They said that April showers bring May flowers

Sometimes it snows in April

Sometimes when March leaves

And we forget the February love

We try to start fresh like January 1st

You were never, my last never December

I tried to not remember November

Crazy I fell for you in October (it was your birthday)

Work and School played games in September

Alsina the way I lost you in August

My heart needed you mid July when I turned 21

Before we became what we were, seasonal.

You come, I go and I cum you go

We sleep in the same bed yet miles apart

I know not to speak on matters of the heart but you and me could never work from the start. Seasons come and seasons go, our season was cold, hot, lukewarm and chilly but from the start it was silly.

Seasons come and seasons go.

I miss you

This is know.



Why 13 Reasons Why sucked

Why 13 Reasons Why sucked

I’m big on perspective and to be perfectly clear it is important that we have a view of the big picture, this show is well done and it is a must watch. But y’all don’t get it twisted this aint a recommendation, I give this show a solid C- for several reasons. If you don’t have netflix or an internet connection (bruv why u even on my blog) I’ll try to summarize it spoiler free…IMMA SPOIL IT AROUND THE MIDDLE OF THIS RANT/REVIEW…in essence this show addresses teen suicide. With the climate we live in, where more than ever people are effected by mental health issues especially teenagers it is incredibly important that this show came out and is a huge reason why it became popular. With that being said this show is about Hannah Baker, a teenage girl that killed herself because of several people in her life, she records a tape about each of those people. Thus the show name 13 reasons why, 13 tapes of 13 people. Interesting concept, important message, relevant topic but shit execution. The main reason I dislike this show is because of the two main characters, Hannah and Clay, they are framed in such an unrealistic light that this show loses credibility and watchablity (i just made up that word, you’tr welcome).

Before I go off, this section is the spoiler zone…do not pass this if you haven’t watched the show in its trash entirety…You’ve been warned fam…now on to why I dislike this show. I hate it because of Hannah Baker for the most part, and Clay for similar but different reasons, first and foremost they both represent 1st world problems! For a show that pushes an important message there’s whole ass episodes focusing on a piece of paper being thrown on the ground, friends not showing up to cafes and rude valentine dates. Y’all need to re read that last sentence! Bruv can you actually see yourself committing suicide because of such petty reasons? I ain’t trying to be insensitive but something has to give, my g there’s people on this earth living in HELL and they survive they thrive they don’t sweat the small stuff. Even within the  show, Justin objectively speaking had the roughest life of the entire cast and he was able to cope with the shitty hand he was dealt with. I know everyone’s different but at the end of the day we live in a real world and this world that 13 reasons why depicted is stupid and simplistic. A girl with so much privilege picks apart the pettiest shit to “tape” is downright insulting. The only tape that warrented suicide in my point of view is the Bryce tape, we all know why.

Clay is a different yet similar level of annoying and he ties in with Hannah perfectly, the mandem was actually going on a man hunt for a girl that gives 0 fucks about him. Clay is one of the corniest characters of all time, he literally lives in flashbacks and not to mention he’s a terrible son. Now I understand the hurt he felt after finding out his #wcw offed herself but I find it telling that the mans knew so little about her yet seemed to care so much. Is that human flaw or just shitty plot progression…you decide.

What makes this show even worse is that it glorifies suicide to a lowkey highkey degree. It’s highschool everybody is struggling, scratch that, it’s life we all go through terrible things every day instead of being over dramatic and hiding our problems we push on and we handle the problems of today and leave them when we go to bed! I’m not trying to trivialize depression…it’s terrible, I know, but realizing that you are not alone and have support in more ways than you can imagine can avoid suicide in so many ways. Hannah ain’t a hero, neither is Clay and neither is anyone in this headass cast. 13 Reasons why is basically a trash 90’s after school special that is praised for an issue we all can/already deal with.

(props for anyone that read this long post…respect.)

P.S….more show and music reviews on the way.

