Us was so damn good I bought tickets to watch it again next week

Us was so damn good I bought tickets to watch it again next week

Yup you read that title, this movie was so good I had to buy tickets for next week. Yes Jordan Peele take my money, I don’t care! Here are 3 reasons I loved this move.

  1. Creepy as Hell: Throughout the whole movie you feel goose bumps because this movie is so damn creepy. From the opening shot of rabbits to the last shot of _____ you are Creeped tf out! I was on the bus this morning and I got terrified when I saw a kid with a mask around Blair station, keep in mind Nothing scares me. But this movie was so damn creepy…just makes your skin crawl. In my mind being Creeped out is worse than fear.
  2. Acting: One of my few issues with Get Out was the acting. It was good but not Great. Us takes acting to a new level! Everyone talks about Lupita’s and I agree she is in Academy Award territory but when it comes to the small subtle facial expressions of Madison Curry and Ashley McKoy (child versions of Adelaide) and Elizabeth Moth’s character during the mirror make up scene…family I was SHOOK! Whoever did the casting for this movie deserves a RAISE. PAY THE MAN (or Woman #equality).
  3. The Message: I won’t give you spoilers and I won’t explain to y’all the ending. I won’t explain the Rabbits, the Tunnels, the Chain of humans, the gloves, the scissors, the cloning, the Amusement park, the passage, the inequality, the colorism, the privilege, the religious elements this movie talks about, nah I won’t. But to put all these messages and symbols in a 1h 30min feature tells you how DEEP this movie is.

Have you read the title fam? Have you read anything above this sentence? Do you have 15$ and 2 hours of life? Are you dumb? Go on and buy your ticket right NOW.

Final Score 4.9/5

Since nothing in this world is perfect, my only gripe with the movie is that it could have addressed more race related issues but I believe that Peele is going to tie this in with his next feature. Get Out and US are in the same universe. Can’t wait for the 3rd.

p.s. I plan to write a “Deep Dive” on this movie about the symbolism and theories I have. Stay tuned for that. Cr


Island flava is one of the top Caribbean spots in the city

Island flava is one of the top Caribbean spots in the city

First off let me say this, I’m not Caribbean and I’ve only been to a few Carribbean restos in the city (we basically have 3 so that’s not saying much) I can’t fully compare Flava to other Island restos. But I’ll make this clear, Island Flava is one the top spots in this city and here is why:

What I Usually eat

Large Oxtail meal (bone-in) with a Ting (15$)


Since the service is very quick I believe that the food is pre heated or warmed up but it’s delicious! This ain’t no McD’s or Timmies quality, hell nah, this is the type of food that is feels “made at home”.


This is a highlight, the staff, specifically the owner is nice and usually knows what you ordered. Welcoming with a nice smile and fast service, you won’t be waiting 10 minutes for your food ON GOD!

Final Thoughts

I believe that this is an Ottawa staple, especially if you spend your time downtown, forget Zak’s! Go get you a nice Curry Chicken Rotti or Bone In Oxtail with extra plantain you won’t regret it. 

4.8/5 (Real Review)

6/5 (the mandem review)


Offensive words, our generation, respect and the future

Offensive words, our generation, respect and the future

A few days ago I was at a pre-drink with some friends and I jokingly said “bruh stop acting retarded” immediately the people I was with turned to me and said “bro don’t say that”. I asked why and they went on to explain that it’s offensive to people with disabilities and is in the same lane as “nigger” or “faggot”. I resisted because my intention wasn’t to hurt anyone’s feelings it was to make a joke about my friend doing something dumb. So I decided to explore this topic, is the “retarded” in the same lane of offensive words like “nigger” or “faggot”? I say yes.

Throughout history black people have experienced racism (and still do TO THIS DAY) with the word nigger being used to put us down. But there’s been a growing trend of white people using that word in rap songs, common speech and other context’s cause they 1. Have a black friend 2. It’s in a rap song 3. Don’t mean it THAT way 4. It’s just a word 5. “I’m a comedian its just a joke” . An easy example of this is Louis C.K. at the 15:24 mark where C.K. is comfortable saying that word and I fuckin hate him (and Chris Rock) for it. At the end of the day it’s about one word, RESPECT when you respect someone (or a group of people) you don’t disrespect them. Black people and most people of color live in a different world, we experience prejudice, stereotypes, hate, marginalization and disrespect every day! Especially in North America and Europe where we are the minority. Even in South America where darker Latino folks experience OVERT racism! When white people go out of there way to say nigger they have 0 respect, it’s literally spitting on our face. “oh you just got followed around the convenience store cause the owner thinks you gonna steal, woooow that sucks nigger”. That is literally how it feels to black in North America.

Before we get into the rhetoric of “soft” generation, “PC Culture” and “words are just words” we have to understand one thing WORDS MEAN THINGS. Read that twice. And read that again. Because when you use words they have an effect on people regardless of your intention or your background or anything in between. When you use words you must face the fire, when we casually say offensive things we are disrespecting people. I find that our generation gets away with shit without consequences and this is due to the internet and the way we are socialized but trust me when you say words you will get checked.

