Why I will never rock with Cardi B

Why I will never rock with Cardi B

I read the media landscape, I have twitter, that’s why I was surprised to see a weird hash tag… #SurvivingCardiB…tf? It’s a play on words to #SurvivingRKelly trend. Years ago Cardi went on IG live and rambling about luring men into having sex but drugging them first before and robbed them after. Let me keep it all the way real This AINT IT CHIEF! Cardi is Not R. Kelly, the pedophile superstar singer that had sex with underage girls, she has never inflicted such damage. She is not an abuser but she is utter complete trash and everyone like her is trash!

Let me make this clear, I absolutely hate Cardi. And let me make this crystal, I HATE what she represents: Hoe, Stripper, Finesse, Loose Morals, Ratchet, Ignorant, Dumb culture! When folks stan for criminals and hoes that’s where I draw the line. Since when did we decide it’s cool to be a hoe? Since when did we decide it’s cool to drug and rob men? Since when did we decide it’s cool to have ghost writers for 90% of songs? Since when did we decide it’s cool to make a mockery of rap? Since when did we decide it’s cool to be bird on social media? Since when did we decide to let Cardi B be a role model for girls?

Y’all did that, y’all decide that Integrity doesn’t matter. Morals don’t matter. Being virtuous doesn’t matter. Having class doesn’t matter. None of this shit matters unless you’re getting to the bag…that is the motto for 2019…

The hard truth is y’all don’t care. You guys would rather keke and haha at the fuckery instead of look deeper. To me Cardi is a recycling of trash rappers that the music Industry and multi national corporations feed us to tear down the very fabric of our society. To fill the stereotype of a ratchet ghetto black female which falls into the prism of how they see us, she’s a mockery of our culture and our people. But y’all don’t care…y’all just want to twerk to mediocre bars…y’all will never care…


P.S.   Rico Nasty, Dej Loaf, Young MA, Noname Gypsy, Nicki Minaj and many more female rappers are 10x better than Cardi and less problematic, support them!


A response to “#MeToo a male perspective”

A response to “#MeToo a male perspective”

As much as I’d like to say “I’m always right” I can’t, because I’m not. When I posted the #MeToo post I received quick hate, I expected it. What I didn’t expect is the views of some of my friends, calling me out for being closed minded and dumb. Here’s the curse of having smart friends, they’ll take time to academically COOK your ass, here is my friend’s response to my original post. I loved it and I know you will too 🙂

” Let me just start by saying that I’m addressing the points that I disagree with.

First, I don’t agree that #MeToo is simply a men’s issue and that the hashtag should change to #BeBetter. The #BeBetter hashtag, I feel take away an important part of the #MeToo movement and it oversimplifies the movement. The #MeToo was originally to show how prevalent sexual harassment and sexual assault are within our society, without necessarily telling your story and feeling as though you are not alone. In my opinion, #MeToo is a movement that aims to resist the system that has historically re-victimized and stigmatized women for speaking out against their abuse and harassment. By re-victimization, I mean that when women tell their stories, for example in a courtroom, the role of the defence lawyer is to minimize what has happened to the woman and to discredit her. By stigmatize, I mean that a label is automatically attached to the women who speak out. They are often held responsible for their own victimization (victim blaming: i.e. what were you wearing, what did you say, what did you do etc.) and it affects their reputation (i.e. some of the Weinstein accusors were blacklisted). These are often linked to the reasons why women often don’t speak out until years later, since they may feel embarrassed, or in a workplace environment, they may fear that nothing will happen (Exhibit A: Larry Nassar). So in my opinion,  the #MeToo give women a voice that under some circumstances would be silent. For any major issue, I think that it’s important to denounce the problem first and then try to find to find a solution. That’s exactly what #MeToo has done: denounce the problem.

Second, when it comes to sexual harassment, it for sure means something different for every woman. It’s that line where women feel uncomfortable with certain interactions. This links with my third point that yes I agree that little boys should be taught better, but so should little girl. One of the major problems I think is that when women speak about their sexuality, they are often shamed for it. So, I think it could be difficult for a woman to “check” a guy about her boundaries. A simple example: a girl gives a guy the wrong number or simply never answers the guy’s text. Why can’t the girl say I’m not interested?  It could be that she’s scared because if she refuses the guy might become aggressive or persistent. Another issue is that girls are taught: Oh boys will be boys in order to render certain behaviours acceptable. The #MeToo movement through the sharing of personal stories has, in my opinion, given women a label that they can use for situations that they didn’t realize was sexual harassment, because “boys will be boys”, even though it made them uncomfortable. So I think that an equal effort should be made in changing how little girls and boys are raised. ”