The NFL FINALLY got Good !

The NFL FINALLY got Good !

First and foremost this was a terrible NFL season, by almost every metric. TERRIBLE! If you’re not a football fan then I’ll break it down to you. Almost every relevant/popular did not play a full season of football. For reference 5 players with the top 10 selling jerseys of the 2016-2017 did not last a full season. Ezekiel Elliot (1) was beating women, but somehow isn’t full kicked out of the NFL like Ray Rice, was suspended on and off. Odell Beckham Jr (3) left week 5 with a fractured left ankle, ending the Giants season. Rob Gronkowski (5) is Rob Gronkowski the mans couldn’t finish a season even if he was promised a yacht party at the end of it. Carson Wentz (6) literally the 2017-2018 MVP but tore his ACL week 14 against the Rams. Aaron Rogers (7) broke a collarbone week 6 against the 2017-2018 Super Bowl Champs Minnesota Vikings (yes bitch im callin it now!). Antonio Brown (9) actually played most of the year but was sidelined week 15 with a leg injury and would have put up better stats for MVP consideration. Outside of the top 10 is 3 time Defensive Player of the Year JJ Watt (15) who got a leg injury in Week 5 against a shitty Kansas City Chiefs.

FAM LETS NOT EVEN START ON THE PROTESTS! Lets Not even start on concussions and the dumb “protocol” which is basically a 5 minute breather for pro bowl players. Cuz fuck a players health eh, we need rating nigga get your ass back on the field! Pathetic. Keep in mind I called this at the beginning! This NFL season was gonna be trash in alllllll directions. BUT I was wrong (and right).

I didn’t expect this season to have AMAZING Playoff games. After all most of the teams playing haven’t been post-season regulars. Now every post-season we have about one maybe two amazing playoff games/finishers. Last year we had the 28-3 return of the Pats and their Android QB Tom Brady. This year we could easily list off 4 and we aint even at the Championship games!


Famz we finally passed the foreplay stage and we gettin in that THANG! FINALLY THE NFL GOT GOOD! and that is what football (and sports fans) needed.



The Super Late 2017 WrapUp

The Super Late 2017 WrapUp

Backed by popular demand (3 of my best friends harassed me) I will be making my brief 2017 wrap up. Why now? Because my life doesn’t revolve around this blog and adulting is real hard when you spent most of your life being a goof. Also its good to take some time, breath and look back rather than feel forced to cram an opinion (yes Im throwin shade at COMPLEX). I’m going to assume you’re an avid reader, and I’m thankful for that, but for those that are new, all I do is basically write about music, sports and movies in a blunt stereotypical black ignorant male cis-gender offensive tone! With that being said here are the first annual “Super Late-Ass Blog bout Nothing Awards”


Get Out 

Plain and simple this movie is a classic, it won’t win awards because Caucasians are gonna Caucasian, but it will go down as the movie that HAD to happen and that DID happen. When I assess movies I look at two things: Is it different? and does it exceed expectations? Bruv this  movie NOT only does both but it does both phenomenally. Take this in: this movie was so good it created TWITTER MEMES! This is the type of movie a dumb dude and a smart introspective dude can get beers and watch, just don’t watch it with your white side-chick/girlfriend. Do y’all understand how impact that is? Fam you don’t. You really do not. Do y’all understand how many times I’ve used “sunken place” in my colloquial speech? You really do not. Do y’all understand how hard I clapped when my mans started chocking his Alt-Right crazy bitch girlfriend? You really do not.  Get Out is the best movie that came out this year and it aint even close (a lot of shitty movies came out, keep that in mind). If you disagree, refer me to a better movie and its still gonna be CONSIDERABLY worse than Get Out.

Honorable mention: Split <—read my review on it. I enjoy twisted horror/thriller.



No Dope On Sundays, Cyhi da Prynce

Man I can’t lie this year was fantastic for hip hop, and to be very clear I cover rap and R&B but I’m open to other genres. Back to the point, out of all the amazing albums/mixtapes that came out I always spin Cyhi for one clear reason; he’s a breath of fresh air. In a climate of over saturated Trap Rap (Migos collectively released 5 projects) I love love seeing something fresh and different ! Y’all remember Coloring Book, when Chance shifted and became the mainstream hip hop artist that white america was waiting to embrace post-Kanye West? Imagine that album had more bars and deeper topics mix that with some ignorance then BOOM you have No Dope On Sundays. People will disagree but they haven’t fully heard his album, I’ve been a big Cyhi fan back to his freestyle days and saw the raw talent of Prynce, the unadulterated passion he has, the story telling he has in tracks like Nu Africa! The soul he spits out in “No Dope on Sundays” (track) with one of the best Pusha T verses I’ve heard in YEARS, YEARS FAM! I love artists who actual have a story behind their artistry…homie spent years ghost writing bars for G.O.O.D. music (like Party Next Door is doin for Drake) and to finally have his first album be a HIP HOP CLASSIC…Lord I’m starting to tear up. Plus the mans is short, me and him relate on a spiritual (lower) level. Listen to this album, your ears will thank you, your soul will thank you and you should thank me.