I’m a very confident person and I can’t tell you the amount of times I had to “check” white folks for casually saying nigger AND I ALWAYS WILL! But we have a growing trend of people feeling cavalier about using that word, why is it so hard to stop saying something when you know it is rooted in disrespect? I’m not gay but I know as a straight person that saying faggot is completely disrespectful to LGBT folks. So I don’t say that word. Plain and simple. When I was drunk at this pre I took a pause and thought about my use of retarded and thought about all the times I’ve checked white folk for saying nigga. I slowly realized my friends were right…instead of fighting it and being a hypocrite Why not change? Why not stick up for what’s right? Will I use that word ever again, maybe, but will I be more careful with my speech to show respect to other ? Yes, absolutely yes. Because I’m a respectful person and I want the world to respect me too.

I hope you are the same.

P.S. I wrote about this earlier last year when a comedian was on “The Red Pill” podcast with Van Lathan where I broke down my thoughts on the n word and white folks that feel comfortable saying it.

The Hate U Give is an instant classic watch it right now!

The Hate U Give is an instant classic watch it right now!

I don’t know what’s in the air these days but Black folks are putting out amazing movies! From Spike Lee’s Blackkk Klansman to the classic Marvel Black Panther we are in renaissance of black film. This feels like the 90s and I LOVE IT!

The Good

  • The Hate U Give is not afraid, it has balls why? Because it attacks everybody, Racist cops, Black Lives Matter activists, Social Justice Warriors, Thugs, the Black family, Modern Families and white feminism. I could dive deeper but not today cause Chileeeeeee y’all would be reading a 5000 word essay.
  • The Acting by Amandla Stenberg (yeah Rue from Hunger Games) as Starr and her father Mav played by Russell Hornsby steal every scene. I don’t cry in movies but both of em had me tearing up. They toe the line of intense drama and laugh out loud blackness, one of them deserves an Oscar.
  • It’s not a Cinderella story and I love that, often when we watch “conscious” movies especially with black folk we leave with a happy ending. Hell Nah and I like this, because the black experience is not always a happy ending, life is not a Cinderella story ain’t no glass shoes bih!

The Bad

  • The pace was quick and I’m sure they went over A LOT of parts because this was a 200+ page book. But I don’t care, it hit the core of the issue.

The Bottom Line

  • Did you read my title? or the first sentence? 5/5 I loved this movie and I recommend it to anyone.

*will be writing an Analysis and Spoiler review of this movie this week, stay up*

Thoughts #HurtBae2

Thoughts #HurtBae2

We all saw this video, me and a friend even reacted to it, you can find the clip here and what makes this video so important is the fact that I was right. I wrote a post about this a bit over a year ago and if reading is hard imma summarize: I loved the first video and BOTH had problems. I framed it as Kourtney being naive, not trusting and oblivious…and I wrote that Leonard was brutally honest but kind of an asshole about it. But let’s keep it real after we watched Part 2 a FULL year after, my last post was 100% correct. When they sat down this second time it was more of the same, it was clear they barely spoke since the last video and that they still had unresolved issues.

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Do Not Disturb (poem+analysis)

Do Not Disturb (poem+analysis)

Do Not Disturb…an honorable man

Do Not Disturb my tunnel vision

Do Not Disturb…what I look forward to

Do Not Disturb my diamond light

Do Not Disturb…sunshine, lil shorty

Do Not Disturb my our Black Excellence

Because noises keep surrounding me, camera on my eye and I, I wish that time never mattered

Photo Series @luke.views #DoNotDisturb (Instagram)


When I started this photo series I had a specific vision, the inspiration was a the Drake song “Do Not Disturb” the outro track of “More Life”. Even though it was Drake’s worst album this specific song had so much relevance, here Drake was speaking in his honest, unfiltered, raw, autobiographical tone which is what I wanted to do with this series. My goal was to have raw unfiltered emotion in each picture, It’s easy to tell a model to pose take a specific pose but to catch a raw emotion is rare. Do Not Disturb is symbolic of something untouched, something honest and pure, uninterrupted is a great way of putting it. A big component of this series was featuring people of color, majority black models. This was intentional. What we commonly see in society is people of color being put down and not recognized for their beauty, a sad yet a real sentiment. Do Not Disturb was chosen as the title ironically, my vision was to disturb. The vision was to show my followers (or any audience) something that they wouldn’t expect, each picture in this series was curated to leave the viewer puzzled and disturbed. Because that is the essence of art…to move you from one level to another. From the stout strength and poise of part i & ii to the joy and triumph of part iii the viewer is going on a journey.

When you view #DoNotDisturb I want you to see: Black Beauty, unfiltered honesty and triumph.


Interesting in Shooting? Have a concept or want better pictures for online profiles/social/corporate? Best rates in the city.

Email me:

Serious inquires only.

Black Panther Review (Spoilers and Analysis)

Black Panther Review (Spoilers and Analysis)

As promised this is my second review of Black Panther, I won’t waste your time. If you haven’t watched Black Panther and want a swift spoiler free review click here. This is the spoiler review and analysis, I plan to dig deeper than most of my other posts because this movie is more important than most. This post is long and if you’re too ADD to handle it I suggest you leave now and go back to checking your Snapchat for that phantom reply you’ve been waiting for.

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