Why I will never use Tik Tok

Why I will never use Tik Tok

First and foremost I’d like to say that I hate following trends and generally I’m an old-er soul, It takes me time to adapt with the newest trends and sometimes I never do. I pride myself on Not being a follower, so when this new social media app called Tik Tok came along guess who didn’t download it? Here’s 3 reasons why

  1. Controlled by the Chinese Government 

If you’ve been living under a rock, I’ll break down how terrible the Chinese government is:

a) Communist

b) Kills and Tortures its own people

c) Taiwan

b) Besties with North Korea

e) Wuhan Flu (Covid-19)

f) blatant racism to Africans

g) Cold war with America

h) Hong Kong

Any of these offenses are worth protesting their government, but when I read reports that U.S. intelligence found out that Chinese spies use the app I had to tap out. Tik Tok is a Chinese app and in a time like this…is it wise to trust anything controlled or influenced by the Chinese government? Lets go with NO.

2. Suppressing Black content creators (Racist)

When you prefer and promote one sex over another what are you called? Sexist. When you prefer and promote one race over another what are you called? Racist. Let’s say that your social media platform always displays content creators of one race and promotes people who steal trends instead of their black counter parts? Are you racist? Are you ignorant? Or are you Tik Tok? Let’s go with all the above. Peep this video for a full breakdown. Remember “the renegade” dance? Created by a black girl that didn’t get acknowledged until she was on Elle and profiled by the New York Times? That black girl is Jalaiah Harmon and Tik Tok pushed her at the bottom of the algorithm when she brought them countless millions. And y’all expect me to use this App?

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The Bad Boy Pistons made Jordan the goat

The Bad Boy Pistons made Jordan the goat

Why does this docu-series keep getting better and better? Why? ESPN is gonna eat and they deserve it, but why was episode 3 and 4 outstanding? Here are my 3 takeaways from these clutch episodes:

  1. Dennis Rodman is Young Thug’s father

Bulls Heat Basketball

When Young Thug came out I hated the guy, he represented a weird part of hip hop that focused on being androgynous and weird as hell. Ironically I became a fan of Thugger when he wore a dress on “No, my name is Jeffery” his best album/mistape to date. His work ethic, consistency and grind made me a fan, you can say the same about Dennis. Michael Jordan himself said that Rodman was the smartest player he’s ever meet, on top of that Gary Payton said “he’s a Mr.Fuck up, when he’s out there he fucks everything up”. To get praised by two legends as THAT guy, you know that means a lot. Dennis Rodman and Thugger are workers, forget the antics and self expression these guys work and they play their position at the highest level. Episode 3 made me a big Rodman fan because I never saw that side of “the Worm”, yes he wore a dress, yes he parted, did drugs and had orgies with thots but without him the Bulls NEVER 3 peat in the 95-98′ seasons.

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Winners and Losers in the 2020 NFL Draft

Winners and Losers in the 2020 NFL Draft

We all saw it, we all enjoyed it and we were all surprised how good it went…but let’s keep it a buck, who won and who lost? What happened tonight? Here are the 3 losers and winners for this year’s 2020 NFL Draft Round 1.


  1. New England Patriots

bill belichick

With Jordan Love on the ticket and the Detroit Lions as a trade option, the Pats took a fat L. Yes I predicted that they would take Tua (and they could have) but they traded their pick with the Chargers, which makes me question Belichick. Are the Pats trying to tank for Trevor Lawrence? Probably. Or are the Pats loading up with late draft picks or flip picks for elite players? We don’t know. What I do know is they took a fat L.

2. Houston Texas

Houston Texans vs. Tennessee Titans

What did they do? Nothing. What do they need? Offensive Linemen. Which position took over this draft? O-Line. Which position had the 2nd best group of players? Wide Receivers. Which position do they lack the most? Wide Out. And what did the Houston Texans do? NOTHING. Because Bill O’Brien is retarded stupid and that’s a fact.

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3 Story lines every NFL fan should care about for tonight’s Draft

3 Story lines every NFL fan should care about for tonight’s Draft

Tonight’s the night! The big one where NFL players are born and dreams come true, where college ballers become professionals and where the NFL season starts. Yes, the NFL Draft is the start of the season for us (the fans). Here are 3 story lines you should watch out for:

  1. Who takes Tua Tagovoila


Everyone has been saying Miami and some say the L.A. Chargers but when we look at this kid, the most talented QB in this entire draft, we have to ask the question: who takes Tua? Let’s go back to the 2019 draft which had Dwyane Haskins as the big name Quarter back who was supposed to go to the New York Giants at pick #6, what happened? The Giants took Daniel “who tf is this guy” Jones and they’ll regret it because Haskins is a better player. Tonight I KNOW Miami and L.A. will make that mistake because both these teams have weak management and have made bad picks consistently. Who takes Tua? My guess is New England trades up with Miami or Detriot to get the Pro-Bowl level QB, and Yes Tua is THAT good.

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Tompa Bay’s revenge !!!

Tompa Bay’s revenge !!!

Yes, he trademarked “Tompa Bay” and yes he finessed Gronk out of retirement and yes we LOVE IT! Football fans everywhere should be happy and recognize what a blessing we’re going to get, a high powered offense with an angry Tom Brady who has a lot to prove. If we remove bias and use football logic, we all know that the New England Patriots under Bill Belichick is an amazing organization. They’re a dynasty and their coach is so obsessed with winning that he cheats on the regular.

