Black Panther Review (Spoilers and Analysis)

Black Panther Review (Spoilers and Analysis)

As promised this is my second review of Black Panther, I won’t waste your time. If you haven’t watched Black Panther and want a swift spoiler free review click here. This is the spoiler review and analysis, I plan to dig deeper than most of my other posts because this movie is more important than most. This post is long and if you’re too ADD to handle it I suggest you leave now and go back to checking your Snapchat for that phantom reply you’ve been waiting for.

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Fourfive Seconds (Jaymix)

This fire is rising inside my stomach
running up my esophagus to exit my mouth.
You won’t expect it.
Even when I was mad, I hid it
because all of my kindness, You took it for weakness
What would you do?
If you saw this Dragon, four seconds
from burning you, 5 feet from fire.
This cave took 3 days to travel
two words inflicting pain
One action
But I refrain.
What you saw wasn’t an illusion
Just the manifestation of the shadow, Its real form
Scary yet pure
We ignored It, poured another drink.
Five shots we started wildin’
Now we look at each other and think
After all this, this crazy thing
Could all disappear in a blink
So lets enjoy what we have, it’s too late
To Rewind