The most pathetic Superbowl I’ve ever watched…

The most pathetic Superbowl I’ve ever watched…

We all saw it, we all regret it, this game wasn’t ugly no it was UGLY UGLY! As a football fan I can see why this game was interesting especially if we look at Special teams and Defense. But with my Super Bowl prediction and the analysis of multiple experts I can say one thing: We WERE ALL WRONG! There’s two reasons why the Rams lost and this was the most pathetic Superbowl of all time.

  1. The Rams wasn’t about that life: There’s a reason the Eagles won last year Doug Pederson has balls (and not the deflated Patriots type) he was willing to take risks and make adjustments against the New England “Thanos” Patriots. Sean McVay himself said he was out coached, it’s easy to get out coached when you decide to play pussy conservative. Why do I say this? Goff only attempted 2 passes Down The Field and I understand that Cooper Cup aint there but THROW THE DAMN BALL! On top of all that they ran Gurley , the best running back in the league,10 times in the most important game of his life.
  2. The NFL rule changes: The league wants to emphasize offense, on the marquee of this Super Bowl was Tom Brady and Garred Goff who both played terrible. 250 ish yards and an INT are Blake Bortles stats but guess what? Goff and Brady had those exact stats. The league just wants TDs that’s why refs go out of their way to help “high powered” offenses, that’s why the Chiefs and Rams scored 100+ points in a game! The league wants games like that, their nightmare is a 13-3 Super Bowl and guess what happened last night?

HATE the new NFL, it’s so offensive that they give the Superbowl MVP to a “okay” performance by Edleman when Stephon Guillmore (1 INT, 5 Tackles, 1 FF) and Don’ta Hightower (2 sacks) played better. The Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Michael Strahan, Warren Sapp and Troy Polumalu days are over and this Super Bowl cemented that. Pathetic!


P.S. the halftime show was the best part of the SB53 and it was trash! No one wants to see Adam Levine shirtless smh


The only Super Bowl prediction you need for tonight’s game

The only Super Bowl prediction you need for tonight’s game

You’ve read what pundits, analysts and fans have been saying all week Pats are gonna clean up these bummy Rams and while most of them are right I will spell out 3 predictions for today’s game with my final pick at the end.

  1. Offensive explosion: This Superbowl will be explosive, start to finish, both teams will have 35 or more points for two reasons. Todd Gurley and Tom Brady. People want to overlook how great Gurley is especially with his recent injury but this dude is a GAME BREAKER. With C.J. Anderson being a work horse this gives that boy Gurley the strength to make plays. Brady is Brady, I expect 400 yards and 3 TDs
  2. Nndamkung Suh is gonna go off: He’s been on tear recently and he will be the key player to watch this entire game. We all know that Defense doesn’t win championships in the current NFL but Linemen do! Donald is gonna be double teamed all game so Suh has to dominate to give the Rams a chance.
  3. Special teams will win the game: If we look at both teams they are evenly matched. So the biggest difference will be special teams. Realistically Zurline is better the Gankowski and whoever gets the kick will win this game. Expect a return TD from Edleman or Cooks.

Who wins: Rams win with a Zurline field goal 51-48

Punch it in: Saints vs Patriots for Super Bowl 53

Punch it in: Saints vs Patriots for Super Bowl 53

If you’ve been reading this blog you know I’ve been analyzing this year’s playoffs, from the Wildcard round to Divisional weekend and now finally we’re at the Conference finals!!! Here is why the Saints vs Pats will be playing February 3rd 2019

Today @ 3:05 PM New Orleans Saints vs Los Angeles Rams

Divisional Round - Philadelphia Eagles v New Orleans Saints

There’s one reason I see the Saints winning: Alvin Kamara. If we look at both teams they’re an even match, explosive offense, game winning QB and above average defense. But the reason I put Kamara as the ex-factor is his role as a WR4. Brees loves passing him the shallow, dig or screen and that’s best way to beat LA. The weakest part of the Rams are their linebackers and with Ingram and Kamara you have a nightmare scenario where they’ll each get 100 yards on the ground and EXPOSE the Rams. 45-20 it’s going to be a blowout, mark my words.


