Nipsey Hussle…a year later (TMC)

Nipsey Hussle…a year later (TMC)

On March 31st 2019 Nipsey Hussle, the rising Los Angeles rapper was shot and killed in front of his store by Eric Holder…a known snitch in the neighborhood of Slauson where the rapper grew up. I wrote a piece about his tragic death but what are my thoughts today? What have we learned? What has happened since? Here’s my truth…

His Legacy is strong


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We’re killing each other…and it’s pathetic

It seems like every 3 months I write a version of this post…and it hurts, every time. A month ago I wrote about Kobe’s passing…and less than a year ago I wrote about Nipseys passing. I was planning to write about Juice WRLD but my emotions got the best of me and I decided not to. Today, February 19th 2020 we lost another Juice WRLD, Xxxtentacion, Nipsey and Kobe in this world, another influential black male and yes it hurts. Pop Smoke, the 20 year old up and coming Brooklyn rapper who had the song of the summer “Welcome to the Party” and the head of the new Brooklyn drill movement got killed today. I know a lot of us connected to Kobe more than Smoke but I want you to understand that a Loss is a Loss. Regardless of how big or small the person is. We can talk about our sadness and sorrow but we gotta move on to the real: this is about JEALOUSY and HATE in the black community. Pop Smoke died because of a home invasion by (this is my guess) his own homies who set him up. A young 20 year old black male that tasted fame, money, success and power after coming from a poor Jamaican/Panamanian household. He was living the dream of most of us, coming from nothing to EVERYTHING. And he lost it all…because of the hating ass cowards in our community. This happened to Nip, X, and even Juice to a certain degree. Losing our lives because of the hatred we have for one another. We were protesting police brutality a few years ago but when are we going to look in the mirror? Smoke was creating a career to look after his family and his community. If you watch his interview with Angie Martinez his end goal was to make 836 Million dollars, and I know why. Because he had AMBITION. He didn’t wanna be a regular hood nigga from Brooklyn, he wanted more, he wanted generational wealth.

I noticed in hip hop this trend is real, Boosie even talked about it on Vlad TV. Hypnotized with hatred. That’s literally why we lost Smoke, a man that had so much potential, killed by HATE. Instead of up lifting the black man in a world that puts us down, we decided to literally shoot each other. On black history month to boot. Do you see why they don’t respect us? Do you see why they hate us? Because we don’t love ourselves, pathetic. From the first interviews/songs I heard from Pop I could tell he wanted more, more than most.

Sadly, the bastards that killed him wanted gold, diamonds and jewelry. As black folk, when will we change? When will we decide to lift each other instead of KILL each other? When? I don’t know when. But I know that I can try my best to NEVER be like them. The bitch made niggas that chose to end a 20 year olds life because of Hate and jealously, I will never be them, and I hope you won’t either. RIP Pop Smoke and my condolences to his family 🙏🏾 rest in power King.

Why Nipsey Hussle’s death broke my heart

Why Nipsey Hussle’s death broke my heart

Sunday evening as I was watching another episode of “Heroes” on Amazon video I was scrolling through IG and fell on the most heart breaking news I’ve read in years. Nipsey Hussle, born Ermias Asghedom, was shot and killed in broad day light in his store. A small tear fell down my cheek because 3 things came to my mind:

  1. Nipsey is Us: He was born to an American mother and an Eritrean father, he is a child of the diaspora and I couldn’t help but see myself in him. A black man raised in poverty, that went through the growing pains of the streets to become a Black businessman focused on his community. If that ain’t the American dream I don’t know what is. Working from the bottom (even doing crime at times) to get to the top. The man was nominated for Rap Album of the Year when 5 years prior folks clowned him for selling 100$ albums. Nipsey is who we ASPIRE to be! A black male that was born in circumstances beyond his control but decided to TAKE control.
  2. Envy in the Black Community : I understand that he was making a documentary on Dr. Sebi and the impact he had but I also understand niggas. Nipsey most likely knew the shooter on a personal level because 2 hours before his death he made a cryptic tweet “Having strong enemies is a blessing”. This was not a CIA/FBI tin foil hat conspiracy, HELL NAH, this a jealous and evil nigga that decided to end the life a black leader. Envy in the black community has manifested itself so many times, last year we lost Xxxtentacion, few years ago we lost Bankroll Fresh and even before that we lost Chinx Drugs. Men who stayed in their hood and got killed by their own. This murder was premeditated, it was erratic and it was based on ENVY and JEALOUSY! Why can’t we let our people win? Why must we blame the white man when we are killing each other? Why can’t we stop the cycle of violence in our communities?
  3. The Family of Nip: As all the dedications and RIP posts rolled up I learned one major thing: this man was loved and respected. My heart broke when I realized Hussle has left this world with a young child and the love of his life, Lauren London. My heart broke when I realized Crenshaw and Slauson would never be the same because of all the business he brought. My heart broke when I realized that this death could ignite gang violence in LA between Crips and Bloods. My heart broke when I realized that Yesterday (April 1st) Nip was planning to meet LAPD to discuss ways to improve impoverished communities.  And my heart broke because we lost one of the most influential leaders in our generation. We as a people have lost a family member, Nipsey is our brother and when family leaves our hearts are beyond broke.