Why I love Mumble rappers

Why I love Mumble rappers

Pass me the Aux i’ll bump Xxxtentation before I blast Kdot and y’all can stay mad. I hate when people (specifically old heads) look at the new age rappers as if they’re the corruption of hip hop…no no and no. I say this cause hip hop aint one fuckin thing and these dummies literally think it is. If you really enjoy the genre called rap and you love music you will recognize the value of the new school, you will recognize the climate. Mumble rappers exist because of “Aux cord” culture and the independent artist movement. We control what we listen to more than ever, radio stations that push records to bleed our ears are non existent and it’s beautiful! We decide what’s hot and what’s not and to break it down even more, the producers (Zaytoven , Metro Boomin, Southside, TM88, etc) decide what pushes the culture forward! We’re the ones that look at soundcloud at 3am in the morning for the chune that reminds us of our ex, “we the ones poppin nigga we the ones” -21 Savage. It is natural for us to pick up on rappers that have melody and have the type of sound we want to listen to. Hip hop was literally established by the urban youth, it was created as a way of “fighting the power” it is a counter-culture much like rock n’ roll was post 1950’s. What are we going to do ? Ignore the fact that a Kodak Black track will get have me more turnt than a Joey Bada$$ record? No, as a consumer of hip hop and a participant in the culture I love mumble rappers. They represent a youthful carefree vibe that will last, the exemplify what hip hop was originally… a big fuck you to mainsteam “appropriate” music. If y’all wanna live in the 90’s and want a fresh 16 then go listen to Pusha T or Kdot that’s fine but for y’all critiques that have this vendetta against Lil Yatchy and his folk y’all can sit your bougie ass down. Y’all missed the point of hip hop and have become the thing you hate…a square and a lame. Here’s an easy metaphor for y’all: go to east side mario’s with friends and you pick out a pizza but 2 of your homies want spaghetti and meat balls, are you gonna freak out on them for disrespecting traditional Italian cuisine? No, cause it all fits under the same umbrella…

Y’all dismissed…

P.S. Joey Bada$$ recent album was fire…better than Kdot’s

Hernandez and the Facebook killer are the same

Hernandez and the Facebook killer are the same

You read that title right and It is indicative of the culture and societal climate we live in. Why are they the same? Steve Stephens and Aaron Hernandez are both murderers and on the surface level they both committed suicide last week. Most would say that’s where it starts and ends but beyond this both killers suffered from mental illness. While the mainstream media casually calls white terrorists (Dylan Roof, James Holmes, Adam Lanza, Dylan Klebold, etc) mental health victims and paints their atrociousness actions as involuntary juxtaposed to the black Stephens and latino Hernandez we see the contrast. The climate we’re in is a very sensitive to the struggles of mental health victims but we ignore minorities that experience it. To keep it all the way simple: They were both living an internal hell! Whether they deserved to die is not the question here (I believe they should have) the real issue here is how they went out. Stephens started this killing because of his break up with his ex-girlfriend but when he released a video explaining why he killed the Godwin (and planned to kill others) he stated that no one listened to him no one wanted to hear him. For a man that was a youth mentor and, ironically enough, behavioral therapist was suffering from the same problem he was paid to cure. Had someone reached out and talked to him about the break up about his trouble and pain an old man with a family in Ohio would still be alive. And that’s the real tragedy here…

Hernandez is another example of this, I haven’t examined the 3 notes he left next to the bible when he hung himself and I don’t care to. All I know is that an NFL superstar was battling demons in his head that spoke too loud and took him to a life of “gang gang gang”, where disrespect meant a shot in the head to a friend, Odin Lloyd. Where the depth of his depression grabbed his neck and hung him at 3am in the morning and declared him dead at 4am, these are battles that the gridiron will never show. These are battles the face will never show. When a mans hear’s he’s going to jail for life and has the stoic face of a yoga instructor mid sunrise number three you have to know there’s a problem. He had accepted his doom. His fate was sealed. While the media was quick to brush off these two as old news, I ask you to look deeper and realize that when we talk about mental health it can grip and hold anyone. From multi millionaire athletes who are not satisfied with money, fame and women that resort to a life that brings pain to a therapist mentor that seemingly has life put together and control of his being to a 20 piece mcnugget eating killer, we now know mental health has no face! Hernandez and Stephens were in cages, physically and mentally and that’s the real story. This cage doesn’t care about who you are how you look or what your status is.

While their actions were beyond evil, it leads me to ask…how many buttons could be pushed before you or me became Hernandez or Stephens?


