there’s a trap we always seem to face

that trap is expectations

while we lie to ourselves and say that we’re logical

still this illogical notion floats in our head

the expectations we have, the desires we need

we look at each other with a set of requirements

patterns in a word that spins on inconsistencies

we lie on a bed of hope, dreams, aspiration and wants

but we forgot that our planet does not work this way

the expectations we have, the desires we need

are just what they are, a faint dream

one that floats in the clouds that cover our minds eye

the fog that confuses our everyday thoughts

and gives us that natural human capacity to dream bigger because

the expectations we have, the desires we need

are based on what they told us we deserve

the entitlement of what our generation craves

the unwarranted desires we keep in our head

constantly mining for the diamond in our cave

the expectations we have, the desires we need

and when we don’t receive it, our hearts torment

because we the validation it provides is gone

the reputation it gives has disappeared

we are faced with the ugly truth that

the expectations we have, are not what we need



Day 3 #PoetryChallenge 2016





We look at the prize

it sticks in our eyes

it starts to tantalize

yet evades our reach

the journey wasn’t peach

it really wasn’t pie

it wasn’t easy for you and I

but that doesn’t matter

those small disasters

but that small prize

in front of our eyes


Day 2 #PoetryChallenge 2016

The final straw

sitting on a chair

absorbing the rays

i sit and stare

the passing of days

and staring of nights

the cup on my left

my quiche starts to ignite

mouth to straw

it starts to end

the liquid starts to slow

until the end

where the empty cup

reflects its abuser

then i look up

as empty as I’ve ever been, the stars looking brighter than they’ve ever been as the lamp post reflects its shining light and the straw falls down my softened lips, it falls and so do i. the final straw that drank the hemlock through, what has made me has broken me.



#PoetryChallenge 2016 Day 1

Love We Seek

Washed in the ocean’s great waves our desires sail

As the sunset kneels down the skyline, so have we

Into the other side, one that we cannot see

Our desire wasn’t a boat that would stay afloat

It was a bottle full of delusional expectations

the love we seek

The one that was wanted but never ingested

The type that brought hope but we never reflected

On what we meant to each other

A lie was what we decided to tell and we felt it like braille

We consumed these expectations until they were empty

the love we wanted, we couldn’t give

And as we watched it go far away, stopped talking everyday

We both stood on distant shores and knew

Nothing would be the same

Then that day finally came

That we saw each other with our soul fulfilled

Different faces by our side, our bottle full with

the love we seek


SuperBowl 50 Preview

Yes yes you’ve all heard or read about predictions and previews for SB50 but why read this one? Because I have the “major key” (shouts out to DJ Khaled) to success for both teams and what you should expect before watching the game. I’ll just start off by saying this, In the past (most of 2014 and a bit of 2015) my sports predictions have been perfect in terms of Superbowl, NBA Finals, Premier League and even Champions league but recently I’ve been falling off. But its a new year and I’m here to give you a complete analysis of both side with a final prediction at the end of this post. Let’s start with the underdog Denver Broncos.

