What we looked up to

What we looked up to

Every day they told us what to look up to

they told us our goals and aspirations

they sat us in front of screens, from program to program

we became programmed with bad grammar

and bad manners with a hammer,

a ratchet, chopstick, pistol and glock.


Every day they tell us what to look up to

things to take us down

and to hate being brown

and to hate each other: sister and brother

because they made the bed and we decided to lay…

E V E R Y     D A Y…

What do we look up to?

The Promise of What’s to come

The Promise of What’s to come

Once upon a time they told me that i would never be

Never become what the others were

From grade 3 to senior year all they could see

Is a young black boy that never would be


But a statistic on the grid of societal expectations

The Promise of what’s to come

Means you must succumb

To the number that you were given

In front of a mug shot, a shot clock

A 9 glock or a size cock

You are just a number

The Promise of what’s to come

is a promise that we must become

More than what others see

More than what they think we are

More than what we think we are

More than a number

The promise of what’s to come…starts with one!

I’m him.

Bye By 2018

Bye By 2018

5, 4, 3, 2, 1,

The year is over and a new one has begun

The trigger is pulled from the same gun

A new day has begun with the same sun

and the shadows are there

Shadows with no ends that stretch further than my imagination

Shadows that cast more shade than a homosexual black twitter slactivist

Shades of white, black, red, blue or even yellow

From drunk nights to drug nights to somber nights to sex nights to sad nights

Escape from the shadows that have no ends and stretch further than my imagination

I close my eyes in the hedonistic shadows of fun

and whisper…


The year is over and a new one has begun

Feel some ways

Feel some ways

                      faded and  leaning on the toilet seat

i feel some ways

failing at my midterm test

i feel some ways

finally seeing you in that exam room

i felt some way

facing my mortality even though i want you eternally

i feel some ways

                                                           falling for you so suddenly

i feel so scared




They said that April showers bring May flowers

Sometimes it snows in April

Sometimes when March leaves

And we forget the February love

We try to start fresh like January 1st

You were never, my last never December

I tried to not remember November

Crazy I fell for you in October (it was your birthday)

Work and School played games in September

Alsina the way I lost you in August

My heart needed you mid July when I turned 21

Before we became what we were, seasonal.

You come, I go and I cum you go

We sleep in the same bed yet miles apart

I know not to speak on matters of the heart but you and me could never work from the start. Seasons come and seasons go, our season was cold, hot, lukewarm and chilly but from the start it was silly.

Seasons come and seasons go.

I miss you

This is know.




communication is a hard thing to understand

we can't logically quantify it, put it through data

it's not something held or easily seen like matter

could be small useless or deep chatter

could be roast sessions or sports talk that just we had

could be people talk then freak talk that we just had

ms.juicebox can't wait to feel your juicebox 

communication isn't too hard to understand 

when you feel me and i'm feeling you 

my birds are purple and your patriots blue

hope you deflategate me, don't play those games with me

i know you can be my favorite dish

i'll run that body like i'm the commish 

to find perfect timing is my only wish 

communication's never hard if its something you never miss

you and me

you and me

the way we meet was unconventional

but the way we clicked was phenomenal

we created together from the jump

every time i think of you my heart jumps

you’re my Jenny, I’ll be your Forest Gump

you’re my ego, I’ll  be your Donald Trump

we belong together

I remember the car wash, that’s when I knew

that you belong with me, and I belong with you