Another day another Trayvon, but this time it’s George Floyd and it won’t end. Race relations in America (and Canada) is pathetic, especially when we deal with police officers (and people who think they are) using their power to kill black people. This is racism and murder, plain as the eye can see. There is a viral culture of police brutality being caught on camera that explodes on social media creating hashtags. Places like Minnesota, Missouri, Georgia, Florida and even New York 6 years ago where Eric Gardner had repeated the same “I can’t breath” as Floyd in his last moments alive…we have to realized…this is a North American issue.

In Ottawa Abdirahman Abdi was killed because of Police Brutality in 2016 which lead me to believe that this is not a United States problem. I salute and approve of us sharing and speaking out about this clear racism, but we have to do more! When I wrote about Ahmaud Arbery 2 weeks ago I demanded that we gain power, because things won’t change unless we aggressively push for it and I repeat that same message today. Our culture has become full of SLACKTAVISTS. These are the people who want to retweet and like posts about injustice in the world and feel like they’ve done something. Slacker activist. It’s this culture that makes police brutality go viral, look at Shaun Kings of the world who stir the pot instead of finding tangible solutions. Folks never actually sign a petition, march or even put pressure on politicians. Why do we scream “No Justice, No Peace” and we go back to sitting on our couches? Why? Because our culture is full of slacktavists who would rather create hashtags than real change.

People who want to talk more than walk. People who want to comment more than commit to change. People who think a retweet is better than getting on their feet to congress, Parliment Hill or even email their local MP! We’re in 2020 and we can ignite change…George Floyd didn’t deserve to die but his legacy survives beyond the 24 hour news feed cycle. His legacy survives by Americans (and Canadians) holding our policemen, politicians, lawyers and judges accountable for killing a man in broad daylight. His legacy survives when we get off our phones and sign petitions to change society, his legacy survives when we stop being bystanders and actually confront racists (of any profession)!

Floyd didn’t deserve to die, neither did Trayvon, Bland, Gardner, Aubery, Castille, Martin, Rice, Abdi and countless others. History will remember those who actually stood up and did something, the activists not the slactvists.

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