LeBron James, Marc Lamont Hill and today’s stupid leftist society

LeBron James, Marc Lamont Hill and today’s stupid leftist society

Marc Lamont Hill about 3 weeks ago spoke at a U.N. meeting about the issues faced by Palestinians and it can be seen here, of course in our ADD society you probably forgot this happened. A days later the the man was fired from CNN for stating a very neutral and common sense political opinion based on his research “Palestinians should be free”! Guess what happened next? The rage of social media followed him, he was called antisemitic and even had protests to get him fired at Temple University where he is a tenured professor. This PISSES me off! We live in a coward society that is willing to tear anyone down for having an opinion. Where corporations will literally fire you for thinking different and preemptively avoid a crisis by throwing away anything that does not follow the status quo. I stand with MLH!

On the other end we see LeBron James on his Instagram story listening to the beautiful 21 Savage album where he repeats “We got Jewish money, everything is Kosher (on God)” where the social media backlash forced him to write a fake apology. LeBron should NOT apologize, why? Because our society is stupid and overly sensitive over language that does not matter. LeBron James has done so much for marginalized communities that it’s ridiculous to call him antisemitic or racist but guess what: The Leftist Trolls did what they do best. Fire the digital flames over ANOTHER non-issue. I fuckin hate our society. Naturally I am very liberal and would say my political opinions are central left but when I look at how modern liberals are acting I feel applauded. When a civil rights oriented black academic and superstar philanthropic athlete are the faces of antisemitism and racism I start the question how Liberal are Liberals.

LeBron, 21 and Hill should not apologize and neither will I.


Colonnade Pizza on Metcalf is pathetic

Colonnade Pizza on Metcalf is pathetic

In this life it’s a beautiful thing to catch up with an old friend over some good food and a good drink, today I did that with my boy Amer! Avid reader of the blog, chill mans, gym warrior and Pizza Connoisseur here is his review of Colonnade Pizza:

Con Pizza

From the moment we walked in the waitress gave us the stink eye. We told her we wanted to be at a table with an outlet, she let out an audible sigh. I ordered the veggie small and Jay ordered meat lovers. Once we got our Pizza bruh the cheese was so burnt that it looked like Shepard’s pie, the sauce did not even exist and the crust was rock hard. At the end we paid and left but the waitress did not even say thank you she just dipped. She treated all the other customers around us with respect but us like animals. Regardless the pizza was trash but if the customer service was good I would have been more generous.

Cheese: 1/10

Sauce: 0/10

Thickness: 3/10

Cleanliness: 7/10

Toppings: 4/10

Overall experience: 3/10

Bye Bye Hue and Lue We Won’t Miss you

Bye Bye Hue and Lue We Won’t Miss you

I love sports, especially small town sports because you know how important it is. Big markets like Boston, New York, LA are expected to have amazing franchises because they have money, T.V. rights, reporters and insane the time to invest in sports. BUT cities like Ottawa, Baltimore and Cleveland rely on one or two teams to give us hope, we literally put our hearts and souls in franchises that screw us over *cough* Karlsson *cough* and lift our spirits (Cleveland Cavaliers 2016 world champions).

In the past two weeks Hue Jackson and Ty Lue were fired for the same reason, Losing, for very different reasons and I LOVE IT! I don’t know why but my whole life I’ve been on terrible teams, I am not an elite athlete but I’ve been cursed with trash teammates and losing mentality on Football, Basketball, Soccer, Rugby and Volleyball teams which means, YES I am Cleveland. I am the guy that has lost so much that I expect it and get surprised when I win. You get sick and tired of it, trust me. Ty Lue was not used to losing, after 4 seasons with 4 straight finals appearances thanks to the greatest basketball player of all time, Lue was a winner. But if we kept it all the way real, Lue was not a coach. He had 0 command of the locker room and it was obvious throughout the finals, he literally gave up after game 1. People forget that he could have called a time out BEFORE JR Smith stupid ass pulled a “JR Smith”. He was never a coach, he was LeBron’s loud speaker and it was obvious. I am calling it right now, Ty Lue will coach the Lakers within the next 3 seasons, and we ALL know why.

Ty lue

Hue Jackson is another case, I covered most of Hard Knocks and was critical of Hue but I had hope in him and the entire organization. As the season progressed we learned one big thing “Hue can not inspire his team to win”, plain and simple. He was not a coach. When we look at the mentality of winning and setting a standard of greatness it starts from the top down, if your leader and coach can’t put Confidence in the souls of his players they will lose. Last season when Kizer was the QB the Browns could have won 3 games but they broke down mentally and it wasn’t because of skill it was because of Will. Drama and tension with coordinators, flip flopping on QB, horrible special teams and kickers, ya Dunkno, issa L. Hold it Hue! As a coordinator Jackson is great and the perfect guy to lead an offense but to lead a team and take them to the promise land? I’d rather have Ty Lue.

