Loyalty is more important than love…PERIODT

Loyalty is more important than love…PERIODT

Let me preface this by saying that I have felt love in every way BUT romantic. I love my family, I love God, I love my friends which means I stand on one thing: LOYALTY. Why is loyalty more important than love? Two reasons: Respect and Time. When you are loyal to someone or something you have respect for it, you can love someone and not respect them. I love McDonald’s oreo McFlurry but do I respect it, hell nah because I know it’s terrible for me. Love is an emotion, and like all emotions it comes and goes. It is unpredictable. Everyone who got married was in love and guess what? Half of them got divorced. Why? Because love is an emotion, just like anger, happiness and sadness. It comes and goes. But loyalty is about patience, loyalty is about respect and loyalty is about time.

If you are loyal to fitness, you will spend time in the gym. You will sacrifice the time on the couch eating Junior chickens to hit up leg day. Why? Because you are Loyal to your fitness goals. You can love the gym all day everyday, you can love your trainer, you can love cardio (ur weird for dat), you can love weights but all of those can go away. But are you loyal to the lifestyle? That can never go away.

Loyalty > Love



Artists should get PAID

Artists should get PAID

That title is very very simple but the concept is not. This morning I read an article on the Ottawa Sun about a band that was requested to play for free at Canada Day Kanata. A yearly event that attracts thousands in Kanata for Canada day, this band was asked to headline FOR FREE. Pathetic. This is a struggle I know about. As an artist (@jeanviews) myself I constantly deal with the issue of getting paid and I will scream this till the day I die: ARTISTS SHOULD GET PAID!!! 

Why? Because we love our craft and work hard for what we do.

Why? Because a “good look” ain’t enough! We have bills!

Why? Because what we do is important and without us, society would be ruined.

Why? Because it is a sign of respect.

Why? Because it is the right thing to do.

If you request an artists services PAY THEM, doesn’t matter if they are your 3rd cousins best friend’s brother. People disrespect artists all the time: Musicians , Painters, Photographers, Videographers, Poets, etc are told “your work doesn’t matter”. How? By y’all not paying us. How do we end this disgusting cycle?

Read my title.


Sex matters in every relationship you will be in

Sex matters in every relationship you will be in

I’ve been doing a serious of daily questions on my Instagram (@jeanviews) and my recent one asked: Does sex matter in relationships? The results of the poll didn’t surprise me AT ALL. 90% said Yes and 10% said No. But the truth is, this poll should have said 100% Yes and here’s why…

Relationships are complicated and there is no exact science to figuring them out, especially with the times we live in. Understanding dynamics and social norms in cultures evolves every damn day. From swiping left and right to meeting someone at the bar we can talk about ways of meeting folks but we have to understand one thing: Sex is key in ALL relationships. Why? Because your views on sex and how you perform can make or break a relationship.

Some people believe in abstinence, no sex before marriage, while others think sex is important in figuring out who you want to marry. This can be a deal breaker on both sides. Let’s say you are abstinent and your partner isn’t, that can end the relationships because y’all want DIFFERENT things! Y’all do not relate therefore why are you in a relationship?

One of the top 10 reasons for divorce is lack of intimacy and let’s keep it 100 , a lot of married couples don’t have sex. Your views on sex matter so much that dating websites literally ask you to put that in your bio and people GLADLY put it there. No matter what relationship you’re in: short, medium and long term, sex will always matter. And that is the hard truth 😉

Can money bring happiness ?

Can money bring happiness ?

From my previous post I’ve been asking questions to my IG followers on my Art/Business page (@jeanviews) and today I asked: Can money bring happiness? and the answers were shocking.

53% said yes and 47% said no

What inspired this question were tweets by Tiffany Haddish about how lonely she was despite being famous and rich. I always hear stories about rich folks that are not happy. This is why the poll surprised me, I thought that most people would vote no. But the devil is in the details. Why ? Because money can buy happiness but it can’t BRING happiness. We live in a very materialistic era where commercialism is the wave and clout is king. The easiest example of this is are airpod memes:


Money can buy happiness because “being happy” is subjective. It can be a state of mind, it can be temporary, it can be long term, it can be cutting off the heads of cats, it can be spending time with family. Money can buy comfort. Happiness to you can be a new bust down Patek Phillipe or a G6 private plane. But can money bring happiness? No. Being happy to me is a state of mind and can not be linked to material things. You could be happy sleeping outside Rideau McDonalds and you could be depressed living in a Hollywood Hills mansion. It doesn’t matter. Happiness is a state of mind and if your mind ain’t right then money will never fix it.


