Shaun King is a fraud and a grifter. He’s in the Al Sharpton, Hotep Jesus, Brandon Tatum and Larry Elder school of race-baiting. What is race baiting…i’m glad you asked! RaceĀ  baiting is using race as a weapon to push a political message, weather using radicalized events to stir up anger or support for a particular cause. The media does this a lot and especially during election years and yes there is a major election happening in the States in November. Let me start off by saying this: Shaun King is not a bad guy, I believe he genuinely wants to support the cause but I also believe that he is a grifter who profits from race-baiting.

The recent video with George Floyd being killed by the police officer was first brought up by Shaun King which is good but it leads me to ask…does he profit off this? And yes, yes he does. His donations and fund raising habits have always been suspect. Other twitter activists have called him out, especially DeRay McKessen who was a former friend and contemporary. This guy is shady and doesn’t deliver promises, he profits off black outrage, point blank period. We can’t support the man without keeping him accountable.

This goes back to my overall view that we should be careful who we trust, Shaun King is a shady guy and one that we should analyze before we follow his word. This is the same way I feel about mainstream media, when you understand the agenda these vultures want to pull you can view them with a grain of salt. King might be trying to fight the good fight but this man also wants money in his pockets…he is a fraud. Don’t believe me? Read DeRay’s account of this grifter and scammer…we can’t let these people slide. Before we fight the power and racism from the dominant society let’s look at our own, lets look inside!

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