Thoughts #HurtBae2

Thoughts #HurtBae2

We all saw this video, me and a friend even reacted to it, you can find the clip here and what makes this video so important is the fact that I was right. I wrote a post about this a bit over a year ago and if reading is hard imma summarize: I loved the first video and BOTH had problems. I framed it as Kourtney being naive, not trusting and oblivious…and I wrote that Leonard was brutally honest but kind of an asshole about it. But let’s keep it real after we watched Part 2 a FULL year after, my last post was 100% correct. When they sat down this second time it was more of the same, it was clear they barely spoke since the last video and that they still had unresolved issues.

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A response to “#MeToo a male perspective”

A response to “#MeToo a male perspective”

As much as I’d like to say “I’m always right” I can’t, because I’m not. When I posted the #MeToo post I received quick hate, I expected it. What I didn’t expect is the views of some of my friends, calling me out for being closed minded and dumb. Here’s the curse of having smart friends, they’ll take time to academically COOK your ass, here is my friend’s response to my original post. I loved it and I know you will too ūüôā

” Let me just start by saying that I’m addressing the points that I disagree with.

First, I don’t agree that #MeToo is simply a men’s issue and that the hashtag should change to #BeBetter. The #BeBetter hashtag, I feel take away an important part of the #MeToo movement and it oversimplifies the movement. The¬†#MeToo was originally to show how prevalent sexual harassment and sexual assault are within our society, without necessarily telling your story and feeling as though you are not alone.¬†In my opinion,¬†#MeToo is a movement that aims to resist the system that has historically re-victimized and stigmatized women for speaking out against their abuse and harassment. By re-victimization, I mean that when women tell their stories, for example in a courtroom, the role of the defence lawyer is to minimize what has happened to the woman and to discredit her. By stigmatize, I mean that a label is automatically attached to the women who speak out. They are often held responsible for their own victimization (victim blaming: i.e. what were you wearing, what did you say, what did you do etc.) and it affects their reputation (i.e. some of the Weinstein accusors were blacklisted).¬†These are often linked to the reasons why women often don’t speak out until years later, since they may feel embarrassed, or in a workplace environment, they may fear that nothing will happen (Exhibit A: Larry Nassar). So in my opinion,¬† the¬†#MeToo give women a voice that under some circumstances would be silent.¬†For any major issue, I think that it’s important to denounce the problem first and then try to find to find a solution. That’s exactly what¬†#MeToo has done: denounce the problem.

Second, when it comes to sexual harassment, it for sure means something different for every woman. It’s that line where women feel uncomfortable with certain interactions. This links with my third point that yes I agree that little boys should be taught better, but so should little girl. One of the major problems I think is that when women speak about their sexuality, they are often shamed for it. So, I think it could be difficult for a woman to “check” a guy about her boundaries. A simple example: a girl gives a guy the wrong number or simply never answers the guy’s text. Why can’t the girl say I’m not interested?¬† It could be that she’s scared because if she refuses the guy might become aggressive or persistent. Another issue is that girls¬†are taught: Oh boys will be boys in order to render certain behaviours acceptable. The #MeToo movement through the sharing of personal stories has, in my opinion, given women a label that they can use for situations that they didn’t realize was sexual harassment, because “boys will be boys”, even though it made them uncomfortable. So I think that an equal effort should be made in changing how little girls and boys are raised. ”

#MeToo (A male point of view)

#MeToo (A male point of view)

First off I will acknowledge some important points. I’m a man, I have privilege that I’m aware of, I’m also a black man so my views are different from most. I’m a brother, a son and have multiple layers so before y’all come at me Imma make it clear that these opinions are my own. You can (and will) disagree and I expect you to. Now let’s get to the topic it. Over the past month we have seen sexual assaults, harassment, molestation and other disgusting allegations towards men in media (music, movies, journalism, etc.). This moved to the #MeToo movement where women raised their voices telling their honest raw stories about abuse. When I first saw the Harvey Weinstean accusations I thought this was bullshit, for real I saw it as Crosby 2.0 but worse. I was thinking bruh, these women want to finesse the pockets of this powerful man they want to sue the hell out of this guys and make money. A month later, I still think it’s bullshit but I came to the conclusion that this is a men’s issue and I’ll explain why. Continue reading “#MeToo (A male point of view)”

