Artists should get PAID

Artists should get PAID

That title is very very simple but the concept is not. This morning I read an article on the Ottawa Sun about a band that was requested to play for free at Canada Day Kanata. A yearly event that attracts thousands in Kanata for Canada day, this band was asked to headline FOR FREE. Pathetic. This is a struggle I know about. As an artist (@jeanviews) myself I constantly deal with the issue of getting paid and I will scream this till the day I die: ARTISTS SHOULD GET PAID!!! 

Why? Because we love our craft and work hard for what we do.

Why? Because a “good look” ain’t enough! We have bills!

Why? Because what we do is important and without us, society would be ruined.

Why? Because it is a sign of respect.

Why? Because it is the right thing to do.

If you request an artists services PAY THEM, doesn’t matter if they are your 3rd cousins best friend’s brother. People disrespect artists all the time: Musicians , Painters, Photographers, Videographers, Poets, etc are told “your work doesn’t matter”. How? By y’all not paying us. How do we end this disgusting cycle?

Read my title.



LeBron needs to leave the Lakers right NOW!

LeBron needs to leave the Lakers right NOW!

My sports fans know wussup, recent reports have come out that Ty Lue, former Cleveland Cavaliers coach, rejected the Lakers coaching job. The same Lakers with no General Manager, the same Lakers who haven’t made the playoffs in 6 straight years, the same Lakers who had 6 different coaches since 2011 and the same Lakers with the best ball player of all time. Yes those guys. James HAS to leave for 3 reasons:

  1. Legacy: When LBJ retires he will universally know as the greatest player to ever play this game. Haters will put him at number 2 and idiots will put him top 5. The one thing stopping him are rings and from what we all see: Lakers ain’t getting one.
  2. Management: This team is fuckin disaster, when I wrote about Magic leaving I speculated that his move was smart. And I was right, the way this team is run and organized is TRASH! Greatness starts at the top and the Lakers top stinks. I ain’t tryna put Jeanie Buss under the Bus but she clearly is driving this team down the DRAIN. Linda Rambis shouldn’t be making coaching hires, Rob Pelinka (the most hated sports agent) shouldn’t be the head of your front office, you shouldn’t publicly THRIST after Anthony Davis and threaten to trade half the squad. This team is pathetic. This toilette water franchise is full of it and Jeanie is flushing it to the sewers.
  3. Culture: The Lakers have a toxic culture and we all should have seen this from day one. When Magic Johnson said he “..would quit in 3 years if he didn’t bring back the Lakers to greatness” we should have know wussup. This team is arrogant and they have a culture of QUITTING. Its so bad that their GM quit, their head coach quit, their future head coach quit, their best player quit playing defense and their entire young core quit games they could have won. This is a LOSER culture and players know this, that’s why no one is coming this off-season!

If LBJ is smart he will demand a trade to the Clippers, Brooklyn, Philly or BOSTON (yes I said it). I salute Ty Lue for having the BALLS to say “nah b” and I want Bron to do the same.

Each NBA Playoff series in two sentences (or less)

Each NBA Playoff series in two sentences (or less)

The playoffs are WILD, especially round two, so I thought to myself: Why haven’t I blogged on this? So here I am with my thoughts on each playoff series

Bucks / Celtics

Giannis is too much for Boston, a team that ain’t a real team. They hate each other but on the other side of the court, Bucks play with FIRE and chemistry, this series ends tonight!

Warriors / Rockets

Durant is a God, not a Demi-God, he is a GOD! But Harden is the Anti-Christ and he’s on a sinful streak, Rockets have the tools to win but they need James to be the biggest tool (lightwork).

76ers / Raptors

I love Toronto, they always break my heart but when the other team has inconsistent super stars and terrible defending I feel secure. Kawhi in his MJ bag, this series wraps tomorrow.

Nuggets / Trailblazers

The Joker is no joke, mans is making Dame “Time” and his squad look fooooooolishhh. Jamal Murray stepped up big time and they need him next round, by far the most fun series to watch.

Who do I have next?

