“LoVE me NOw?” is the most “meh” album of the year

“LoVE me NOw?” is the most “meh” album of the year

Let’s be real we live in a generation of fast food music, where everything is the dollar menu instead of getting a perfect Junior Chicken we get trash McDoubles without enough pickles. That’s how I feel about rap these days, but a few guys stand out. These are the Young Thug’s, the Migos, the Tory Lanez that actually release a lot of quality music. Music that grows on you so I thought to myself “let me hear this album for a month and review it” LoVE me NOw came out October 26th 2018, here’s my track by track review

  1. Why DONT you LOVE me? : y’all know how I feel about intro’s, personally I find this one pretty weak but it tells us that Tory is going FULL R&B mode this time. I prefer R&B Tory over rapper Lanez so It sent my vibe and tone. Forgettable track tho
  2. SHE tOld Me : LOVE THIS TRACK, here we have rapper Lanez show up and it gives us “fuck my ex” aura, a stand out track.
  3. DucK my Ex : A Chris Brown feature is usually a banger off rip and adding 2 Chainz should make it pop but it seemed forced. Didn’t stand out.
  4. DrIp DrIp Drip: Hands down the best track on this album. Why? The chorus and hook are infectious and Meek Mill comes in to compliment the cloth talk, amazing.
  5. TAlk tO Me : After Drip Drip Drip you’d expect a fire follow up, nah fam. Tory goes middle of the road and Rich the Kid wastes time with weak bars…Not the weakest track but damn close
  6. FlEXiBle: Chris Breezy comes back and actually does his job: sing. When he isn’t doing a lines of coke this mans kills it! Lil Baby comes in with the smoothest verse skating on the track, amazing track.
  7. iF iT Ain’T rIGHt : This album has a trend, fire track then throwaways…and true of course this song follows that pattern. A Boogie delivers a saves this record.
  8. FeRRis WhEEL: This one felt more like a Trippie Redd track and I’m a big big Redd fan, personal favorite on this album. Tory gets out melodied (did I just make up that word?) This is a solid track!
  9. CuT me oFF: Take a guess…is this fire or trash? Does Nav save this track? Is the sky blue? Do you have ten toes? The answers are simple: Trash, No, Yes and Hopefully.
  10. ThE RUn oFF: One of the few solo tracks on this album, Tory uses too much auto tune but delivers a “smoke and vibe” track.
  11. YoU ThouGht WrOng:  Very forgettable track, some good rhyme schemes near the end of this one but extremely “meh”.
  12. MiAMi: At this point this album repeats the same formula, chorus, hook and first sing songy by Lanez and this formula usually works but it gets annoying at this track. Gunna does his thing but Tory shows out, this is a “meh” track.
  13. KeeP IN tOUcH: FIRE FIRE FIRE!!! Felt like a Trap Soul song with Bryson delivering the arguably the best track on this album. Tory comes with his best verse giving us “kissing on the couch then taking it to the room” vibes
  14. S.w.I.n.G: Another banger! Trey Songz comes with heat and PND Rock lacks the sauce but he’s not far, Tory doesn’t disappoint either.
  15. KJm: Unfortunately the outro track is extremely weak. Forgettable.

Final Thoughts: As we can tell by the album art Tory is having fun and it feels like he didn’t put as much thought in this album as his previous record. This felt more like a DJ Khaled compilation project with Lanez leading the way and even if we love Khaled he never releases a classic project and this is how I felt about Love Me Now?. I would have wanted a full Tory Lanez album instead of this, a hit and miss with about 4 memorable and a bunch of fillers.



Takeoff took off!

Takeoff took off!

Let me give y’all some perspective my favorite Migo is Offset, why? He is the most lyrical and in a sea of mumble rap mans stands out, BUT GAH DAMN! The Last Rocket might be my favorite Migos album of all time, my boy Takeoff took off and became my favorite.