Today @ 6:05 PM Kansas City Chiefs vs New England Patriots

NFL: AFC Divisional Playoff-Los Angeles Chargers at New England Patriots
Jan 13, 2019; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) reacts during warmups before a game against the Los Angeles Chargers in an AFC Divisional playoff football game at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

I hate to say this but…Kansas is going to lose. They won’t lose bad but they will lose tonight for one simple reason: Baltimore exposed them. When the Chiefs played the Ravens in week 16 we got a clear view of how to beat Kansas: Running the ball. If Mahomes didn’t heave a 40 yard magical pass to Tyreek on 4th and 19 Baltimore wins the game….and yes i’m still salty. Belichick is not dumb, he’s arguably the best coach of all time, he saw this game. Sony Michel will go for 200 yards and they will run that ball down that throat, expect an exciting 4th quarter type game 27-24 Patriots.

These four games are going to be fun as hell! Buckle Up!!!

These four games are going to be fun as hell! Buckle Up!!!

As I wrote in my last Wildcard weekend post, these playoffs are beautiful! This divisional round is going to be interesting because we have QB, Defensive and even Special teams battles. So here we go:

Today at 4:35 pm Colts vs Chiefs

darius leonard

This is in a fun one for one reason: DEFENSE. Deadass this is going to be a defensive clash because we know one thing for sure both offenses are gonna go BRAZY! Personally I see Darius Leonard having a monster game and the Colts beating Mahomes, I trust the Colts D-Line to apply pressure and force turnovers. 24-7 Colts win.


Today at 8:15 pm Cowboys vs Rams

jaylon smith

Let’s keep it real, the dummy Dallas Cowboys found the secret sauce…smh…Run the ball and DEFENSE! Again this game will be played in the trenches, which Line wins and I trust the Dallas O line to bully Aaron Donald and Suh. I trust Damarcus Lawrence and Jaylon Smith to apply pressure on Goff. Dallas wins 20-14.


Tomorrow at 1:05 pm Patriots vs Chargers

derwin james

Controversial pick but I have the Chargers STEAMROLLING the Pats. Why? Patriots have no reliable receivers…yes you heard me…they have NO RECEIVERS ! Edleman is the closest to a true #1 but he is inconsistent and the Chargers secondary will take him out. On every level DEFENSE, Special Teams, Offense the Chargers are a better team. Even Quarterback play, I’d rather have Rivers than 42 year old Brady. 35-7 Chargers BLOW that back out. 


Tomorrow at 4:40 pm Saints vs Eagles


This one was hard very very hard to predict but I’m going soft on this one, Saints take this by a field goal and here is why: the Eagles should have lost last week. I know that sounds weird or cringe but we gotta keep it real: the Football Gods are real and so is Karma. Saints lost a heart breaker in Minnesota last year and this year is revenge, on top of that Brees is amazing in the Superdome, I predict a 400 yard 5 TD game, Saints take this one 45-40.

The Patriots are done

The Patriots are done

I love Week 15-17 of the NFL season, because you find out who has balls (literally). The defenses play better, offenses thrive or die and special teams become special. Overall we see the same trends with the past 5 years: Cowboys barely make it in, Ravens flop :(, New England is 1st or 2nd seed and the NFC is a mess with one or two teams that are clearly above everyone. Here are 5 of my bold predictions of the next 2 weeks of football

  1. The Pats are done: Gronk can’t get separation, Brady’s O Line is trash, Bill isn’t making the right calls and the Pats defense is pathetic (Even with the refs help) The Dynasty is over, they will never make another Super Bowl. Praise God!
  2. The Bears are going to Atlanta: The Bears are better than the Rams and the Saints. This is not even a discussion…Trubisky is in the Dak Prescott “meh” QB discussion but let me make this clear, the Defense is why they’re making the SuperBowl
  3. Cowboys aint making the playoffs: they can’t sustain a consistent offense and the Eagles are gonna take this division with a 9-7 record under Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles
  4. Lamar Jackson will take the Ravens far: Every Ravens team that made it to the superbowl had two things in common, amazing runners and amazing defense. Lamar Jackson opens up the run game so much and the defense leads the league in turnovers, we know how this goes!
  5. The Chargers are the best team in the NFL: I hate to say it but its the truth, even with their stars injured its a “Next Man Up” mentality, this team is playing possessed. That’s what you need in come January, strong defense and resilient O.



Lets get real, you’re not into football, you barely watch but you’re lost. But Thank GOD my blog exists and I’ll break down all you need to know for todays big game. First foremost I hate HATE the patriots for many reasons but the root of it is jealousy. If only my headass Ravens could play football…smfh. This is not objective at all, Patriots fans can disperse and go back to Hades. So let’s go Eagles we doin this for MEEK! Now lets start with the breakdown.