Money isn’t the root of all evil, Attention Is

Money isn’t the root of all evil, Attention Is

If you really think about it I’m 100% right. Yes I’ve written about social media and some of my favorite thinkers have written on it in the past. Most agree that it has provided our generation with more bad than good but lets look deeper into it. I definitely think that most analysis and thinkers ignore the fact that social media is a result of something more of something more sinister: a culture of attention seekers! Especially when it comes to active social media users, I’m talking SJW, Alt-Right, Starbuck sippers, IG hoes, Fitness enthusiasts…guess what tho? WE MAKE IT WORSE! And no this idea of attention and social media being worse than money isn’t a new idea but it has to be restated. We live in a time where resources (money/material) doesn’t matter as much as your clout. Its pathetic and we are the ones to blame, our eye balls are attracted to the ridiculous, the stupid, the dangerous and the wild shit. To illustrate this headasss behavior Imma use two unlikely examples that relate to each other, “Cash me outside” and Social justice warriors.

Danielle Baleli-whatever the fuck her name is, is a perfect example of this…for the most part I believe she is a victim in this whole saga. For y’all living under that same rock Patrick Star is at, Daniella is the cash me outside girl that literally won the meme award for the month of January. She parlayed it into a career as a…”social media celebrity” ? As I write this down I realize how dumb that sounds. But who is to blame for this ratchet child who has been catapulted to doing Kodak Black music videos? You…(and me). We have feed her with the drug called attention. Attention is the drug that everyone seeks from a 6 year old waving to their distracted phonbie parent to a multi-national corporation paying youtube celebs, everyone wants attention. Its so rare might as well call that shit Mew Two or quaaludes (word to DiCaprio). People will forgo money to receive attention and the most messed up thing is…attention leads to money! Danielle charges 35k per apperance…my nigga who is actively paying her 35k? Spoiler alert…A lot of dummies are. But what if we look at the flip side, aren’t there any good people who want this drug? Don’t they want to improve this world by flipping this brick and to build the community (word to Frank Lucas?). Here we find SJW (Social justice warriors).

I won’t go off on this topic because for the most part It has been tackled ad nauseam, but I’ll just quickly lay down some opinions. People (especially on social media) have an alarming trend: virtue signally. What does this mean? It is the act of showing that you are a virtuous person in the eyes of a left leaning liberal audience, google Moshe Kasher or just quickly scroll on twitter. Virtue signaling is an act done by most male feminists, white black lives matter activists and any person who’s out here capping for retweets. People will actually attack opinions and subvert constructive dialogue to prove that they’re more righteous its pathetic, people would rather hide behind the mask of acceptance and attention than to say what they want to say and feel what they wanna feel. These people play a role to be liked, they crave attention to so much that they do something more sinister than Daniella, the actively fake it till they make it! These are the same people quick to “cancel” any celeb because they show a trace of human error, these are the same people that will block you if you tweet something non PC, these are the same people that will call you a dummy because your thoughts don’t align with there’s these are the ultimate attention whores. Future wrote a masterpiece named Mask Off and I wish people followed his advice “Mask on, fuck it mask off” because we see through y’all masks! Attention is their drug of choice, where they speak into an echo chamber for the most attention within a culture of virtue signaling. This is the greatest evil…it is the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

In 2017 attention is the root of all evil, not money.

The NBA media created LaVar Ball

The NBA media created LaVar Ball

You read that title right, the NBA media created LaVar Ball. Every hoop fan watches First Take, Undisputed, TNT or even The Herd, we’ve all seen his interviews and “hot takes”. If you have more than one brain cell you understand that he’s playing the game and he’s ballin’, no pun intended (come watch NPI win intramural flag football, Lees dome 8pm saturday). If you want to speak facts then we can speak facts. No one saw Lonzo Ball as a first overall pick over Markel Fultz until LaVar started talking, facts. No one cared about LaMelo or Liangelo as true high school prospects until LaVar started talking, facts. No one cared about Big Baller Brand until LaVar wore it to EVERY T.v appearance, facts. LaVar Ball is benefiting from this, he will win more in the long run, opinion. Let me make myself perfectly clear there is a lot of theatrics and charades in media especially sports media and more specifically NBA media. Inside the NBA, the most popular NBA media show, literally has a popular segment called “Shaqtin a fool” bruh…it’s all charades. The most popular NBA journalist is Stephen A Smith that busts his lapel mic for two hours on a weekly basis by screamin his soul out like a donkey bit his balls. And if we kept it a buck, we love it. We love the shit out of it. When a black father steps up and proclaims is sons to be amazingly gifted at the game that he instilled in them we start to pretend like he’s trash? Nah b nah you’re wrong and every single LaVar critique is wrong.