  1. Martian: this is a perfect intro because it sets the mood, i’m big on album intros and here we have a NASA inspired launch where Takeoff literally takes off. Subtle drums and strong 808s make this a smooth start.
  2. She Gon Wink: continuing on the Space vibes this track is more of the same with a surprise appearance by Quavo, basically a Culture 3 deep cut. It’s meh…
  3. None To Me: This is why I rock with Takeoff, he takes a deeper look at the vanity of cars, money, drugs and hoes but still keeps it ignorant. “My brother changed on me for dead guys” is a heartfelt bar from the quiet Migo.
  4. Vacation: More cloth talk with a solid Murda Beats beat, didn’t stand out but this track showcases Takeoff’s beat riding ability (no homo). “Walk into the party and I’m white boy wasted” <- the highest level of turnt.
  5. Last Memory: We all heard this track, unfortunately it doesn’t stand out. Throwaway
  6. I Remember: Here we have introspective Takeoff, I love when Mumblers take a look at their lives and looking at their past. Talking about the drug dealing past made me think of my past too, we stan for a relatable KING.
  7. Lead The Wave: My favorite track, here we see that Takeoff knows we’ve been waiting for his solo work and he says it with confidence! Lead the wave young Take!
  8. Casper: Other than head bopping and pre drinking, this track is forgettable. “bad bitch slim waist pretty face, she let me nut on her face” is a funny chorus.
  9. Insomnia: This one’s a dud, weak track on a solid album.
  10. Infatuation: Felt like an interlude with Dayyonta Foxx supplying some R&B PartyNextDoor vibes Takeoff gives us the “take her from the club to the uber” track. If you’re not kissing your girl to this song you’re lame and should stop reading this blog. Only ballers on this side!
  11. Soul Plan: Forgettable track, forgettable track but a solid chorus and good add libs.
  12. Bruce Wayne: Again Introspective Takeoff comes back to deliver a smooth wrap up to a memorable record. Top 3 track for me.

Final thoughts

  • When we listen to Migo tracks you have to turn up the ignorance levels a few scales but that wasn’t needed for this one. Takeoff took off from start to finish with standout tracks and what made this one record unique is the fact it was short and sweet. In a sea of 19 track Quavo mumblers we got a nice refreshing taste of ATL cloth talk, street vernacular and introspective add-libs. What else do you? Are you NOT entertained?                       4.8/5 

Halloween was the gory, squeamish,tense scary movie you need to watch

Halloween was the gory, squeamish,tense scary movie you need to watch

I’ve never watched a single movie in the halloween series, I didn’t know the story of Mike Myers and frankly I don’t care! This movie was a solid ride that kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish and here are 3 reasons why:

  1. The Acting : Plain and simple the acting was surprising, most horror movies stick to the same script: terrible low budget actors and high quality effects. The grandmother (Laurie Strode played by Jamie Lee Curtis) stands out as that crazy family member who might be on to something. The granddaughter (Allyson Nelson played by Andi Matichak) who pulled off teenage confidence and being annoying as hell all movie was shocking too. Both played their roles perfectly and were believable, these are real people with real fears!
  2. The Plot: Slasher movies are usually stupid and have 0 attention to detail or plot, the directors assume we just wanna see people get their shit fucked up. Nah bruh, I like seeing a plot and this one stood out! The writers made this movie modern, looking at Mental illness, technology (podcasts) and modern teenage angst. A few times in this movie you’ll think one thing is gonna happen but then BOOM, issa plot twist, my guy Mike is a SAVAGE. Him and 21 should make a track (21, 21).
  3. the black kid : You have to watch this movie to understand haha BEST part of the flick!

Final thoughts

This is not in the “Get Out” category of legendary horror movies but it’s a damn good movie, better than Venom and I loved that ! Personally I didn’t find it scary but the suspense and the final scenes made me a believer in this flick. 4.5/5  a fun ride!

