Westbrook getting 10 straight triple doubles is more impressive than Flopes Harden

Westbrook getting 10 straight triple doubles is more impressive than Flopes Harden

10 STRAIGHT TRIPLE DOUBLES!!! Please take that in, absolutely insane. To give you reference Paul George (the best player on OKC) only has 3 IN HIS ENTIRE CAREER. If we keep it all the way real what Harden is doing will not happen for years and to be honest there’s only 3 other players in the NBA that can do it LeBron, Lonzo and Rondo. Keep in mind I’m not here to diminish what James Harden is doing, 30 straight games with 30points or more and within January he’s averaged 40 plus points. But let me tell y’all an interesting stat, Harden gets 88% of his points unassisted !!! What does that mean? Dude is a straight up ball hog! He gets the ball at the top of the key, dribbles for 20 seconds, drives to the hoop, gets slapped and shoots free throws. OR the mans takes 13 three pointers while playing the most minutes in the NBA 37.5… This man is playing pick up basketball! Let me give y’all some more reference, Jalen Rose was an above average basketball player and in his 14 year career he had 1 triple double!!! My guy Westbrook has 10 in 10 games!!! Insanity and keep in mind he is probably going on his third straight season averaging a triple double.

This ain’t a debate, Harden’s streak is impressive but Westbrook is the real winner.


Island flava is one of the top Caribbean spots in the city

Island flava is one of the top Caribbean spots in the city

First off let me say this, I’m not Caribbean and I’ve only been to a few Carribbean restos in the city (we basically have 3 so that’s not saying much) I can’t fully compare Flava to other Island restos. But I’ll make this clear, Island Flava is one the top spots in this city and here is why:

What I Usually eat

Large Oxtail meal (bone-in) with a Ting (15$)


Since the service is very quick I believe that the food is pre heated or warmed up but it’s delicious! This ain’t no McD’s or Timmies quality, hell nah, this is the type of food that is feels “made at home”.


This is a highlight, the staff, specifically the owner is nice and usually knows what you ordered. Welcoming with a nice smile and fast service, you won’t be waiting 10 minutes for your food ON GOD!

Final Thoughts

I believe that this is an Ottawa staple, especially if you spend your time downtown, forget Zak’s! Go get you a nice Curry Chicken Rotti or Bone In Oxtail with extra plantain you won’t regret it. 

4.8/5 (Real Review)

6/5 (the mandem review)


Netflix has the most lit Documentaries TO THIS DAY! TO THIS DAY!!

Netflix has the most lit Documentaries TO THIS DAY! TO THIS DAY!!

If you don’t understand this title please watch this Deontay Wilder interview and come right back. Wilder

Not only is this perfect for Black History Month this is perfect for the Netflix documentary “Abducted in Plain Sight”. Since Future released his string of historic mixtapes/albums from 2014-2017 I have never seen a streak like this until now. Netflix has released the best documentaries from 2014-TO THIS DAY! 

“Abducted in plain sight” is another example of this streak, an amazing doc about pedophilia, religion, family relations, homosexuality, cheating and white privilege lowkey. I could get into details but it would be spoilers straight up. So I want each and everyone of you to watch this doc and analyse it, think about it. Netflix made Fyre fraud, Ted Bunday Tapes, American Meme, Evil Genuis, Making a Murderer and much more they’re going BRAZY!

My honest spoiler free review is this: people are fuckin stupid and they are willing to believe a charming person based off internal issues, everyone can and will get scammed and the father is a complete pussy coward. 

Watch the doc and let me know what you think.

The most pathetic Superbowl I’ve ever watched…

The most pathetic Superbowl I’ve ever watched…

We all saw it, we all regret it, this game wasn’t ugly no it was UGLY UGLY! As a football fan I can see why this game was interesting especially if we look at Special teams and Defense. But with my Super Bowl prediction and the analysis of multiple experts I can say one thing: We WERE ALL WRONG! There’s two reasons why the Rams lost and this was the most pathetic Superbowl of all time.

  1. The Rams wasn’t about that life: There’s a reason the Eagles won last year Doug Pederson has balls (and not the deflated Patriots type) he was willing to take risks and make adjustments against the New England “Thanos” Patriots. Sean McVay himself said he was out coached, it’s easy to get out coached when you decide to play pussy conservative. Why do I say this? Goff only attempted 2 passes Down The Field and I understand that Cooper Cup aint there but THROW THE DAMN BALL! On top of all that they ran Gurley , the best running back in the league,10 times in the most important game of his life.
  2. The NFL rule changes: The league wants to emphasize offense, on the marquee of this Super Bowl was Tom Brady and Garred Goff who both played terrible. 250 ish yards and an INT are Blake Bortles stats but guess what? Goff and Brady had those exact stats. The league just wants TDs that’s why refs go out of their way to help “high powered” offenses, that’s why the Chiefs and Rams scored 100+ points in a game! The league wants games like that, their nightmare is a 13-3 Super Bowl and guess what happened last night?