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The year of the rat…literally

The year of the rat…literally

About a year ago I wrote a post about why Tekashi should snitchand a year later…i’d like to apologize. 2020 in the Chinese calendar is the Year of the Rat and the biggest rat in the music industry came out a week ago because of the Chinese virus. You can’t make this ish up. And you know what makes this worse? Tekashi will be embraced and back in the same industry he disrespected. Let me be clear WE SHOULD NEVER SUPPORT RATS LIKE TEKASHI 69 EVER ! Point blank period, if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.

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Too Hot to Handle was 10 times better than Love Is Blind and here’s why

Too Hot to Handle was 10 times better than Love Is Blind and here’s why

It’s been a month of Quarantine and guess what…we all hate it! But as I said before, Netflix has been carrying us through this pandemic and we thank the content provider for giving us nothing but HITS! Yes I wrote about Love is Blind and how trash it was but I’m here to praise Too Hot to Handle for 3 main reasons:

  1. This show is honest

honest THTH

Before y’all jump on me, hear me out. Reality T.V. shows are fake and nothing is more fake than dating reality t.v. shows, but when it comes to THTH we have characters that want to be famous but are more honest than 99% of other reality “stars”. The easiest example is Chloe and Kelz, two totally different type of people that are more authentic than all the Kardashin, Love & Hip Hop and Real Housewives scripted ass bull jive that you watch religiously. Why? Because the producers picked the right people. When it comes to reality dating I’ve noticed that the characters (like any story) make or break the series and when I watched THTH it felt real.

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Egos destroyed the greatest dynasty in NBA history…

Egos destroyed the greatest dynasty in NBA history…

If you watched the first 2 episodes of “The Last Dance” then you know exactly what I’m going to say but if you haven’t then take your late a** to Netflix right now! I have a few thoughts on it and here are 3 takeaways from the first 2 episodes of this epic docu-series.

  1. Jordan was a (bull)y


The Chicago Bull is a fitting name for Jordan because the guy was a bully, at his core the man was competitive, rude and disrespectful. It wasn’t just on the court, this man was down to humiliate his General Manager Jerry Krause and his own teammates. Was it right? Hell nah! Was it needed? No. Why did he do it? Because Jordan is a bully to his core. One line that showed me his character was when he was talking about “asserting dominance” and his family life growing up competing against his talented brother. Even on his trip to Paris, France before the 1998 season Air Jordan brushed off a fan who wanted an autograph and in today’s climate this would be a ESPN headline story. Jordan was a bully.

2. Scottie Pippen should be respected

scottie pippen

When episode 2 started and I got some backstory about Scottie, I was shocked and amazed. A walk on at the University of Arkansas baskbetball team, to being the leader in steals, blocks and assists on the Bulls crazy 10 year run, made me realize…wow we gotta put respect on this mans name! On top of this, Pippen was a champion that was getting paid pennies for his hard work. This goes back to Egos, the ego of Jerry Krause and Reinsdorf to thing “nah we don’t need to pay him” is one of the main reasons 98′ was the last dance. Scottie was too humble and because of this personality he missed out on money and so much more. That kind of selflessness reminded me of Dwyane Wade in 2010 when he gave the Miami Heat to LeBron James, but this was different because deep down Scottie knew he could never be Jordan. To this day…nobody is Jordan.

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Most Romantic Comedies are trash and corny…but Not Hitch

Most Romantic Comedies are trash and corny…but Not Hitch

Before Will Smith started taking trash weak roles for checks, he was elite. In 2005 when Hitch came out I remember sprinting to Cineplex to get a ticket. Of course I went to Block Buster to rent it out when it came on DVD and of course I went to my older cousin house to watch it when I was growing up. Flash forward to 2020, with this lock down all of us are watching endless amounts of Netflix so when I saw Hitch on there I HAD to click. Here’s my honest review of the flick:


The pace of this movie is perfect, it isn’t rushed or slow. Kevin James’s character, Albert, is exactly what Alex “Hitch” used to be and you can see the dynamic that Will and Kevin have on screen. It reminded me of the Wedding Ringer with Kevin Hart and Josh Gad but less corny. One thing about Romantic Comedies is that they’re EXTREMELY predictable…and what Hitch does is far from that.  This movie plays with our thoughts on dating and courtship in ways that most movies avoid. Hitch sells himself as the “Love Doctor” when in reality he’s a heartbroken middle-age Robin Hood to losers who can’t get women. Why? Because that’s exactly what he used to be. This narrative is different and refreshing and when the story line flows it makes this a fun movie to watch.

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Jealousy (Pomix)

Jealousy (Pomix)

This times not done

But i’ve been thinking of…

The molesting fire

Could break us two

You tried to stop thinking, thinking of me

first word that came to mind was Jealousy

Jealousy over me

Jealousy over me

Why you so jealous?

Why am I jealous?

Why can’t we be, what we used to be?

Why do we try to be what we tried to not?

But we’re Jealous

that fire kept burning, too hot to settle

Burning my tongue, the tea to my kettle

And you, you were jealous

because it wasn’t you on my stove

and yes, you drove

Me crazy…