Real Talk II

Hello world, how you guys doing today? I hope you guys are doing good, because I’m doing alright, things could be better but c’est la vie. I’ve been getting a lot of feedback from the real talk page, people seem to like it. People been telling me to talk about various subjects and I find them intriguing. But lets remember this is my blog and I decide what to write about, so with that said I got something special for you. I’m gonna go in on a racial topic so if your uncomfortable with that then your free to leave. Its something we see everyday and its a huge taboo in our society even though we’ve gone a long way from the old days of slavery and common racism. If you’re wondering what I’m going to talk about fear no longer, its about Interracial Dating. Yeah I’m about to dive in, no Trey Songz. First a disclaimer don’t catch feelings, this is my view and also my observations. I will attempt to explain why its happening, what I think about it, why its taboo and why black girls aren’t getting a lot of love from the brothers. I’m going to be talking about black and white interracial relationships because I know more about it than other types.

First of all lets look at why Its taboo and why its happening. Lets get real people no matter how much people say and think they’re not racist and ignorant, they truly are. I notice this most with white people because they’ll say the most racist shit and then look at me and say “bro you know i’m joking right?” you can’t do that, its incredible insensitive and is hurtful to us. Enough about that let’s get back to the topic. We see that its taboo because black and white people alike are known for staying with their race but when you see them date each other its strange and weird. Its like rain, it doesn’t happen often but you know you’ll see it. I notice that white people are very uncomfortable with it, they either don’t like it or they are reluctant to accept it. It’s something that isn’t normal by societies standards. When you see an interracial couple walking down the street or at the mall they get stares and people talk to their friends about it.

Now why is it happening, I have a few guesses and theories. Being in Canada we have more white girls up here than other nationalities so therefor we have more attractive white girls. With that being said, if your a heterosexual guy it makes sense for you to go for attractive girls, but the thing is the majority of the black guys I know tend to only want to be with white girls. I think its because they think its harder to get them, they are more submissive and they think that white girls are prettier. Its because the media makes the white woman seem like the best anyone can get, they’re always the leading lady, they always have the guys chasing them, they always look the most attractive. Since we black men see this on almost every movie we are subconsciously putting the white woman on a pedestal. Take this in when was the last time you saw a Black Dating show on CTV, Global, CBC, NBC, CBS or ABC….that’s what I thought.

As  for me, I’ve dated both white and black women, and I had a positive experience with the white one than the black one. I’m not going to generalize and say that my experience is representative of all people. But deep down I think I went out with the white one because I wanted to seem like I was ballin’ It seems that when a black guy is in an interracial relationship he gets more praise than if he was with one of his own race. Also at the time I was quite insecure, more than I am now, but it raised my confidence and helped me become who I am now. For me I just want a chill beautiful voluptuous girl. So race doesn’t come as a factor to me. I know several people who strictly stick to white girls and say they can’t see themselves with a black girl, to those people I say give the black girls some love too. Once your older and settle down the race or attractiveness of the woman won’t matter, their personality, their heart and their faithfulness is what matters.

Now for the black girls, imma get hate for this but fuck it. I notice a lot of black girls are very…hmmm…confident. And its a good thing until it gets ugly. Most of the ones I know think they’re god’s gift to world, I’m like Pause, Rewind, Kill Yourself. If your actually pretty and attractive there’s no need to say it let people say it to you. With this overconfidence I notice some got an attitude and act up too much. They literally will grill you and hate on the stupidest things, anyone who’s reading this knows that 1 black girl with an attitude. One last thing I’ve noticed is that they have crazy high standards. Like he gotta be 6 foot 2, lightskin, muscular, have a job, have a car, love his mom, love jesus, have a big dick, graduated college, have a house, be rich, etc. Let’s get real, not every guy is Trey Songz or Chris Brown so chill. I’m not saying its bad to have high standards but be reasonable. That’s why the black guys are going for other races, because they tend to look at the guys personality and accept them for who they are.

In conclusion interracial relationships are beautiful and should be accepted, not a taboo. People out there will hate all the time no matter who you date. You should just go out with whomever you love and you shouldn’t let race be an issue. We’re a new generation of people we need to embrace everyone whether gay, black, Indian, Latino, etc. If you believe in God then you should know that all man is created equal therefore we should treat each other equal. This has been your dose of real talk.


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