Since the beginning of time there’s been internalized hatred in the black community, why? Because we’ve been programmed to hate ourselves by the dominant society. I believe that white supremacy exists but I don’t believe that its power is THAT large. Doja Cat, the popular pop singer, got in some heat by black twitter because of her anti-black activity from years ago. Apparently she’s getting canceled by the wokity wokes. Cancel culture is very dumb and I will write about it but we have to expand this conversation. It’s not about Doja Cat, this is about black people who secretly (or publically) hate black people and cap for the dominant society.

The Uncle Toms, Coons, Bed Wenches and overall disgusting group of black folks that have internalized the self hate and decided…yup, fuck them niggers. These are the Jesse Lee Petersons, the Candace Owens and Brandon Tatums of the world, they live to tear down black folks to look good in the eyes of massa the dominant society. Do I believe all black people should be activists? Hell NO! Do I believe that the black community shouldn’t be held accountable? NO! But we have to separate the ones who are for us and those who are against us. A black person who hates blacks is worse than a normal white racist. Go watch Samuel Jackson’s character from Django Unchained…

Doja Cat is an entertainer and we can’t put too much into her comments, she’s not a leader in the black community. She’s a lightskin black woman who got fame for her talent, her views on black people or her personal dating history shouldn’t matter AT ALL! It’s better to judge people on who they are today than who they were 2-3 years ago and from what I see, she’s embracing her blackness. We should encourage that. What we shouldn’t encourage are the coons and Uncle Rukus negroes that hate black people, the ones that hate themselves, the ones that aren’t On Code.

Why are Asian, Indian and Jewish communities successful? They are on code and they move as one, why can’t black people do the same? Because of the self hate that society perpetuated and is accepted in our community. Doja was like that a few years ago, but that isn’t the case today. If you see or meet a self-hating black person, distance yourself from him/her and never support that kind of stupidity. That is the most dangerous person in the black community and we should NEVER align ourselves with that kind of person.

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