We can’t let his legacy die, just like Tupac, Nipsey had a mission that was beyond music. On several interviews you could tell that he wasn’t just “a rapper” he was more than that. I dare you to listen to any Nipsey album/mixtape and tell me you didn’t find GEMS. I dare you. So what happens now? I want to challenge everyone to listen to every Nipsey Hussle song on SPOTIFY, APPLE MUSIC OR ANY STREAMING SITE because he owned his masters and every cent will go to his family. I want to challenge everyone to buy a product off , I want to challenge everyone to look after black men because this effects us too. I want to challenge everyone to spread love to those you love (and those you don’t) because you never know which day will be their last.

Fame, Jealousy and Death: my thoughts on Xxxtentacion, Smoke Dawg and Jimmy Wapo

Fame, Jealousy and Death: my thoughts on Xxxtentacion, Smoke Dawg and Jimmy Wapo

Biggie once said “you’re nobody, till somebody kills you”.

Never has that been more true than the recent deaths of local legends and worldwide rap stars like Xxxtentation, Smoke Dawg and Jimmy Wapo. First off I want to say Rest In Peace and my dearest condolences to the familes, friends and fans of each of these rappers. I am a fan of all three but mostly an X fan. These deaths taught me a lot mainly the power of jealousy and fame.

Boosie BadAzz on VladTV proclaimed that rappers need to get out of their hometowns or they’ll get killed because of jealously. That is exactly what happened to each of these three. X was touching the peaks of mainstream success and climbing into “Pop Star” territory, Smoke Dawg was already a Toronto legend and Wapo was a respected up and comer. With clout that strong jealousy, friends, family and enemies consistently surrounding them something was BOUND to happen. The sad truth is People Don’t WANT YOU TO WIN. When the killers watched X’s social media waiting to catch him slipping and rob him they did it out of out of Hate, distain and envy. When they shooters ran up on Smoke in downtown Toronto they were full of hate, distain and envy. When they murderers drove by Wapo they were filled with hate, distain and envy. Do you see the trend?

This isn’t new in hip hop, legends being killed in their home turf or getting seriously hurt. I can’t just chalk it up to “The Streets” or black on black crime. It’s a human problem rather than support or get inspired by others success we decide to end their lives. Pathetic! As a culture, this culture of rap we can’t let the envy blind us. We can’t sink down to our lower nature we must fight to keep love and support for each other.

Because that is all we have.


The Carleton U Shooter was fake, but the problem is real

The Carleton U Shooter was fake, but the problem is real

Sunday morning on twitter a random person created a Twitter account and made bomb threats to Carleton University. He also planned to go on a shooting spree posting his AK-47 as proof for his future crimes. Police and Campus security were contacted and they started an investigation which concluded that this was not a “real” threat. I put real in quotation marks because that’s the truth. The person who made this account clearly had a purpose, and that purpose was fear. He/she succeeded too, as I scrolled through social media I saw screenshots of the twitter profile with “stay safe, guys” “dont go to campus tomorrow” written all over. According to news reports international agencies (FBI, maybe CIA) has traced the suspect to be in the United States, they also have a suspect in mind. This means one thing: this headass  knew exactly what he/she was doing.