Honorable Mention: Culture (Migos), Sonder Son (Brent Faiyzan), Issa (21 Savage), Ctrl (SZA), Shine (Wale), Luv is Rage 2 (Uzi Vert), You Will Regret (Ski Mask the Slump God), The Program (Cam’Ron), Sounds from the Other Side (Wizkid) and Dedication 6 (Lil Wayne)


Lavar Ball

He is the most important thing that happened in sports all of 2017. He shit talked his son into being the 2nd overall pick while the proceeding 6 players after him are better in almost every metric. He finessed sports news media into literally covering his every move for the past 8 months. He made us google “Lithuania basketball”. He made you want to buy 500$ shoes. He sparked a conversation about white victimization in face of black resistance. He made us question Steph Curry’s greatness. He taught us that black fathers are NOT as absentee as the media tells us. He made us take a strong critical look at the corporate slave plantation that is NCAA. He taught us how to parent and I’m forever grateful for that! This nigga was on WWE…read that again, this NIGGA WAS ON WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT….oh well that doesn’t matter eh. Let’s try Donald Trump. This man shit talked Donald J Trump and got clout off it. He transcended sports, politics and North American borders *drops mic*

Honorable Mention: Uncle Shannon Sharp (me and Brando gon’ be on that Mild and Yak haaarrrrrrrrrrrd)




She’s (kinda) gotta have it

She’s (kinda) gotta have it

Netflix is the gift and the curse that millennials (hate that word) has to deal with…the blessing of entertaining shows and trash movies has ruined many grades and increased flopping on social events 10x more likely. What Netflix is known for is it’s shows and that makes sense cause it has some amazing ones, when I scrolled through looking for a new one I landed on She’s Gotta Have It. This show is based on the Spike Lee movie by the same name and explores the same themes with a modern twist. I’m a big fan of Insecure (season 1 & 2 review on the way) which is a comedy centered around a black woman and the relationships she has in the modern world, on concept alone these two shows are the very similar BUT THAT’S WHERE THE SIMILARITIES END! If I was to sum this show in one phrase: corny and missing the mark. Before I go IN on this like 13 Reasons Why, imma put 3 things I loved about the show and 3 reasons I disliked it. To not waste your time, issa 3/5. SPOILER ALERT DO NOT READ ANY MORE UNTIL YOU FINISHED THE SHOW!

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#MeToo (A male point of view)

#MeToo (A male point of view)

First off I will acknowledge some important points. I’m a man, I have privilege that I’m aware of, I’m also a black man so my views are different from most. I’m a brother, a son and have multiple layers so before y’all come at me Imma make it clear that these opinions are my own. You can (and will) disagree and I expect you to. Now let’s get to the topic it. Over the past month we have seen sexual assaults, harassment, molestation and other disgusting allegations towards men in media (music, movies, journalism, etc.). This moved to the #MeToo movement where women raised their voices telling their honest raw stories about abuse. When I first saw the Harvey Weinstean accusations I thought this was bullshit, for real I saw it as Crosby 2.0 but worse. I was thinking bruh, these women want to finesse the pockets of this powerful man they want to sue the hell out of this guys and make money. A month later, I still think it’s bullshit but I came to the conclusion that this is a men’s issue and I’ll explain why. Continue reading “#MeToo (A male point of view)”

Ottawa isn’t whack, you’re whack (and boring).

Ottawa isn’t whack, you’re whack (and boring).

I hate when people say Ottawa sucks. Its one of the most annoying cliches ever…”yo dawg i just came from the 6 and realized how trash OT is.” “Ottawa’s so trash can’t wait to move to Montreal and be a failure there” okay i may have added the last part of that quote, but y’all get the point. Statistically speaking Ottawa-Gatineau is ranked 4th in terms of population within all of Canada, so take this in, when you roast Ottawa you are basically shitting on Canada. Now I’m not the most patriotic person ever but I at least have respect for this country and the blessing it really is. If you go out of your way to say Ottawa is trash then what in the hell are the other 30+ cities beneath us ? Trust me it’s only the youth who roast Ottawa while they spend 4 more hours watching a stupid show on netflix while tweeting “aint shit to do in ottawa” , y’all pathetic asf.

