vaccine created by summer and we will be forced to take it but we will over come and our society will get back to normal. Things will change (look back at point 2) but we will bounce back, because that is what humans do, we overcome disaster and build civilizations from the ground up. SO HAVE NO FEAR! WE WILL OVERCOME!!!

“After Hours” was trash and here’s why

“After Hours” was trash and here’s why

Let me preface this by saying…I’m not a Weeknd fan. I find him corny and a better writer than a performer, the idea of him is better than his actual content. I’m a big fan of “Take Care” by Drake and I’m aware that The Weeknd basically wrote the entire thing. My critique of him is based on other R&B artists who are in his lane but better. The man is corny as hell…and with is recent album “After Hours” he proves my point. This album is a 6.5/10 which is bad when he is hyped up as the next Michael Jackson. Here are the 2 reasons why this album did not reach expectations…

  1. The First Half was forgettable


Other than “Scared to Love” the first 7 tracks were forgettable and absolutely weak. Do I expect more from a pop artist? No. If you check the credits, he has about 3 writers or more per track and there’s usually two producers on each song. It felt very pop and that’s not what listeners want. Do I expect more from an R&B artist? Yes! Because the genre is built off emotion and deeper meaning…other than Escape to LA there is nothing but vapid cornball lyrics. The first 7 tracks are Adel complaining about the Los Angeles pussy he’s dealing with…which is the dictionary definition of corny…the man sounds like Drake. That’s not a compliment because Drizzy is the king of cornballs.

2.  Consistency…

metro boomin

Unlike Jay Electronica who had a great theme but had too much Jay-Z or Uzi Vert who made the perfect mumble album of all time, The Weeknd was confused! The second half of his album is what this whole record should have been, a Metro Boomin produced FUNK ALBUM. Think  of Bruno Mars “24k Magic” record! Repeat after me , Blinding Light and Faith should have been the main focus instead of After Hours as the lead single…which is NOT as good as the aforementioned tracks.

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