Do Not Disturb (poem+analysis)

Do Not Disturb (poem+analysis)

Do Not Disturb…an honorable man

Do Not Disturb my tunnel vision

Do Not Disturb…what I look forward to

Do Not Disturb my diamond light

Do Not Disturb…sunshine, lil shorty

Do Not Disturb my our Black Excellence

Because noises keep surrounding me, camera on my eye and I, I wish that time never mattered

Photo Series @luke.views #DoNotDisturb (Instagram)


When I started this photo series I had a specific vision, the inspiration was a the Drake song “Do Not Disturb” the outro track of “More Life”. Even though it was Drake’s worst album this specific song had so much relevance, here Drake was speaking in his honest, unfiltered, raw, autobiographical tone which is what I wanted to do with this series. My goal was to have raw unfiltered emotion in each picture, It’s easy to tell a model to pose take a specific pose but to catch a raw emotion is rare. Do Not Disturb is symbolic of something untouched, something honest and pure, uninterrupted is a great way of putting it. A big component of this series was featuring people of color, majority black models. This was intentional. What we commonly see in society is people of color being put down and not recognized for their beauty, a sad yet a real sentiment. Do Not Disturb was chosen as the title ironically, my vision was to disturb. The vision was to show my followers (or any audience) something that they wouldn’t expect, each picture in this series was curated to leave the viewer puzzled and disturbed. Because that is the essence of art…to move you from one level to another. From the stout strength and poise of part i & ii to the joy and triumph of part iii the viewer is going on a journey.

When you view #DoNotDisturb I want you to see: Black Beauty, unfiltered honesty and triumph.


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Black Panther Review (Spoilers and Analysis)

Black Panther Review (Spoilers and Analysis)

As promised this is my second review of Black Panther, I won’t waste your time. If you haven’t watched Black Panther and want a swift spoiler free review click here. This is the spoiler review and analysis, I plan to dig deeper than most of my other posts because this movie is more important than most. This post is long and if you’re too ADD to handle it I suggest you leave now and go back to checking your Snapchat for that phantom reply you’ve been waiting for.

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Black Panther Review *no spoilers*

Black Panther Review *no spoilers*

Over time a movie comes along that defines a generation or the time it is in. A few years ago that movie was Avatar. The type of movie everyone had to watch for the cinematic masterpiece and the 3D prowess it displayed. Black Panther is that movie for may reasons but the largest being: it is for us, by us. The “us” is black people and more specifically Africans. Rarely do we see a movie that focuses on the best of us rather than a feature about war (Hotel Rwanda, Last King of Scotland, Blood Diamond) and poverty (any and every African movie). When we Africans know the truth, our continent is like any other, full of happiness, joy, peace, war struggle and poverty. This is why Black Panther is excellent, on representation alone it is great sprinkle in a great plot and amazing action scenes…famz how could i give it a bad review? Now to the pure review:

  • Strong plot points
  • Sometimes great visuals – some issues with CGI
  • Interesting characters – especially female characters *OKOYE IS A BADASS*
  • Amazing story development
  • THERES A TOKEN WHITE GUY…ya dawg that’s not a typo Token Whites a ting now !
  • A nuanced approach to subjects of African Diaspora, Colonialism, Refugees and African minerals
  • Strong female representation
  • Great analogy with the Lion King story

To be clear, black, white, Asian, man, woman and child should all go watch this movie. support black movies at all times! The thing to look out for is Erik Killmonger (Michael B Jordan’s character) how left me conflicted the entire movie, why? Because you understand where he comes from and why he is way he is. I haven’t felt this way about a movie since the first Blade came out, this movie is important for today, tomorrow and forever. I plan to have a more detailed review in the future (with spoilers) but for now this movie is…..

4.8/5 ! start to bottom a great time and a critical movie for our time and age!

Social media and tech aren’t the reason you’re lonely

Social media and tech aren’t the reason you’re lonely

For the most part people have come to the belief that social media and tech have isolated us and made us more lonely, but for the most part they’re wrong. Everyone who says that social media has made us as a people more lonely makes the easy correlation between more time on the screen ruining face to face interactions. While I agree with that previous statement I think it’s really closed minded fam, how you lonely when you have multiple people in your phone you can hit up? Or…maybe that’s the reason we are lonely…wait hold the fuck up!?! YUP that’s the answer! In sociological theory there’s the concept of Urban Solitude and if you have a dictionary (or google) you’ll see that it basically means that you’re lonely within a big city. That’s ironic as fuck but trust me g it makes the most sense.

In the history of humanity the concept of big cities or even the formation of them has been extremely rare or non existent. Now we have cities that are 1mill up to 24 million in Shanghai, we live in the world of Urban Solitude. If you look at human history its very rare to find societies and countries that had humongous populations! Farm towns and small villages were common, now the script is flipped like pancakes. We are so connected with tech, social media and the world yet we can’t connect to our neighbors (and we got a shit ton of em). This time and era of solitude is why our generation and most people feel so lonely. If you’re bored look up Dunbar’s number and you’ll understand that humans have a cap and a limit on social relationships, that means those 1000 “friends” of FB or 2k followers on IG are contributing to your loneliness. Aint that a bitch?

We tend to go for the easy answer when it comes to big questions, loneliness is one of the biggest ones out there: why am I alone? The answer is easy: we’re all alone because we are always together. An easy way to think of this is when you’re in a class of 150 students and a class of 32, you’ll most likely make friends and meaningful connections in the smaller class than the bigger one. Why? Because that is human nature.




btw listen to My Love by Wale feat Dua and Wizkid