Poetry Wednesday (August 17th)

Poetry Wednesday (August 17th)

Self Destruction

We play the same games without interruption

slowly adding the grenade to our self destruction

fade to black, a scene that we try to forget

self destruction be the reason we have regret

staying up late, not replying and losing respect

self destruction, its the thing we rarely detect

I want her, she wants me but we play it wrong

finding her love became self destructive like that Drake song

hit it in the morning have her moaning before her alarm starts

but pride and self destructive tendencies lay in our hearts

my thumbs yearn to move and hit you up

so i fear self destruction, i just shut up

hearing you speak baby it is not enough

I need you constantly like a drug, its kinda rough

Focused on you without a single interruption

Scared of what always happens

Self Destruction


3 weeks

when i saw you my body spoke louder than my head

i double tapped my lust on you and said

anything and everything to have

you came out of nowhere, you didn’t have to

we had a vibe that we weren’t supposed to

week one i won your love and affection

week two you were my mocha we had that connection

we saw art and wanted to paint our new found flame

your voice was a warm embrace

phone calls that we couldn’t replace

our aorta was filled no room for space

when we meet the flame grew

when i saw you i knew it was true

you became my queen i was your jay

but i wasn’t blue

our lips meet our star flew

and the sky danced in celebration

our bodies made a holy congregation

week 3 like DMX and Drizzy I asked “how’s it going down”

the script got flipped upside down

used to be a 9 now we’re a 6

snapchat snaphots and pics

my imagination ran quick

then i sat and started to think

your voicemail said you were ready

but your text said you aint

this perfect picture i wanted to paint

was taken by another

the sadness, anger and hurt still remain

from you i will refrain

3 weeks i’ll never see again

2 weeks of glee

1 week of you and me

0 emotions left


Temptation (poem + thoughts)

That itch that feeling of want not a need

the sensation that you can’t point a finger to

that feeling that lies to you yet seems true

that vibration from your heart to head

that makes you think outside your head

and into your soul

to fill it and make it whole

that fox we call temptation

that creeps without hesitation

and swipes our logical meat

that leads to our defeat


As I wrote that poem and reflected on the meaning of temptation, I realize that it is one of the biggest problems in society today. Temptation is something we neglect but it is always around us. Marketing exists because of temptation. Obesity, drug addiction, debt, divorce, diet issues and even jealousy exists because of temptation. We crumble and fail so easy when it comes to things that tempt us. Where I live there’s a Popeye’s literally a block away from my house, you really think I’m not gonna go and get a 3 piece? Is it good for me to get one? Hell no. Am I still gonna do it…probably. That’s temptation. I’ve always had a problem with it and I know a lot of you reading this probably have a “Popeye’s” in your life.

One of my vegetarian friends actually shocked me recently, she started her journey about 6 months ago and I was extremely skeptical. Me and her used to eat chicken pizzas and make fun of each other. #SnowEater For some reason I invited her to by BBQ and forgot to get some vegetarian options, so she watched us eat some amazing burgers and didn’t even flinch as the warm buns meet our mouths. Man that’s discipline. She didn’t fall into temptation. That’s something I’d like to explore with some of my readers today. The issue of temptation is something that we all struggle with, it’s a fight in our head and sometimes our soul. Do we succumb to what we want? Or do we do what we Need to do? My friend could have said “fuck it, toss me that beef” and I’d probably throw the burger in her buns and casually laugh. But she had the self control to literally eat tomatoes with salt instead of letting temptation get the best of her.

Temptation is why social media exists, we are tempted to find validation through our “posts” rather than let it be and do what we need to do (like the dirty dishes or laundry). Plain and simple we need too get past our temptations. It’s not easy but I know some of mine and I’m working on them. So I encourage everyone reading this to find one thing in your life that is tempting you; Video games, social media, drinking, smoking, girls, guys, bad food, bad people, toxic friends, anything that is removing from your life. I want us to give a week of restraint and discipline. Where we ignore and fight this urge. Self control, discipline, restraint…all three of those things are the key. High key, Major Key. (word to DJ Khaled).

Same Drugs (Jaymix)

we stayed on the same wave

tripped at the same rave

took that pill and it wasn’t in ibilza

but you made me feel like it was

we got old doing the same drugs

we scratched the same bugs

we were tripping and fell

fell in love

don’t you miss the days


i miss those days, the


we don’t do the same drugs no more

it wasn’t the pills or the powder or the grass

it wasn’t the face, the skin, the ass

it was deeper than that

we grew old and i still recognized your soul

when the drugs didn’t fill me you made me whole

when my heart was empty you filled it up

now the only memory of you are the drugs that fill me up

you don’t do the same drugs no more

you lost your marbles and so did I

you became my angel, I saw you fly

so i’ll take this hit and get high

in memory of you my angel, in the sky

Darkest Cloud

Wake up in a ray of sun so bright

that it broke the sleep I had that night

and as I blink and stare

my eyes in despair

at his light I could not compare

to the dark cloud

my scream isn’t loud

my hand blocks the light shower

one that was needed in my darkest hour

as my body ascends

my bones now mend

to an upright posture sitting on the bed

still hand over eyes I tilt my head

up and see the cloud is still there

still looming with every thought of despair

from my tip toes to nappy hair

the dark cloud fills the entire air

of my existence

I’ve tried resistance

I’ve tried ignorance

I’ve tried it all

it seems to fall

the sunshine looms

yet darkness still dooms

standing in the middle

with joy playing second fiddle

the dark cloud is here to stay

and i’ve already lost another day



An Empty Vessel

Everyday we stare at a screen

viewing things that have never been seen

Colors florescent, bright, undertones of green

We look and stare

At the wonders and interactions that come

that unites and divides some

a forum for us to invent

to fill our hearts content

yet we look back at the time spent

we look and stare

our minds have a hunger so deep

that torments and disturbs our sleep

our instincts and our interactions that creep

and we seldom hear or see the grim reap


We look and stare

At the constructed lives on display

all the fake attention we pay

the false reality we call “social media” today

we turn on, shut off mind and stay

where likes validate, break, create, affirm, destroy your worth

where you can Instagram fame, facebook tragedy and snapchat birth

where conversation lies through the movement of thumbs

rather than the airways, lips and movement of tongue

necks made to bend down, heart made to stay out

attention made to give up, reputation made to get clout

yet we are

looking and staring.

The Tired Sky

Waking up in a haze of this foggy life

Sit and ponder the night before

looking back as my liver cries

the red bleeding out of my marijuana eyes

staring out of the window into distant skies

seeing nothing

but an everlasting cycle of wins of loses

the loses outweigh the victories

and most would quit the game

truth is we are not the same

when the wind blows and the clouds clear

a more beautiful star appears

The moon which had my gaze

Is gone, covered in a foggy haze

the stars

oh, so many beautiful stars it pains me

to stick to one. It might be

better to see the full sky

but committing to one is a hard buy

A hard sell, because it’s too late my time is done

Tired of constellations, time to have only one