Philadelphia Eagles (National Football Conference)

  • Best team in the NFC #1 seed with a 13-3 record
  • Second year head coach Doug Pederson’s first SB appearance
  • One of the best defenses in the league
  • The “Underdogs”
  • douche fans, terrible city, im tryna visit it and get a cheese steak


  •  FLETCHER COX (91) – Besides having the funniest last name. Mr. Cox will plug up any gap (LMFAO plz read that again). His calf is injured the scumbag Pats will cut block him. *he might not play…Injury Reserve*
  • MALCOLM JENKINS (27) – If Cocks x can put pressure on the LINE, Brady (12) is a human so he will make mistakes. Jenkins will take that to the house. Pick-6.
  • CHRIS LONG (56) – Won with the Pats last year, prob does coke and will fight someone. Expect a strip sack, he is the spirit of the team
  • JASON PETERS (71) – Pro Bowler, he’s 6’4 and 328 pounds…ya try passing that dude….
  • JASON KELCE- (62) One of the best Centers in the league Pro Bowler. He will protect #9 , related to our favorite white boy TE
  • NICK “how tf did I get here?” Foles (9) – if he throws 2 INT (interceptions) or more, Eagles lose
  • Will Smith – his face and IG after the Eagles win (hopefully)
  • Doug Peterson – his calm and resolve when the Pats make a comeback…
  • Carson Wentz – “you da real MVP” – Kevin Durant

*bonus: check how Zack Ertz (86) is defended. If homie gets freed up he will CRUSH

New England Patriots (American Football Conference)

  • C’mon dawg….even your mom knows they’re great. Do I need to kiss their ass anymore?


  • Tom Brady (12) – The best Quarterback of all time. He will not be the reason they lose. He will make a comeback in the fourth quarter. Might throw one INT. But he will be flawless…as…always… *stabs myself*
  • Rex Burkhead (34) He is their best running back. He will do work. Catching a lot of balls
  • Dion Lewis (33) He will decide the game. If he plays trash…especially in the 4th quarter, they lose the game.
  • Chris Hogan (15) they didn’t use him much, Dude can catch everything (not STDs doe). Fast fast boi. He catches 11 balls for 100+ yards
  • TheBandwagons – watch…they’re everywhere, they are herpes

Match up to watch: Gronkowski (87) vs Malcolm Jenkins (27)


It doesn’t matter what I predict. Patriots have already won. They symbolize perfection, they are in an era of untouchable excellence, they have reached sports immortality and my blog will not change that. This game is gonna be tight and great.  Realistic Prediction: 32-28 Patriots win….

The ideal prediction: 21-20 Eagles win!!!!!

Super Bowl 51 Preview

Super Bowl 51 Preview

Okay then…this preview will probably change the closer we get to the big game, Feb 5th in Houston, Texas. I’ll lay down my bias from the jump, I’m a Ravens fan therefore I’m one of the few rational people on this planet that recognizes the New England Patriots as a repulsive, cheating, media hogging franchise. I’m not a fan of the deflategate story because I don’t care about inflated balls, I care about Ls and dubs. I’m also not a fan of a spygate tactics that these stupid Patriots have been proven to do. I’m a fan of Cam Newton and Joe Flacco, extremely indifferent about Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Hawks, just know this preview is far from objective. So who will win Superbowl 51? And why? I’ll make this short and sweet. Atlanta is gonna win this shootout. Here are 3 reasons.

  1. Better Receivers: Julio Jones won’t be contained by Malcolm Butler, plain and simple. Since we all saw that beat down, we fail to recognize that HaHa Clinton Dix (Packers) is a very very good Safety with no real help from the corners, Patrick Chung on the Pats will have to support Butler up top but can they also contain Mohamed Sanu? Devonta Freeman (he’s basically a 3rd receiver). I don’t expect Chris Hogan to snap like he did last night.
  2. Better D-Line: So we’re all gonna casually ignore that Vic Beasly the 2nd year beast didn’t lead the league in sacks (15)? Did we just see Ra’Shede Hageman literally toe sack Aaron Rodges the notorious mobile QB? Do the entire starting D Line in Atlanta have at least 2 sacks each? The answer to all those questions is ye.
  3. Inconsistency: Pats played horrible against the Texans, played amazing vs Pittsburgh. What does this mean? It means there is clear cut inconsistencies on the offensive end and defensive end of the Pats. People could argue that history repeats itself, N.E. has this in the bag…but what happened in 2008 doe? Perfect season then David Tyree happened. I’m always against the hype machine, and this Pats hype is warranted but I see clear inconsistencies that won’t be fixed in 2 weeks. Atlanta has been untouched all post season…momentum is a thing. Remember that.