With the climate of gun violence and mass shooting happening in the States this proves to us Canadians that we are NOT immune to similar problems. Our world is changing and our society isn’t as safe as we always thought! For a fact the person who did this will get caught but the problem of mass shootings, more specifically school shootings, needs to be addressed and fixed! We can’t effect what goes on in the States but we can work on our own Country and the cities we live in. I can proudly say this though, The Response Ottawa had to this was PERFECT! This incident reminds me of the 2014 Isla Vista Killings, where Elliot Roger posted a retribution video on Youtube. No one believed this 7 minute video, a day later 7 innocent people lost their lives. But Students and Ottawa citizens quickly called 911 and Campus security to make them aware of the threat. Instead of ignoring this hoax we took it serious, instead of taking this as some paranoia we took it serious and instead of being bystanders we took it VERY serious.

And I’m proud.

Why I knew Trump would win

Why I knew Trump would win

I knew he was going to win this summer, before that I thought this guy was a full blown skit from Saturday Night Live but a funny one unlike the B.S. they show. I hate facebook, literally just use it for work and school oriented activities but you know what I hate more than facebook: when people all of a sudden become political analysts after an election. If you weren’t following or caring about it months ago then why does your opinion matter? If you don’t know facts then why does your opinion matter? If it has no direct effect in your life other than a conversation starter then why does your opinion matter? Lowkey I’m going to tell you my opinion and I know it doesn’t matter but you’re here anyways so lets get to it.

  1. White Anger: That’s the main reason he won. The pulse of a nation is hard to fully grasp but you can take a guess. Recently because of the racial divide in the US (Black Lives Matter vs. All lives matter) built high tension, mix that with Obama hatered, a pinch of LGBT hatred and so sprinkling of misogyny you get a delicious Trump supporter angry as hell and wanting his (and her) voice heard.
  2. Conventional Media: Trump is a reality star who has a lot of money, he’s on the same level as Kim Kardashian, facts. He knows how to manipulate the media, facts. Conventional media is full of pretentious, fake, make up wearing, lies telling, ass kissing elitists that think they matter. Yes CNN you aint shit. Facts. CTV you aint shit. Facts. Fox News…bruh do I need to say it? These idiots displayed TONS of coverage on Trump and expected him to not gain from it? Dude was on TV more than Obama in 2008 (I don’t have the stats but someone does). Google Cultivation theory, it literally happened this election. People are gravitated towards what they see, that’s why you have a crush on your classmate instead of a random girl in Argentina.
  3. Establishment Hatered : As I said in my previous post, people really appreciate and love transparency especially in 2016, and that’s one major reason Trump won. Hillary is the definition of a slimy politician, she exemplifies what people hate about politics. Lying, misleading, calculated and disingenuous, she represents the old guard even if she would have been the first female president. Shawdy looks like the type to go home and recharge on a shitty iPhone plugin, have Bill write out her codes and walk out with that freaky Marvel super-villain ass smile. The voters saw that. They hated the old guard, they hated the robotics of politics, they wanted change, the change Obama promised them but never full achieved. They wanted something different
  4.  Ignorance and Arrogance: This point could fit with 2 and 3 but it deserves its own point. This isn’t the ignorance and arrogance of Donald, no, its that of the liberal sphere. I scroll through the TL and everyone is shocked as if no one on this planet would even consider siding with such a guy…well there’s 58 million people that disagree. A big issue with this generation is that people put themselves in a bubble, with only like minded individuals. There’s a collective shock when things don’t go the way in which the collective has planned. I say that to say this: YOU AINT SHIT! The world doesn’t revolve around your particular ideology or way of thinking that’s why the Huffington post predicted an easy win for Hillary because of their arrogance. That’s why everyone on facebook, twitter, IG is tripping out because of arrogance and ignorance of the fact that people don’t follow your way of thinking. When you ignore, hate, degrade an ideology or movement you feed the orange hair beast.


I knew these facts in the summer, I kept them to myself, some may say this is hindsight bias but I’m being deadass. Regardless of what happens in the next 4 years, America done fucked up. I hope he gets impeached (even if he’s orange). I hope for the best, I expect the worst and yesterday we saw it happen. The train wreck we’ve been waiting for. A sexist, racist, fascist, narcissistic, nuclear codes having train wreck.

P.S. White women made Trump president: 54% voted for Trump 43% for Clinton (the pussy grabbing irony)

P.P.S. Black people supported Clinton the most (80%) guess we super predators aint that bad?


