I ran as fast as I could

On pavements, sands, hearts and wood

From them

As they chased me down like coke does rum

Caught and handcuffed in life’s euphoric drug

And trapped in the cage above

In my lowest lows and highest highs

Comfort came from food, sex, money, drugs and what did I do?

I ran as fast as I could

From them

and now I am them

with 23 to life, I am them, I am they, I am him

Yet I still run

From who?


The Crescent Moon

Walking the path I never expected
The silence creeps every step
I’m facing him soon but I look up
At the Crescent Moon

You could say I deserved this but
You’d be wrong and that’s also true
Actions like a loon still looking up
At the Crescent Moon

My handcuffs hurt my wrist but
It’s not the first time I’ve had em on, but
I forgot them cause I was looking
At the Crescent Moon

It’s crazy cause that son of bitch deserved it
You can’t mess with me and expect me not to destroy you
Now you’re in a casket and I’m walking this green mile, staring, for the last time
At the Crescent Moon

#PoetryChallenge Day 2