Tha Carter V is top 3 Album of 2018 and its not even close

Tha Carter V is top 3 Album of 2018 and its not even close

Why do you listen to music? Why do you listen to rap? I’ll answer both for myself, I listen to feel something and I listen to rap because I relate to it. After J.Cole and T.I. no rapper has had a bigger influence on me than Lil Wayne. In my Mount Rushmore of Hip Hop, its 2 Pac, Biggie, Lil Wayne and Jay Z simple. So when Carter V finally came out my hopes were up and of course Lil Tunechi did not disappoint.

  1. I love you Dwayne – Its been 7 years since the last Carter and this intro shows the love Weezy’s mother has for him, she expresses what we all feel. We missed you Dwayne.
  2. Don’t Cry – The most emotional track on this album, and shows why we love Wayne. He embrassed the new rappers and inspired them. XXXTentation delivers a soulful chorus, its fire.
  3. Dedicate -Here Wayne cames with bars, exactly what we know him for lyrical venom. Unfortunately this track sounds very 2014ish but still slaps the right way.
  4. Uproar – The lead single, the party bop, the Harlem Shake music very reminiscent of 6 foot 7 foot. FLAMES
  5. Let it fly – I’m a big Travis fan but this was not it chief, sounded more like an Astroworld track instead of a Wayne song. One of the rare weak points.
  6. Can’t be broken – This is why “The Carter” series is legendary, when Weezy gets a smooth beat and spits introspective bars. You can tell this was recent because he speaks a lot about his mother, it’s a deep, smoke some kush and lounge song.
  7. Dark Side of the Moon – This is a smooth transition track where Nicki Minaj flexes her vocal muscles and Wayne passionately spits about love. Reminiscent of “I feel like dying” off Carter 2 with a slick piano in the background. Brings back those YMCMB days.
  8. Mona Lisa – Y’all are gonna be mad but I’m not a Kendrick fan, this song still stands out because we get “story telling Tunechi” and that in itself impacts the track. Lamar doesn’t disappoint he comes correct.
  9. What about Us – This song gives some EDM vibes and gives us flavors of “I Am Not A Human Being” Wayne, where he uses heavy auto tune and melody. Sosaman ruins this R&B track, Drake should have been featured.
  10. Famous – Here we see Reginae Carter (his daughter) stand out with a soothing smooth chorus while Wayne runs the beat with more introspective bars. Amazing honesty, Wayne taking the baggage off his back after 7 years of Cash Money bullshit.
  11. Problems – Wayne moves from the emotional vibes to flex on these new Rappers proclaiming “I started this shit” and he did. I love saucy Dwayne, talk your shit King.
  12. Dope Niggaz – Soon as you see “Snoop Dogg” featured you know what time it is, some Cloth Talk, Weed talk, Hustla speech and a lil bit of Crippin. Solid track but forgettable.
  13. Hittas – The first weak weak track on this album nothing special.
  14. Took His Time – Weezy comes back with a melodic standout track with DJ Mustard doing what he does best, make bangers.
  15. Open Safe – We get more cloth talk Wayne with some New Orleans bounce aura, this is a dance track, this is the “take shots cause the Uber outside”, we need this!
  16. Start This Shit Off Right – This is a clear 2011 throwaway track and it shows with the mixing and mastering, very nostalgic but this is not it chief…
  17. Demon – The Jazz influence and samples in this song make it memorable and Wayne throws some shots at Birdman I love it. Tunechi is a chimney he wants smoke.
  18. Mess – For some reason this one reminds me of “How to Love” but it is very forgettable, unless you’re going through a break up I’d skip this one.
  19. Dope New Gospel – When Wayne gets the piano and gospel choir in the background you should get a fire extinguisher. FLAMES FLAMES! Nivea delivers some seductive vocals to add a cherry on top.
  20. Perfect Strangers – Forgettable, real weak could have been taken off.
  21. Used 2 – More shots at Birdman, Gangsta Weezy in the building, surprising ending to this album but I rock with it. He addresses haters and rides the beat like no one else. This is the most “2018” track on the album with Metro Booming going crazy.
  22. Let It All Work Out – Sampha comes in with the neo-soul outro we all needed, Honest Lil Wayne in the building comes through to flex his GOAT muscles. This gave me life and it “All worked out”.