I’m not mad at Magic Johnson quitting and here’s why

I’m not mad at Magic Johnson quitting and here’s why

I’m a Miami heat fan and more specifically a Dwyane Wade fan, watching his last home game in the comfort of my bed was emotional but that headline dwarfs in the shadow of Magic Johnson quitting. But I wasn’t mad, I wasn’t sad and I wasn’t going to overreact. Here’s why: THE LAKERS ARE DYSFUNCTIONAL ! That’s not a hot take, we all knew this, this ain’t a Stephen A Smith sound bite, THIS.IS.THE.TRUTH

If y’all grew up in a dysfunctional home you know what Magic was going through. Your “partner” (Rob Pelinka) past life effecting your future, You haven’t spoken to your head (coach) in weeks, Your Boss had a 3 hour “talk” the previous night, Owners and Execs are actively avoiding you and you’re getting fined by the same league that has you as a top 5 player of all time. What do you do? You Quit! You let your nuts hang and let these people know:

” I’m Ervin “Magic” Johnson, I’m the man, I’m that n*gga, I beat aids everybody, I’m a billionaire and I don’t need this; deuces”

Who do I think gets the blame in all this…I hate to say it but Jeanie Buss…instead of outsourcing this exec job to someone more qualified she gave it to her “brother”. Ironically she fired her biological brother from this job a few years ago. So what happens next? We will see and I’ll be here with my pop corn ready.



Conspiracy theory: Magic quit because of an argument or major disagreement with LEBRON JAMES

Follow up to my Cardi B post

Follow up to my Cardi B post

When I started this blog in 2013 it was a hobby, something easy and chill to do, from my very first post I made it clear that this was for fun. The tag line for this page is “A good waste of time” but slowly I’ve realized that this site has an impact and I want to start off by saying this: THIS IS MY BLOG, MY VIEWS AND I CAN EXPRESS MYSELF ANYWAY I WANT! A lot of you don’t know me, my intentions and it shows, especially when it came to my Cardi B post yesterday. So let me make 3 things clear:

  1. My main point (thesis) was that Cardi B represents what I don’t want in hip hop and black culture in general. Yes I admit it comes off as judgy and yes I used harsh words but that was my point. Plain and simple I use controversial words to increase engagement. And yes my word choice can be improved. The way I addressed it made folks uncomfortable but the Internet is beautiful. Why? Because you can exit my site and go towards your echo chamber, never challenge your own views and never learn from others.
  2. Cardi and R. Kelly are not the same, I know this. I juxtaposed both of them to show how absurd Twitter (and most social media) has become. Making a false equivalency (google that) with disgusting crimes is not right! My message is consistent, I don’t like Cardi or what she represents! Some have argued that Nicki Minaj is in the same lane as her, following the hyper-sexual Lil Kim path and I agree. The only difference is Minaj has authentic hip hop talent and respects the culture therefore I respect her more. She writes her own rhymes and has put in the work, two things I can’t say for Cardi. To top that off Barti has said in radio interviews that she is a “bag chaser” which tells me that she cares less about the culture and more about the bank account, this is one of the reasons I will never respect her.
  3. I’m not perfect and I never claimed to be, we are all flawed and for folks to go out there and take a moral high ground makes me suspicious of them. I can’t even number the amount of Trash things I’ve done (and still do). Of course I can improve the tone of my writing (and I will), of course I could use different words to make my points (and I will) and of course I am open to hearing different opinions and views (and I always will) but I hate where our generation is going. I hate where our society is going. If you don’t fit into the box of mainstream thought you’re a cancer. Imma make this clear, I like being different and I will always be ME! Regardless of any comments, rumors or anything haters throw at me, and I hope you are the same. Authenticity is rare and I aim to be authentic in all parts of my life.


Thank you for reading.