Hue Jackson

What’s next?

Browns: I think Greg Williams will be a great interim coach but long term but I know the Baltimore Ravens will fire John Harbaugh and he should be the next Cleveland coach.

Cavaliers: It’s clear to me that this is rebuild year, the best coach for that is an old school hammer coach, Rick Patino or Jason Kidd are my picks to be the next Cavs Coach.

Was Astroworld good or trash? My track by track Album Review

Was Astroworld good or trash? My track by track Album Review

Let’s keep it real, we all heard it, we all have opinions but is it worth a listen? Is Travis a weirdo? Is it trash? Is it a classic? I’ll let you know, track by track.

Stargazing = Solid introduction, it sets the mood. With dark beats and birds literally chirping halfway into the track. The song is split in two parts, typical Travis Scott crooning then switches to BARZ. This lets us know that Trav is gonna be more lyrical while balancing melodies and trap. (4/5)

Carousel = A weird track, again Travis hops in rapping with a short but highly produced track. Picks up steam at the end. Nothing special about this track. (3/5)

Sicko Mode = C’mon , do I even have to review this track? BANGER! (5/5) *travis washes Drake*

RIP Screw = Scott really tons down the auto tune to give a boring tribute to Dj Screw. Legendary Houston DJ that brought the Chopped and Screwed flavor to hip hop. Boring track, uneventful. (2/5)

Stop Trying to Be God = A BIG highlight of this album. A classic. James Blake is a great surprise around the end of the track. One of Travis’s deepest tracks (5/5)

No Bystanders = The “turn up” song on this album, very energetic, reminiscent of Rodeo and a bit of Huncho Jack. Scott puts on his best Migo flow and it works (4/5)

Skeletons = Clearly a single, with The Weeknd giving his vocals and Travis auto tuning to catch up. It did not live up to expectations. Good thinking weak execution (3/5)

Wake Up = PERFECTION! this is what we want in a Weeknd and Travis collab. (5/5)

5% Tint = Here Scott goes back to his Rodeo vibe, similar to the second half of “Oh my dis side” . A pleasant surprise (4/5)

NC-17 = First trash song on this album, 21 Savage tries to save this disaster, he fails. (2/5)

Astrothunder = I like when Travis goes in a cool down, mellow, smoke inspired wave. Here is gives us a Yoga banger. (5/5)

Yosemite = Gunna takes over in this ATL inspired track with Scott doing Kid Cudi hums over mellow drums. This is your 2am McDonalds run song, after you leave the club cooling down from a ratchet night. (4/5)

Can’t say = Forgettable track. Trash (1/5)

Who? What! = As Migo fan this was a great reminder of Huncho Jack, with Takeoff delivering the best bars and Quavo being…Quavo. Travis balances the track. Definitely a Huncho Jack throwaway. (4/5)

Butterfly Effect = Used to love this song, it got super annoying. Now…its “meh”. (3/5)

Houstonfornication = Again Travis RAPS and it’s beautiful! Here he 3minutes of hard lyricism and melodies. Reminiscent of “Way back” off Birds In the Trap Sing Brian McKnight. Which was a BIG BIG sleeper. (5/5)

Coffee Bean = Here we get the rare introspective Travis Scott, taking notes from Drake. Scott closes this album with smooth lyrics about his family, Kylie, love and stress. My favorite track. (6/5)

Final Thoughts

Throughout this Album Travis decided to give us more lyricism and cement himself as a rapper, not a pop star, not a crooner, not a “Nav” but Travis Scott. This was a pleasant surprise, Owl Pharoh was the last time he attempted this and it was perfect. With a few lowlights, Astroworld stands firm in Album of the Year category. Bangers like “Sicko Mode” “Wake Up” “Houstonfornication” “Stop trying to be God” and “Yosemite” the young Houston legend takes us on a ride. Astroworld was an theme park but Travis made it a classic.


p.s. If there’s any other albums/mixtapes you’d like me to review, let me know.



I was wrong, Nicki Minaj is going full Britney Spears…

I was wrong, Nicki Minaj is going full Britney Spears…

A few days ago I wrote a post being Nicki going full Kanye, which means : using drugs, marketing by being “fake woke” and looking like a gah damn fool. And I apologize for that post because I look stupid, she didn’t go Kanye, shorty went 2006-2007 Britney Spears!

On Queen Radio she began giving out awards such as “fuck boy of the week” to Travis Scott for beating her at her own finesse. What was hustle? Selling merchandise with album purchases, which is a tactic Labels have started doing. She did the same, but LOST to Travis in album sales. So what did the #Queen do? She started blasting up hateful rants like Spears throwing her umbrella at car windows!

