Football Week 8

Alright y’all I’m making picks for the whole week this time, I was close with the score last time but I wasn’t right, let’s hope this time I get at least half of the picks correct. No scores this time just winners.

Dallas vs Lions-Lions win this one, after a disappointing loss last game and a mediocre win by Dallas, I think Megatron will put up good numbers.

49ers vs Jaguars-Come on do I even need to predict this, San Fran will crush Jacksonville.

Chiefs vs Browns-Okay the Browns are better this year but not good enough for the undefeated chiefs, KC takes this one easily its going to be a blowout

Patriots vs Dolphins-Harder game to pick this time because Miami actually played well verses the Bills last week, If Ryan Tannehill plays well, they do have a chance but Tom Brady is too much. Tight game but Patriots win this one

Saints vs Bills-E.J Manuel might have done work last game but he’s going against a top 4 quarterback and a former coach of the year, I can’t see the saints losing this one especially after a Bye week.

Giants vs Eagles-Let’s get real, Giants won on Monday because Adrian Peterson played bad and Josh Freeman is a shit quarterback. The eagles are playing with a third string Matt Barkley but I think he’ll pull off a win, I’m predicting 3 touchdowns by Matt.

Bengals vs Jets-Geno got so lucky last week, but he’s so inconsistent always having to rely on the running game or defence, so Bengals win this one. AJ Green and Dalton are too much

Raiders vs Steelers-You guys know this is a personal one for me, I’m going with the Raiders on this one. Pryor will have to throw TD’s this game instead of trying to be Mike Vick and run more times than McFadden. Its gonna be close though.

Falcons vs Cardinals-This is a tough one, but I got Cardinals winning it. The running game is going to be the X factor in this one. Atlanta’s Defence is terrible and can’t be trusted, Rashard Mendenhall will run it up their throats, he’s getting a 100 yard game, maybe 2 TD’s. Arizona wins this one.

Redskins vs Broncos-Peyton will not be denied again, not gonna happen. He’s going to win this one because RGIII is trying too hard to be a pocket passer.

Packers vs Vikings-Come on son, y’already know who I’m going with. Packers are too much for the Vikings, even will a few wide outs not in the game. Eddie Lacy will eat Minnesoda’s food, and not say grace before it.

Seahawks vs Rams-Finally the monday night game. Seahawks are on a roll right now. Take this in Russell Wilson has more rushing yards than both Running backs on the Rams. Seahawks are going to sexually molest the Rams on Monday.


Shouts out to A.Haga for helping me with the picks. Holla at me if you want to help out for next weeks picks.


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