Denver Broncos-Keys

  1. Their Defense: We all saw what they did to Tom Brady (I was smiling the whole game fam) and we saw what they did with the Steelers, to be fair Antonio Brown wasn’t there. But as we look at their numbers as a defensive unit we start to understand why they’re number 1 overall. 52 sacks in the regular season and 14 Interceptions with 4 of them returned for touchdowns…what does that mean? DOMINATION!!! The 2013 Seattle Seahawks whom I consider one of the greatest defenses in modern football had 44 sacks in the regular season and 28 Interceptions with only 3 of them returned, remember this is the same team that whooped the Broncos in SB48. I’ll come back to that later. Their so many similarities with that defense. They’re literally the main reason why the Broncos are in SB50 right now. I expect this game to be closer than most analyst say it will be just based off the strength of the Broncos D. Von Miller will sack Cam Newton twice, yes I said it, twice or Demarcus Ware will get a lick (no homo) of the MVP QB. I also expect at least one interception IF Cam overthrows his favorite target Greg Olsen, I can see T.J. Ward grabbing a pick (not a pick 6 tho, chill out homie).
  2. MAJOR KEY ALERTPEYTON MANNING:  Yes we’ve all heard the rumors that this is his “last rodeo” and to be honest I will be sad to see him leave the game especially without ultimate control of how he rides to the sunset. I’ll just say this, Peyton needs to stick to what he’s been doing this entire post season: sport intermediate passes and minimal time in the pocket. If he tries to go high volume with his throws theirs a defensive player of the year nominee who’s itching to have a Superbowl pick-6. I’m talking about Josh “I hate Odell Beckham Jr” Norman. If he tries to under throw Owen Daniels there’s the NFL’s white boy reincarnation of Ray Lewis, his name is Luke “Imma tackle you” Kuekley who’s begging to get a fresh pick-6 on one of the greatest QBs of All time. The reason why Peyton is a Major Key is because C.J. Anderson is as trustworthy as black people making it to church on time. C.J. Anderson will have minimal to no impact on this game as a rusher. Laugh now, quote me later. Peyton has to throw quick slants, ins and outs and a few bubble routes, then maybe attempt more fade routes on 3rd of even 4th downs. If he continues he doesn’t turn the ball over, then the Broncos win this game.
  3. Dark horse: Emmanuel Sanders: Yes I’m calling him the dark horse even if Ron Rivera is going to preach his defense to key up on him. I expect Robert McClain and Cortland Finnegan to have trouble keeping him in check. I can also see Curt Coleman having trouble with him as well, this is why Peyton will pass to him often. If we look at the Panthers, their corners on the Left side have conceded the most Touch Downs so I expect Sanders to be on that side ready to do damage. In my opinion he might be slightly injured because he hasn’t performed lights out or caught a TD since December. If he’s turnt up tonight, especially in the first half, we might have a shocker in San Fran.

Carolina Panthers-Keys

  1. Focus: Yes I’ll be the 558473th person to say it, Carolina is one of the greatest teams to ever play football but what hurts them is what makes them great: they have fun when they play. Let’s be honest, sports are fun, it’s why we play, why we compete, why we do it all, its for fun. We all know the Carolina is one of the most fun teams to watch, their problem is focus. The easiest example is when they played the Seahawks where they let go of the gas pedal and went into cruise control in the second half. They had 31 points in the first half and ended up almost losing by the 4th quarter. Deciding to be more conservative in the second half, essentially losing focus, enabled Russell “I’m in Ciara, highkey” Wilson to pass for 3 Touchdowns. If we rewind it all the way back to week 16 when the Atlanta Hawks played their best football and beat the undefeated Panthers there was a lack of focus. Carolina had already embarrassed Atlanta 3 weeks prior (38-0) that they forgot the the Falcons had nothing to lose, ironically the Panthers lost to a sub par team by playing at their sub par level. Even when they played New Orleans which had arguably the worst defense of all time, Drew Brees exposed Carolina and almost carved a victory for Nola. If Carolina doesn’t focus, Denver might catch them slippin.
  2. CAMVP-two points: A) If Cam makes plays early in the game and keeps composure within the first half, you have no reason to watch the second half because they’ve already won. B) If Cam Newton makes smart runs up the middle without getting his knees crushed by Brandon Marshall (Broncos LB) then he’ll dab on white Amerikka and I’ll be very happy.
  3. Dark horse: Devin Funchess and/or Mike Tolbert – Yes I’m not naming one player for the dark horse I’m naming a dark giraffe and a dark hippo. Devin Funchess who in essence is Kelvin Benjamin but worse need to ball out this game. He had a TD verses Arizona but in all reality, who didn’t score on them? He needs to ball out today for Carolina to win convincingly. Aqib will key on Teddy Gin “and Juice” Jr and Greg Olsen will have T.J Ward and some help covering him all night, Devin Funchess has to be the primary target for Newton tonight. Mike Tolbert has had an amazing season, he has to continue to do the same in the most important game. This post season he has been silent with only 10 rushes and 1 reception resulting in 0 touchdowns and almost no real help to the squad. Carolina has the best rushing attack in football and if they don’t get Tolbert back in the grove, this game could go 0-100 nigga real quick.

My Final Prediction Carolina spanks Denver 21-14. Cam Newton is the SB MVP, Peyton retires and goes to Canton first ballot HOF.