Late Night Thoughts vol. 2

it’s not really late night thoughts (its currently 12:53am) its essentially thoughts i had from before, specifically 3 hours ago. i like keeping track of media, especially hip hop media because i love hip hop and the culture. to be perfectly honest it has become a major soap opera, i’ll blog about that in a few weeks to come but regardless i’d like to write about a specific aspect of the culture i really hate. its not just hip hop culture it extends to overall culture. if you don’t live under a rock you know who Blac Chyna and Amber Rose, i love and hate them. when people claim that these women are “business women” i wanna smack them across their stupid head, they’re ex-strippers that literally slept their way to the top. i have zero respect for that, and when people start looking up to them as if they’re some model of perfection or some ideal i want to slit my own throat and leave this planet.


im not going to explain and go off with examples because i’m not a gossip type of person, im an opinionated dude on the internet that writes very stupid things on his blog. i’ll break down what the main problem with them is; they’re literally two women that used their body to achieve millions. i’m the type of person that believes it takes more than tits, ass, a cute face to be considered “a success”. maybe i’m dumb or stupid. just because a person has lucked out on the genetic (or cosmetic) lottery doesn’t mean they deserve millions. why are they that rich? straight up i don’t fully blame them for this, i’d say its the dudes that decided to wife them. two former strippers who literally sell their body hit the jackpot by letting famous rappers impregnate them, and eventually finesse them for money. this is the downfall of men. how does a woman with literally nothing else to offer but her body, trap successful men? its because those aren’t successful men they’re fuckin failures. it’s like getting an email that says “invest 100$ and flip it int 1’000” who is to blame for clicking that link? are the senders of that spam to blame for displaying that temptation, or are you the one to blame for being so desperate to believe you can realistically gain 10 times the money you put in? that’s how these men are. idiots of the highest degree.

we need to go back to a time where men think more with their head upstairs more than their head downstairs. straight up. this is a small niche example but you’ve probably seen it in your life, maybe even experienced it. where the hormones fog your logic. dont be boys, be men. when it comes to women, inquire more than just their phyique. a person’s soul lasts longer than their booty. so remember this blog post, remember blac chyna, remember amber rose. real men (and women) don’t let visual stimulate DICtate their decisions. that’s real spit


gnight beloved


In 1993 Ice Cube released the critical and lyrical smash hit “Check yo self” off his second album The Predator. The chorus has been one that has recently been floating around my head. “Check yo self before you wreck yourself”. If you have a few brain cells you understand the message behind this chorus. It’s about self examination. A lot of people need to check themselves cause they’re going to wreck themselves. I am one of those people. I’ve been the type of person who is able to analyse and objectively look at myself, self analysis. But we are going to discuss a large aspect of human life that we all seem to ignore or we unconsciously control. As you’ve guessed from the title, Perception is what I want to discuss. Plain and simple the way we are perceived matters, a lot. The way people see us is key to how we live our lives. If you are a catholic priest then you have a specific perception from people. A man of god, a man of guidance or a potential pedophile (depending on who you talk to). When it comes to perception there’s a lot we can control but I’d argue that we have a lot that we can not control. Recently I’ve been evaluating what my perception is. Am I who I think I am? Am I who people think I am? Am I honest when I express who I am? These are questions that tornado around my head in the past week. As you read this I hope you do the same, reflect on these questions. Some aspects of perceptions are out of our control. I’m black, so how society generally views me is out of my control. Before I even speak there is a perception of who I am, I don’t have to spell it out for you. Another example is ¬†being a woman, there’s automatically a perception and pre-conceived notions about who she is. We communicate on multiple levels displaying to people what they should think of us. There’s the rare few that really don’t care about their perception, they are free from the judgement of others. I used to be one of them. The problem with that is “I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks” is unrealistic in this globalized world. I’m not saying that as people we should micro manage who we are to please the masses. That’s fake. I don’t want to encourage being something or someone you’re not to please others. Never. I want to encourage us as a generation, as a people to understand the importance of perception. Before you go on that facebook rant about whatever taboo topic, before you post that picture, before you act a fool on snapchat, try to understand the implications. The freedom of expression is a beautiful thing but there will always be ramifications. As I take this journey through life, I’m starting to understand the importance of perception. It is never too late to learn. The way we express ourselves in day to day life with our family and friends is key. They usually will tell us the truth and expose their personal feelings about us. We must listen to family and friends, but we can’t ignore acquaintances, co workers, classmates and the general public. They view us (you and me) in a very specific way, the manner in which we present ourselves matter. We live in a capitalist society where everyone is trying to sell us something. So it is natural that we should sell ourselves, sell ourselves to be the best commodity out there. We should be the sweetest pineapple in the grocery store, the best book in the shop, the best drug in the streets, the best player on our team and so forth. How do we become that? By listening to Ice Cube.

Check yo self before you wreck yo self.