Real Talk

Whats popping people, if your on this page you probably saw my most recent post, if not then your in for a treat. My first subject on real talk is something that’s been on my mind, ratchets. People use this term loosely and don’t even know that the hell they’re talking about.  Let’s start with the urban dictionary definition on Ratchet. It says: A diva, mostly from urban cities and ghettos, that has reason to believe she is every mans eye candy. Unfortunately, she’s wrong. Then the post proceeds to describe aspects of a ratchet. But I’ll be real there some girls I know that perfectly fit this description, girls at my school and even some adults I know. Just a message to those hoes, you aint shit and that front your putting up just make you look insecure. I’ll start with the ratchets that everyone knows, like celebrities and such, but first I’ll say what I think makes a person ratchet in my opinion.

First of all I agree with the definition that Urban Dictionary says, when you think your all that, you ratchet. If you want Chief Keef, Gucci Mane or Waka Flocka to impregnate, you ratchet. If you wear ripped jeans with more holes than actual jeans then you say its cause you got too much booty, you ratchet. If you can’t spend 30minutes without checking your phone, you ratchet. If you suck dick on the first date, you ratchet and a hoe. If you got trouble saying the alphabet, you ratchet. If you twerk with no ass, you ratchet. If you annoy everyone around you, you ratchet. If you start drama for no fucking reason, you ratchet. If you go to McDonald’s for breakfast, you fat and ratchet.

Now that we know what ratchet is I’ll tell you who I think is ratchet and who is getting there. First let’s start with the queen of ratchets, Miley Cyrus. First of all she’s the queen because I’m pretty sure she’s done all the things that I just mentioned up there. She’s a pretty girl, like If she came up to me and wanted the D, I’d be pretty gay if I said no. But the things she does are ratchet, Look at the VMA’s performance. My word, I’ve never seen a turkey do so much twerking. Honestly I applaud her for having that much confidence to go out there and shake her booty in front of millions. If she has black friends like Juicy J why the hell didn’t they say she ain’t got enough booty to twerk. I’d forgive her if that was it, but the queen can’t stop there. A few weeks later she releases the wrecking ball video. If you just hear the song, its actually good and her vocal rang is good. Then you see the video and then you know why I call her the Queen. She’s on a wrecking ball naked….take that in ladies and gentlemen. You’ve probably seen it, and I believe you should be comfortable in your own skin but at least make it something artistic not a random rotation around the ball. Now I could forgive that but then the chick starts licking a sledge hammer like its a dick. Relax miss ratchet, we all know your a hoe, remember when you released those pictures when you were 16. Let’s get real tho she’s a ratchet and she’s getting fame from it, but wait by the end 2013 some new ratchet girl will be popping.

Lets look at another ratchet that paved the way for Miley. And I’m talking about the one and only Nicki Minaj. I’ll start off by saying I like Nicki Minaj’s music, I think shes a very curvaceous woman who has worked hard for success. Now let me explain why I think shes ratchet. First of all she thinks she’s way too cocky. Let me explain. She went to be a judge on American Idol and the chick is a rapper, that’s like Kobe Bryant being a commentator for the Fifa World Cup. Maybe if she was in the game for longer but she only became big since 2010-2011. She has a fake booty, fake hair, fake alter egos. Now she ain’t as severe as Miley but she started the trend, by trying to be a black Lady Gaga. Wearing weird things and rapping about nonsense. I liked her back in the day when she made trakes like “Bedrock”, “Roger that”, “Itty Bitty Piggy” when she actually rapped. Then she releases garbage like Starships. I got hope for her when she was on “Beez in the Trap” and “Hold yuh remix” so she can lose that ratchet behavior.

Finally I’d like to say that ratchetness comes in all forms and you can choose to ratchet or righteous. I’ll be honest I’m a ratchet at times and yes guys can be ratchet too, look at Chris Brown. I got a blackberry, plus i wrote a tweet that was ratchet as hell. The thing is I try to be the least amount of ratchet as possible. And that’s how life should be, try your very best to be less ratchet than the people you see out there. This has been your dose of Real Talk.


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