NBA media is theater, it is equatable to Shakespeare. Smarter minds could make a better metaphor but here’s the truth, the NBA media treats it’s stars and the sphere around it like a Shakespearean tragedy. Why? They build up players and people in that realm just to tear them down, every ball player is just not enough (except for Jordan, they casually forget that the GOAT was a gambling addict and a terrible teammate). One could easily make this argument about mainstream media as well. The media brought LaVar in the limelight and justifiably so, this era is the “hot take” age, where the crazy delusional proclamations mean more money in the bank (shout out Skip Bayless [and Barkley]). When a mans comes in and decided to play the game all of a sudden he’s enemy #1? Shut your headass up. He is not the ideal “athlete dad” matter of fact one could easily argue that he is doing more harm than good by applying such pressure to his kids (peep Trophy Kids on netflix, amazing doc), but I disagree. In this day and age were fatherhood is undervalued especially in the black household, it is refreshing to see one who actually cares. I would argue that if LaVar was a “Steven” he would not get as much criticism, yes bitch I brought race into this. If LaVar was timid and humble about his kids would they have achieved such feats? No. If LaVar didn’t exploit his kids talents for financial gain like the NCAA does and the NBA will, would that make him a bad father? No. If LaVar played Jordan 1 v 1 would he win? HELL NO. But the fact that none of us cared about UCLA, the Ball family or even this NCAA tournament before LaVar started talkin shit tells us he has succeeded and his critiques are just haters. Will he succeed in Ball or Fall? Only time will tell.

Here’s my hot take: LaVar Ball will have a t.v. show within the next 3-5 months. Reality TV or an ESPN, Fox Sports type show. 

More life was Drake’s 2nd worst Album

More life was Drake’s 2nd worst Album

Listen to Drake’s verse in Do Not Disturb, the mans pretty much admitted that Views was trash (and it was). Y’all were sleeping on Joe Budden when he released those long diss songs, but he stated facts. Drake himself “I was an angry yute when I was writin’ Views, Saw a side of myself that I never knew”. Ironically this is his best song on the entire long ass 22 song album playlist, why do I say this, cause Drake is at his peak when he is introspective. This is why he became a superstar, the mans released one of the greatest albums of modern hip hop (Take Care) and decided “hey fam imma just go the completely opposite direction and become the hip hop Mystique”. Yes, I said it, Drake has become the hip hop Mystique, all he does is mask himself as the “trendy” artist (the mans stole Xxxtentacion flow, rode Future, Gucci and now Grime’s wave). Views was his worst album because we all knew he didn’t care, he came off angry but without a real reason but in More Life he just came in bored. Why do I dislike this album? Because Drake is bored bruh, he lacks the passion and introspection that made people love Take Care and I know why this happened. Apart from The Weeknd not writing half his bars (and ballads) the mans realized that he can release sub-par material with 3 to 4 fire songs, everyone will tip ride and he’ll keep top spot. That’s the reality of the matter, Drizzy has reached the point where he can release a playlist and it’ll sell (or stream) 700k first week. This won’t be a track my track review. Imma let pitchfork, the needle drop and Big Quint do that, I’ll just tell you the tracks to listen to and you can infer what I think about the rest of the album.

Stand Out Tracks

  1. Do Not Disturb: the sample is perfect, Time by Snoh Aalegra is perfect. The bars are proper and the sneak diss to Tory Lanez is typical Drake, it’s his most honest song this entire playlist
  2. Any track with Giggs in it (No long Talk and KMT): His bars are not only funny but they’re refreshing, it shocks me that Spongebob Papi didn’t mooch off Stormyz’s wave. But Giggs came thru with bars (“Whippin that white girl/cooking that cerci”)
  3. Sacrifices: Not only does Young Thug run this entire track but Drake actually comes off genuine, he sounds braggadocios and It works perfectly. My favorite verse on this album.
  4. Any Track with Jorja Smith and 4422: Jorja will be a star, she did work in this record, soothing voice almost Sade-esque. I’m not a Sampha fan but he did work and his interlude came at the perfect time.

In conclusion, this was record was better than Views (even Rozay album was better) but that’s not a big accomplishment. We will forget this album in 2 weeks, he called this a playlist because he knows it was an extreme throwaway album…the man recorded most of this on tour…his Europe tour that he started in December my g. Thank Drizzy for your future IG captions but don’t thank him for this record. He let me down and others that care about hip hop.

2.5/5 bruh a weak C+