But yo I’m not dumb so here is what people mean when they say “Ottawhack”…they mean the Culture of Ottawa is trash. That’s debatable, but false. Keep this in mind OTTAWA IS A GOVERNMENT CITY! Bruh you think the ratchet shit that happens in larger cities would gwan here? 2+2 does not equal 6…that’s facts. Ottawa is the capital of Canada there is a level of decorum that has to be maintained. Big Facts. Easy example, Rick Ross had a planned concert a few years ago but he was was involved in a lyric controversy where he admit to Pill Cosby a girl and “…she aint even know it”. His concert was shut down, which fed into the lame mans forever argument that Ottawa sucks. False. Culturally speaking the city is conservative and not multi-cultural, its slowly improving but here’s the real problem. People who roast Ot are doing nothing to progress it. Its like you complaining about being fat while eating a junior chicken. And this reoccurring narrative that the youth has given is a self fulfilling prophesy, where you see the whack in everything. This also relates to the current trend of hyper-awareness and constantly being plugged in, “wow did you see that Migos concert on snapchat? Vancouver always his the lit shows”…we are becoming an age and generation of envious lazy losers.

How about this, why don’t you haters actually get some shmoney, check Ottawa Festivals or City of Ottawa website, follow some cool movements in Ottawa and actually do something with your bum life. Cause Ot was never whack, you and your friends (if you have any) are just boring. You’re welcome.

What everyone missed about the NFL protests…

What everyone missed about the NFL protests…

Over the course of this weekend we have seen Trump go after athletes. I won’t summarize what happened but I’ll talk and discuss context. He was at a rally (why is the man doing rallies when he won the election 10 months ago) in Alabama and felt stupid enough to proclaim that NFL players who peacefully protest with a kneeling during a national anthem are “…sons of bitches” and they should be fired. Let me lay down a few points:

  1. The NFL owners can’t cut or fire a player of protesting peacefully. They can decide NOT to add a player (*cough*Kaepernick*cough*) for that reason.
  2. The American national anthem is embedded with racism. Political science Professor Jason Johnson wrote an amazing historical post on The Root detailing the history of Star Spangled writer and slave owner Francis Scott Key.
  3. The anger towards the protests is misguided and dumb and here’s why…

Every argument against the NFL players protesting is ignorant and misguided because it is the simplest form of protest, it is Peaceful Resistance. It is akin to what Ghandi and Nelson Mandela did, they decided to resist and protest against oppressors without resorting to violence. Folks (whites mostly) are mad because the protest represents disrespecting the flag, the military or America as a whole. All of em are stupid as hell! When Kaepernick was asked about why he sat during the NFL pre-season and decided to kneel during the national anthem, he clearly stated “…it is because of police brutality and racism in America, I want to bring awareness to the topic…“the mans said this in September 2016. AND THAT’S WHAT EVERYONE MISSED! A protest in its very purpose is to BRING ATTENTION TO A DAMN TOPIC OF INTEREST! And sadly the NFL players who locked arms with the Same owners who voted and supported Trump forgot the purpose too…they forgot the reason they were protesting. The anthem doesn’t matter, the flag doesn’t matter…it is a starting point, a conversation starter to the bigger topic and problem. SYSTEMIC RACISM and POLICE BRUTALITY. Kaep never disrespected the flag and to be dead honest he didn’t disrespect the anthem, he simply knelt down and kept quiet. The same soldiers and military members who oppose Kaep’s protest are the ones that fight for his right to protest, they should be the first to support this movement.

This is the climax of any type of protest, it is here to make you feel uncomfortable. This is the time to realize and understand the narrative that the media (and Trump) will try to tell us…and how false it is. THIS IS ABOUT POLICE BRUTALITY AND SYSTEMIC RACISM. Only reason people (including NFL players) knelt, locked hands, prayed or stayed in their locker is because of Trump, NOT because of the main reason and NOT because of the main purpose. That’s what everyone missed.

I’ll write on this topic again.


The Strength of Luv

The strength of love is harder than cement blocks

the strength of love is harder than 808 beats beats

the strength of love is more adroned than Miguel lyrics

the strength of love is deeper than the milky way

the strength of luv is deeper than Uzi Vert albums

when the rage is deeper than rap songz and punk albums

when the notes and rhymes are deeper than critics  j ds

the feels appeals and its real how I feel about you, even a printer could could fax

yet born sinner I find that crooked smile alluring had me thinking , DAMN

made me style on em, sweeter than syrup sandwiches and grandma lowances

Lowe dat

the strength of love is greater than double gauge shot guns

thats how my heart is pumping, no kickback