Black Panther Review (Spoilers and Analysis)

Black Panther Review (Spoilers and Analysis)

As promised this is my second review of Black Panther, I won’t waste your time. If you haven’t watched Black Panther and want a swift spoiler free review click here. This is the spoiler review and analysis, I plan to dig deeper than most of my other posts because this movie is more important than most. This post is long and if you’re too ADD to handle it I suggest you leave now and go back to checking your Snapchat for that phantom reply you’ve been waiting for.

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Social media and tech aren’t the reason you’re lonely

Social media and tech aren’t the reason you’re lonely

For the most part people have come to the belief that social media and tech have isolated us and made us more lonely, but for the most part they’re wrong. Everyone who says that social media has made us as a people more lonely makes the easy correlation between more time on the screen ruining face to face interactions. While I agree with that previous statement I think it’s really closed minded fam, how you lonely when you have multiple people in your phone you can hit up? Or…maybe that’s the reason we are lonely…wait hold the fuck up!?! YUP that’s the answer! In sociological theory there’s the concept of Urban Solitude and if you have a dictionary (or google) you’ll see that it basically means that you’re lonely within a big city. That’s ironic as fuck but trust me g it makes the most sense.

In the history of humanity the concept of big cities or even the formation of them has been extremely rare or non existent. Now we have cities that are 1mill up to 24 million in Shanghai, we live in the world of Urban Solitude. If you look at human history its very rare to find societies and countries that had humongous populations! Farm towns and small villages were common, now the script is flipped like pancakes. We are so connected with tech, social media and the world yet we can’t connect to our neighbors (and we got a shit ton of em). This time and era of solitude is why our generation and most people feel so lonely. If you’re bored look up Dunbar’s number and you’ll understand that humans have a cap and a limit on social relationships, that means those 1000 “friends” of FB or 2k followers on IG are contributing to your loneliness. Aint that a bitch?

We tend to go for the easy answer when it comes to big questions, loneliness is one of the biggest ones out there: why am I alone? The answer is easy: we’re all alone because we are always together. An easy way to think of this is when you’re in a class of 150 students and a class of 32, you’ll most likely make friends and meaningful connections in the smaller class than the bigger one. Why? Because that is human nature.




btw listen to My Love by Wale feat Dua and Wizkid

You’re not a victim, you’re just annoying

You’re not a victim, you’re just annoying

Imma make this short and brief, people who play the victim piss me off. Now let me clarify real quick what I quantify as a real victim and someone who isn’t. Clear cut plain and simple, a fake victim is someone who looks for attention and sympathy to feel better about themselves or elicit emotion from other people. That’s a long way of saying they’re attention seekers. Let me give you an easy example: a girl gets dressed up to go to the club, she picks the tightest dress (its too small), highest heels, make up that would make Shrek loo pretty and goes to the club with her girls. She complains about guys looking at her “oh my god guys are so perverted why are they all staring at me”! Bitch its the club, you expect these mans to stare at each others eyes lovingly (this isn’t a gay bar). That statement in itself is egotistic and disingenuous, it assumes that every guy is watching you for a sexual purpose. Maybe you have a stain on that dress or a pimple on your forehead, just sayin. Another example is when people complain about an oppression that doesn’t apply/unrelated to their experience. There is growing dummy movement of Mens Rights Activists (MRA) and its literally the dumbest current social movement (the alt right isn’t a movement by the way).In concept and essence there are some valid points. Men have been subject to unfair divorce proceedings, false rape allegations and casual extreme feminist attacks, but the issue is these idiots actually feel some type of oppression. Continue reading “You’re not a victim, you’re just annoying”

An Empty Vessel

Everyday we stare at a screen

viewing things that have never been seen

Colors florescent, bright, undertones of green

We look and stare

At the wonders and interactions that come

that unites and divides some

a forum for us to invent

to fill our hearts content

yet we look back at the time spent

we look and stare

our minds have a hunger so deep

that torments and disturbs our sleep

our instincts and our interactions that creep

and we seldom hear or see the grim reap


We look and stare

At the constructed lives on display

all the fake attention we pay

the false reality we call “social media” today

we turn on, shut off mind and stay

where likes validate, break, create, affirm, destroy your worth

where you can Instagram fame, facebook tragedy and snapchat birth

where conversation lies through the movement of thumbs

rather than the airways, lips and movement of tongue

necks made to bend down, heart made to stay out

attention made to give up, reputation made to get clout

yet we are

looking and staring.