Real Talk V

So here we go, I have to get a few things off my chest. The subject for today is haters. They come in all forms, faces, races, and relationships. Haters can be blood Relative, “friends”, teachers, peers or randoms. So let’s try to understand what goes through a bitch ass hater brain. If you’re a hater reading this, I’d like to thank you 🙂 you’re helping. 

Why do people hate? Envy, Jealously and self hate. You guys ever heard for projection? Where someone puts aspects of themselves or views themselves in others. That’s what haters usually do. They project their personal self hate on you and others. Bruh if you’re happy in life then someone else’s gladness shouldn’t trip you out! Haters are jealous folk! They want what you have! They don’t wanna see you shine! They’re afraid. They’re pussys, straight up! 

Just remember this: if you’re happy in your life then you’re happy seeing others succeed in theirs. Haters should motivate you, because it shows someone cares. Usually haters are secretly lovers, so keep checkin my blog hater ;). In the words of Maino, “bye hater” ! And that’s real talk.