Real Talk III

Alright guys, If your reading this then I’m guessing your a fan of this blog and you got to know I appreciate your support. Today I’d like to hear some feedback from you guys, see if you want me to make real talk short and sweet or long and descriptive. As for this one I’m going to make it short but this is one of, if not, the most important topic I’ve tackled. I’m going to be talking about faith. Let me make this clear, I don’t want any of you people thinking that I’m promoting a religion or a certain belief, just understand that these are my thoughts and If you looked at the title page of my blog you’d see that’s what it says.

Let’s start off with my beliefs. Since I was a young child to now I’ve went to church every saturday, you guys might be wondering why not sunday. Well my religion is Seventh Day Adventist, basically we go to church on sunday instead of saturday and we take the bible too serious on most of what it says. Now when i was younger i was very committed to the faith, I was a deacon, youth leader and occasional piano player. Now I’m older and have experienced more life, and learned about other religions I’d say that I’m more agnostic than a devout christian. I believe in God but there’s a lot in Christianity I don’t believe in. First of all There’s stories that even a 12 year old mentally challenged child could question, some stories in the bible don’t even make no sense whatsoever. And the thought of not following a certain number of rules set on a rock on top of mountain determine whether you receive eternal life or damnation is preposterous to me.

That being said In my heart I want the bible to be correct and true, but as I walk though life I feel like there’s a simpler way of explaining the supernatural. Some may say they met the divine father at a near death experience, or that a miracle happened to them. I’d say that there is a power out there in the universe that propels life and all the beauty in it. Some may say its God, some say Brahman, some say Aliens, whatever it is, I believe its there. Its not explainable to humans and we haven’t reached a mental or spiritual state to see it. Religion or a moral code is something everyone has and its up to them to decide what works and what doesn’t, I respect everyone’s beliefs even though I disagree with most. Please feel free to comment and tell me what you think about faith and religion. That was your Dose of Real Talk.


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