Rockets vs Nuggets and Bucks vs Raptors


Avengers Endgame shocked me

Avengers Endgame shocked me

Yes this movies been out for a week and Yes I finally saw it last Wednesday. It shocked me in several ways, instead of wasting your time, I will break down 3 reasons this movie shocked me:

  1. Action: I don’t follow the MCU but I follow action movies, this film had HELLA action from start to finish. I’ve seen previous Avenger films and was shocked by the amount of ACTION the Russo brothers packed in this 3 hour feature. Let me tell y’all one thing…the final battle is LEGENDARY.
  2. Acting: With my reviews I TRASH actors, because most actors ain’t good at their craft but this one had AMAZING acting. Folks will be quick to say Robert Downey Jr was the best actor but that’s cap. Performances from Chris Hemsworth, Paul Rudd and Scarlett Johansson stood out. Acting was a major upside of this film.
  3. The Plot: I can’t front: this movie is WAY TOO LONG. If they cut 30-45 minutes, the message and vibe would have been in tact. I must admit the plot was perfect. I was entertained throughout.

Final thoughts: Y’all have already seen this movie but if you haven’t I want you to save those 11$ and get your bum to Cineplex. The casual viewers like myself don’t care about the pandering, the long long run time, the confusing plot or the over the top corny ish, we care about a fun movie EXPERIENCE. And that is what Endgame is, an experience that is worth your time and money


4.5/5 <– Final review (issa must watch)

Why I pick Pub 101 over Hooleys ANYDAY

Why I pick Pub 101 over Hooleys ANYDAY

I know y’all remember the Hooley’s review, a true classic, to make up for that f*ckery I decided to hit up an Ottawa Staple: Pub 101. We went on a Monday night to celebrate the homie’s bday and eat wings, here is my review:

What I ate

2 plates of lemon pepper , 2 plates of honey hot and 2 plates of honey garlic wings // 2 heinkein beers // 25$


Tiny tiny wings, very small but worth it. Especially the lemon pepper, y’all know my obsession, it wasn’t as salty as Hooleys. The beers were a great price ($5.21) and for the quality of wings (all you can eat for $12.50) it delivered. The food is bar level so don’t expect Milestones quality.


When we first came in, it was a busy busy nigh. Why? Because it’s $12.50 ALL YOU CAN EAT WINGS GAH DAMNNNNNN and its NHL/NBA playoffs szn. It took time to get us seated but our server was kind and patient with us, she was definitely a highlight of our experience and even cracking jokes with us. The only downside is that the spot was Understaffed which made our orders take helllllla long.

Final Thoughts

I don’t know if it’s my hatred of Hooleys or my love of cheap beer but gah damn I love Pub 101. On top of the great service we got on Wing Mondays, Pub is one of the most fun bars on Thursday nights. With 2$ shots Pub on a Thursday is so rowdy you’d think they had Horses in the back. If you can survive the homeless people begging for money in front of the bar, you’ll have a great time.

4.5 / 5 (real review)

9 / 5 (horny drunk broke University of Ottawa student going out for the second time in his life, rating)

Lil Nas X matters…so damn much

Lil Nas X matters…so damn much

Parody songs have existed from time, I remember the Weird Al Yankovic days of “White and Nerdy” me and the crew would laugh while singing along. Nowadays we have rappers that dedicate their career to trolling, from the innocent Lil Dicky (who can actually rap) to the “test my gangsta” Tekashi Snitch Nine, hip hop comedy has evolved. Now we move to Lil Nas X with his #1 single “Old Town Road”. This song is jokes and it’s perfect for time.

Because of Soundcloud rap we have an era of “genre-less” artists. I’m talking Lil Peep, Xxxtentacion, Lil Uzi Vert, Trippie Redd and Post Malone to name a few. They brand themselves as “rockstars” and aim to move away from the conventions of hip hop. Just like Rock&Roll and the blues slowly became infected by people who have 0 respect for it and want to actively deny the core of it, Hip hop is receiving this treatment. So where does Lil Nas X fit in this? Nas X came thru and said “y’all wanna play? Hold my beer” and released one of the most lit Country TRAP songs I’ve ever heard!

Folks wanna hop in our genre for clout without respect for the craft. Yes I’m talking about you Post Malone, Lil Xans, Macklemore and Iggy Azalea. These are artists are quick to wave the hip hop flag then move on from it because they are “gendre-less”. It’s no coincidence that they are white, they have a privilege that can only be afforded to white people. Marky Mark, Kid Rock, Vanilla Ice and even 2014 Miley Cyrus are a few examples of this “trend”. This is why Lil Nas X was considered “not country enough” for the billboard charts (p.s. it was lowkey a marketing scheme) they want to put us in a box, in the words of DJ annoying ass Khaled “they dont want you to win”. These artists have the privilege of being “artists” and not categorized as “urban”. This is why Nas X matters, he FLIPPED THE SCRIPT and for that I’m grateful.

When his album comes out I’m BUYING that bih and supporting all his endeavors into predominately white musical gendres. And I suggest y’all do the same.