HATE the new NFL, it’s so offensive that they give the Superbowl MVP to a “okay” performance by Edleman when Stephon Guillmore (1 INT, 5 Tackles, 1 FF) and Don’ta Hightower (2 sacks) played better. The Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Michael Strahan, Warren Sapp and Troy Polumalu days are over and this Super Bowl cemented that. Pathetic!


P.S. the halftime show was the best part of the SB53 and it was trash! No one wants to see Adam Levine shirtless smh

The only Super Bowl prediction you need for tonight’s game

The only Super Bowl prediction you need for tonight’s game

You’ve read what pundits, analysts and fans have been saying all week Pats are gonna clean up these bummy Rams and while most of them are right I will spell out 3 predictions for today’s game with my final pick at the end.

  1. Offensive explosion: This Superbowl will be explosive, start to finish, both teams will have 35 or more points for two reasons. Todd Gurley and Tom Brady. People want to overlook how great Gurley is especially with his recent injury but this dude is a GAME BREAKER. With C.J. Anderson being a work horse this gives that boy Gurley the strength to make plays. Brady is Brady, I expect 400 yards and 3 TDs
  2. Nndamkung Suh is gonna go off: He’s been on tear recently and he will be the key player to watch this entire game. We all know that Defense doesn’t win championships in the current NFL but Linemen do! Donald is gonna be double teamed all game so Suh has to dominate to give the Rams a chance.
  3. Special teams will win the game: If we look at both teams they are evenly matched. So the biggest difference will be special teams. Realistically Zurline is better the Gankowski and whoever gets the kick will win this game. Expect a return TD from Edleman or Cooks.

Who wins: Rams win with a Zurline field goal 51-48

Punch it in: Saints vs Patriots for Super Bowl 53

Punch it in: Saints vs Patriots for Super Bowl 53

If you’ve been reading this blog you know I’ve been analyzing this year’s playoffs, from the Wildcard round to Divisional weekend and now finally we’re at the Conference finals!!! Here is why the Saints vs Pats will be playing February 3rd 2019

Today @ 3:05 PM New Orleans Saints vs Los Angeles Rams

Divisional Round - Philadelphia Eagles v New Orleans Saints

There’s one reason I see the Saints winning: Alvin Kamara. If we look at both teams they’re an even match, explosive offense, game winning QB and above average defense. But the reason I put Kamara as the ex-factor is his role as a WR4. Brees loves passing him the shallow, dig or screen and that’s best way to beat LA. The weakest part of the Rams are their linebackers and with Ingram and Kamara you have a nightmare scenario where they’ll each get 100 yards on the ground and EXPOSE the Rams. 45-20 it’s going to be a blowout, mark my words.


Today @ 6:05 PM Kansas City Chiefs vs New England Patriots

NFL: AFC Divisional Playoff-Los Angeles Chargers at New England Patriots
Jan 13, 2019; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) reacts during warmups before a game against the Los Angeles Chargers in an AFC Divisional playoff football game at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

I hate to say this but…Kansas is going to lose. They won’t lose bad but they will lose tonight for one simple reason: Baltimore exposed them. When the Chiefs played the Ravens in week 16 we got a clear view of how to beat Kansas: Running the ball. If Mahomes didn’t heave a 40 yard magical pass to Tyreek on 4th and 19 Baltimore wins the game….and yes i’m still salty. Belichick is not dumb, he’s arguably the best coach of all time, he saw this game. Sony Michel will go for 200 yards and they will run that ball down that throat, expect an exciting 4th quarter type game 27-24 Patriots.

American Meme is the documentary about you but it isn’t about you

American Meme is the documentary about you but it isn’t about you

I LOVE Documentarys so damn much…y’all have no idea! I love Memes (lowkey) and some of you know that. Overall I LOVE The American Meme (on Netflix) and have some thoughts…this is spoiler free, read up.

The Pros

The Cons

  • It’s TOO Modern: It gets TOO meme-ish , Yes I said it, It has TOO MANY MEMES. If the director focused on a consistent narrative the message would have been perfect.

Final Thoughts

Deep down this movie is about or generation and how our relationship with social media will end us or make us. Are you bored? Do you like smoking drugs? Are you a deep thinker? Do you like memes? Are you bored? Are you between 15-28?

4.1/5 (Final Review)