My take on this Election

My take on this Election

Yup today’s the day, and I highkey had to write about it. To be honest we’ve been spectators of this joke for the past year and some change and lets get real, its been a legendary election. I’m not a political science guy or some next level guy with a liberal or conservative bias, I do lean more towards a liberal ideology. To be honest I have never looked at CNN more in my life. 2008 was crazy, 2012 was lame, 2016 is damn zoo. Now we know both candidates are on some bullshit, but what I want to look at is the future and also a quick look at the past. Donald Trump is the most hilarious, charming, lying finesser I’ve ever seen, apparently there was a writer at the Toronto Star that literally kept a daily note of how many lies he would spew. Hillary Clinton is the physical manifestation of homework, you hate it, see no need for it, is ultimately unnecessary but you lowkey have to do it. She’s that co worker that’s been working for so long that management HAS to promote them even though they’re trash.

Now lets get real: both are pure garbage and I feel terrible for American citizens who have to pick between an orange and a raccoon (yes she’s a criminal). I’m not going to be the guy that brings up a wrap sheet of their violations so I’ll make predictions for what they’ll each do in the future. Trump is going to pull a George Bush where he’s going to have Mike Pence run the country, he will be a figurehead. There’s a Washington Post article that alluded to Trump doing this with John Kasich, essentially having his team contact his rival candidate about being the “most powerful vice president”. Clinton is literally going to be a conservative president with a few liberal approaches, especially when it comes to women’s rights. She is the textbook definition of a slimy politician and exemplifies exactly what most people don’t like: a lack of transparency. Trump is asshole you see and fight then move on with your life, Hillary is that “friend” who mooches off you and talks shit about you when you’re not around. Off top Hillary should win but does she deserve it? No. Bernie does, but he’s a revolutionary and the system will always find a way to suppress and end them. Obama broke the mold, Trump came in bold and Hillary will keep it cold. Cold regular rigid, by-partisan, lobby influenced, unclear, calculated, disingenuous, oil stealing, war mongering, neo-colonialism politics. This goes back to personal philosophies, do you prefer seeing evil face to face or having unexpected evil creep its ugly face.

This election is probably going to be rigged, Clinton has too much money around her and Trump is a fool. Lowkey I’m gonna miss the stupidity of this race, at least we got some amazing entertainment out of it, even though it could result in WWIII (it will fam, I’m calling it). This election really doesn’t change much though, most politicians don’t do what they say their going to do (Guantanamo Bay bruh) and outwardly lie (them emails weren’t THAT bad fam) to win. We all know that money runs this world and the money is placed on her  one side. All this election does is give the world a literal circus to laugh anxiously at while sweating buckets after the performance.

Trump is going to win. Accept it.

Both options are ass, thank God I’m Canadian, Obama an OG and the NFL is rigged.



Omar’s story

Omar’s story

He walked down the curb, reciting every word

of that new song by Asap ferg

he walked the streets late night, early morning

little did he know 24hours later his mother would be mourning

him and his brother were having a water gun fight

then he heard sirens and saw the lights

his brother was in the bushes hiding from big bro

Officer Wilson pulled him over “GET YOUR ASS ON THE FLOOR”

water piston on his belt, he raised his hands fast

and in the blink of an eye, Wilson started to blast

three in the chest, one in the stomach and one on the head

little bro screaming in the bushes cause his brother is dead

and as he bleed the same blood that countless have faced

he knew his fate before this happened, another black man eRaced


Same Drugs (Jaymix)

we stayed on the same wave

tripped at the same rave

took that pill and it wasn’t in ibilza

but you made me feel like it was

we got old doing the same drugs

we scratched the same bugs

we were tripping and fell

fell in love

don’t you miss the days


i miss those days, the


we don’t do the same drugs no more

it wasn’t the pills or the powder or the grass

it wasn’t the face, the skin, the ass

it was deeper than that

we grew old and i still recognized your soul

when the drugs didn’t fill me you made me whole

when my heart was empty you filled it up

now the only memory of you are the drugs that fill me up

you don’t do the same drugs no more

you lost your marbles and so did I

you became my angel, I saw you fly

so i’ll take this hit and get high

in memory of you my angel, in the sky