Football Week 9

Let’s get it, Alright bitches, I only got one pick wrong last week so I’m pretty confident coming into this one, My most surprising ones were the Raiders winning but our QB of the future Pryor did work, also the Cardinals surprised me, I didn’t know that rookie RB would snap. Now let’s get to week 9, I hope my picks are divine.

Bengals vs Dolphins-This one is going to the Bengals they’ve been playing good as of late and AJ Green shows no sign of slowing down. Only way I see the Dolphins making this interesting is if Cameron Wake gets 3 sacks and takes Dalton out of the game. Easy win for the Bengals

Chiefs vs Bills-Who in their damn mind would go with the Bills, EJ Manuel isn’t playing and C.J Spiller hasn’t been doing well, Chief stay undefeated.

Panthers vs Hawks-Cam Newton is playing like he did his rookie season and if DeAngelo Williams does great like last game, we’re looking at another W for the Panthers.

Vikings vs Cowboys-This is a hard one, because Dallas put up a good fight and their defense stepped up last game, but due to late game heroics they lost. I think that they get back to form and Dez Bryant gets more catches, leading Tony Homo to a win.

Saints vs Jets-If the Bengals can beat the Jets I’m pretty sure the #1 team in the NFC south can do the same, easy win for Drew Brees.

Titans vs Rams-I was really surprised by how well the Rams played on monday, and I think if their rookie linebacker (I forgot his name) gets as many sacks as last time, there’s no way titans win it. Its going to be close but Rams got this one.

Chargers vs Redskins-Hmmm this one I actually have to think about……..SIKE my nigga Chargers are going to bolt the Redskins.

Eagles vs Raiders-You guys know who I’m picking, Raiders by a hair. Nick Foles is starting for some retarded reason but whatever, this means another Win for RaiderNation, we’re not making the playoffs but fuck it we’re rebuilding.

Buccaneers vs Seahawks-Seahawks Nuff said.

Ravens vs Browns-I’m going with my team the Purple and Black. Browns have too many holes on offence and defense plus Ravens come off a bye with some fresh legs, we winning this one….Hard.

Steelers vs Patriots-Patriots keep the win streak alive, no way steelers are winning this.

Colts vs Texans-Matt Schaub and Arian Foster are out, I can’t imagine them beating the #2 ranked team in football, its going to be embarrassing to watch.

Packers vs Bears-Packers take this one I think it’ll be close for some reason, this is a random guess. Eddie Lacy will win offensive rookie of the year if he doesn’t get injured and plays constantly. I’m seeing 300 yards by Rodgers and 120 by Lacy.


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