Best Tracks: Uproar, Don’t Cry, Dark Side of the Moon, Open Safe, Dope New Gospel, Let It All Workout

Final Thoughts : This is what we all needed, a classic Tune album, let’s be clear this is not the best Carter album but it’s the second best without a doubt and deserves a Grammy. I never say this but this album is 10/10 PERFECTION.

A few Movie Reviews

A few Movie Reviews

I’m not a super movie person, to be honest I like TV shows overall way more than movies. But I’ve gone on a small streak of watching some good movies so why not review them because apparently people read this (but they’re too soft shy to comment). My metric for a good movie is “will I watch it twice? is it memorable? is it original? and did it make me NOT want to check my phone”.

Rating Scale

1=Nah bruh 2=Trash, but watchable 3=Its iight 4=Buy a ticket 5=WHY HAVEN’T YOU SEEN IT?

Central Intelligence: Giving this a to be honest its perfect at what it does. The Rock is hilarious its amazing, Kevin Hart doesn’t play Kevin Hart and its refreshing. People seem to forget that Hart is a legit actor, he stopped playing the same character and balanced out with Dwayne Johnson. Watch it with a squad, a cute girl who wears Jordans, not with mom though.

Bad Moms: This movie is the definition of a 2 its trash but its watchable. If you’re Continue reading “A few Movie Reviews”

Some Movie Reviews

I remember a while back when I reviewed movies, I had some good feedback and I’d like to try it again. It’s hard to be consistent and give out content but I like hearing from you and I love suggestions. A friend of mine asked that I revisit my movie reviews and from the success of Poetry Challenge I thought “why not?”. So let me explain how I review movies, I’m not a critic, but I have standards. Each movie I try to go in with an open mind and try to NOT see any reviews or gain any opinion from outside sources. Obviously I can’t block out everything but I usually try to. I probably spend too much time at the movies and I enjoy it regardless, my reviews will be quick and to the point. No stars, No ratings, No thumbs up, No thumbs down, No tomato meter, just pure truth and honesty, condensed.

Jurassic World: I never saw the original. From what I saw this movie was good, it wasn’t excellent, it wasn’t bad either, it was just good. The action was nice, a few scary parts but I think if there was more blood it would make more sense with the action. The fight scene at the end was my favorite part. Watch it on a boring Thursday.

Ant-Man: So damn funny! I loved this movie. I think if I was a full comedy it would have been better. Micheal Pina is the soul of this movie (he also reminds me of a co-worker). Watch it with the crew and enjoy, highly recommended.

Ted 2: As weird as this sounds, I didn’t find this movie as funny as I wanted it to be. It was funny, no doubt but It seemed random. Would I watch it twice? No. Would I watch it after turning up or finishing off the night? Yes.

Terminator Genysis: I’m not a huge Terminator fan but I remember seeing the first one at 8 years old and being scared for my life. More than 10 years later this movie comes out, It’s confusing as hell. I stopped trying to figure it out and just loved the action. This is one for the squad. Watch it in D-Box (if available) no need to watch it twice tho.

Spy: YES YES YES. Out of all the movies I’ve named so far you HAVE to watch this one. Good for any audience (but don’t bring the little kids). Funny, Smart, Quick, Vulgar and there’s a rapper near the end of the movie. Need I say more?

Trainwreck: LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOO! The best movie out right now. I’m not even going to explain why, just go see it and Thank Me Later for this review (sidenote: Check out “Back to Back” by Drake, he bodied Meek Mill).

Paper Towns: This movie was just there, middle of the road type of movie. I really thought it would be refreshing. The main characters are interesting but they barely mature. It’s not very relatable. Some hilarious parts but that can’t save this movie. I like that this movie is unpredictable but that’s pretty much it. Basic movie. Catch Trainwreck, Spy or Ant-Man instead.


Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments.

More to come next week

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