Real Talk IV

As I sit here, I took a long time contemplating what to write about. I even had to tweet and get some suggestions, but before people started giving me ideas, I came up with something. I’m going to make this one short because lord knows I can go off on these bitches. I’ve been getting positive feedback so I got a subject that pretty much everyone can relate to. I’m going to be talking about fake people and snakes. If your new to the lingo, when i say snakes i’m not talking about amphibians, I’m talking about people who will bite you like a snake behind your back. I’m almost certain everyone has experienced these people, or is currently with a person like that right now.

First I’ll go down as saying that I got a few real friends and many acquaintances, and I like it that way. Like a great poet said “Don’t like snakes, keep my grass cut so low can’t even mow it”. You have to keep a small circle because you never know who might stab you in the back. I’ve been snaked by people, and I had to cut em out of the equation. So people whom I thought were chill or true turned out to snake my boys, so i had to cut em off. Honestly I know about 5 people I can trust with anything and talk to about anything. You can’t trust people in these streets, one second they’re talking smack the next they’re all smiles and compliments to your face. Even some of the people I hang out with are fake. I’m good with jokes because I honestly don’t care what most people think, but when the jokes get ugly I don’t fuck with that. I’ve already started to cut some people out of my life and its good because they’re out here for their own personal vendetta.

These fakes are the type that would do anything to seem cool, or interesting infront of they’re homies. Like fuck you, get a life, no need to go out of your way to be someone you’re not. You have to be you always, forget others and have ambition. Go for your passion, try your best to achieve and progress above your competition. Disregard females and acquire currency, or Disregard males and acquire shoes (or whatever your into). So to all you fucking snakes out there, suck a fat one, and go to a mirror shoot the first thing you see. That was your dose of real talk. BANG BANG


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