Let me take you down history lane, Britney Spears in 2007 released her 5th album Blackout which went #2 on billboard. So did Queen by Minaj. Spears was battle drugs and going to rehab, Minaj is currently on drugs. Spears had lost her aunt to cancer the year before, Minaj’s brother got convicted for pedophilia last year. Spears had family drama surrounding her album release she lost custody of her kids, Minaj broke up with Meek Mill and she keeps blasting her ex-man Safaree as if she isn’t a grown ass 35 year old woman. You see the trend here?

Again, I’m a Minaj fan, she’s the greatest female rapper and an Icon. BUT she is ruining her legacy. So what happens next? My prediction is sextape. She is so insecure that she will use her last “trick” to gain attention, she is so hateful that she’ll do anything to one up her rival Cardi. She will release nudes or a sextape to boost her album sales and keep herself in the news.

What should she do? Rehab. And even that won’t be enough, she needs to cut off the negative “Yes Men” in her circle that allow her to release this bullshit, or she will forever remain 2007 Britney Spears.

Nicki Minaj went full Kanye…

Nicki Minaj went full Kanye…

Usually I don’t engage in the gossip but ay I GOT TIME TODAY! As most of you know Nicki Minaj released Queen, her 4th album about a week ago. This album was good (I’ll have a track by track review soon) but it was shadowed by her Kanye antics this week. Pulling a Kanye is going on rants, engaging in the fuckery and being a stupid ego maniac. She went full Kanye.

Going full Kanye is being insecure, so insecure that you blame Kylie Jenner and her baby for beating your album in the Charts. Going full Kanye is being high on pills (and yes Nicki is on that shit) and going on twitter beefs with your ex. Going full Kanye is ruining your legacy by opening your headass mouth. Going full Kanye is pathetic and Nicki is beyond that.

As someone who respects hip hop and good music I’m a Minaj fan. I could argue she’s the been the best New York rapper for the past 7-8 years. On top of that she has awards and records that are historic!! So that leads us to question: why is she so insecure?

If you ever had Xanax, Percocet’s or any anti anxiety pills you know the effects. You know the paranoia, you know the withdrawals, Minaj is a pill head that is so insecure she named her album Queen and acts like a spoiled 13 year old white girl instead of a 35 year old Queens rapper. It’s not Wednesday but her Pinkprint looking ass should be on Mean Girls 2.

If she doesn’t get help immediately she will become the laughing stock of hip hop. The Queen from Queens, New York will become Lil Kim, a shell of her former self that went full Kanye.

Motivation Mondays: Self-Worth

Motivation Mondays: Self-Worth

“why did you even deal with her?”

“you’re better than that!”

“that was a waste of your time”

“wow, that’s what you did”

“DAMN, That’s what happened?”

“Why did you do that, you deserve better’

I’ve heard these before and I’m sure you have too. All of these have one theme and it’s in the title: self-worth. I find that we live in a time where we know our worth but DON’T at the same time. We measure each other’s value on how many followers we have, the quality of pictures we have, how much “success” we’re having, how much money we have, how fly are clothes are looking, etc. We measure our worth in the most superficial ways.

Is it human nature? Is it a sign of the times? Is it capitalism? Is it North American culture? Is it how men are raised? Let me tell you the truth, it’s all of these combined. We live in a selfish age and a selfish time. We pick to Retweet a movement to prove we have morals instead of going out to do the work. We take photos with our baby cousin to prove that we’re good with kids. We take gym selfies to prove we care about our health. All of this because we want to show or “worth”. All of us trying to create a story of how valuable we are to reach our desired “level”. In Sociology this concept is called Social stratification which essentially means we, as a group of people, work and try to reach higher levels of social and/or material proof. But why am I even writing about this?

Because I have reached a crossroad that everyone must reach, evaluating my self worth. Everyday people work jobs that they are overqualified for, relationships that they’ve outgrew and stay at the same place they grew up. I want us to break these chains. My journey to figuring this out was a few weeks ago when I was seeing a someone, I quickly realized that she was not worth my time, energy and commitment. The problem was I felt comfortable with her I didn’t feel challenged, I lowered my expectations, I settled. I didn’t feel like I deserved better, my self esteem was low. Never again.

One of my mentors (shout out JJ) once told me “people treat you how you let them treat you” at the time I thought it was a weird saying but he was spitting facts. I let her (and others in life) treat me worse than I actually am. A strange thing happens when you don’t know your value, you start believing what others SAY your value is! You build a script in your head of what THEY think you are and you appease their views. It’s easier to fall down to what they expect and you rationalize it. For me, I saw it as being kind to her, being compassionate but that wasn’t the case. It’s because I was a pussy weak and did not understand my worth. My time, energy and spirit. This has led to some uncomfortable thoughts and reflection about life and the future.

But I embrace it. Rather than let the “what if” of life circle my mind and get flushed down the toilette I want the “I will”. I will NOT deal with someone beneath me. I will do better. I will NOT waste my time. I will take control of my time. I will take risks to get where I want to be. I will reach my goals and dreams.

I will know my worth and never settle because I’m “comfortable”.


I hope you do the same.