Black Panther Review (Spoilers and Analysis)

Black Panther Review (Spoilers and Analysis)

As promised this is my second review of Black Panther, I won’t waste your time. If you haven’t watched Black Panther and want a swift spoiler free review click here. This is the spoiler review and analysis, I plan to dig deeper than most of my other posts because this movie is more important than most. This post is long and if you’re too ADD to handle it I suggest you leave now and go back to checking your Snapchat for that phantom reply you’ve been waiting for.

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Black Panther Review *no spoilers*

Black Panther Review *no spoilers*

Over time a movie comes along that defines a generation or the time it is in. A few years ago that movie was Avatar. The type of movie everyone had to watch for the cinematic masterpiece and the 3D prowess it displayed. Black Panther is that movie for may reasons but the largest being: it is for us, by us. The “us” is black people and more specifically Africans. Rarely do we see a movie that focuses on the best of us rather than a feature about war (Hotel Rwanda, Last King of Scotland, Blood Diamond) and poverty (any and every African movie). When we Africans know the truth, our continent is like any other, full of happiness, joy, peace, war struggle and poverty. This is why Black Panther is excellent, on representation alone it is great sprinkle in a great plot and amazing action scenes…famz how could i give it a bad review? Now to the pure review:

  • Strong plot points
  • Sometimes great visuals – some issues with CGI
  • Interesting characters – especially female characters *OKOYE IS A BADASS*
  • Amazing story development
  • THERES A TOKEN WHITE GUY…ya dawg that’s not a typo Token Whites a ting now !
  • A nuanced approach to subjects of African Diaspora, Colonialism, Refugees and African minerals
  • Strong female representation
  • Great analogy with the Lion King story

To be clear, black, white, Asian, man, woman and child should all go watch this movie. support black movies at all times! The thing to look out for is Erik Killmonger (Michael B Jordan’s character) how left me conflicted the entire movie, why? Because you understand where he comes from and why he is way he is. I haven’t felt this way about a movie since the first Blade came out, this movie is important for today, tomorrow and forever. I plan to have a more detailed review in the future (with spoilers) but for now this movie is…..

4.8/5 ! start to bottom a great time and a critical movie for our time and age!

A response to “#MeToo a male perspective”

A response to “#MeToo a male perspective”

As much as I’d like to say “I’m always right” I can’t, because I’m not. When I posted the #MeToo post I received quick hate, I expected it. What I didn’t expect is the views of some of my friends, calling me out for being closed minded and dumb. Here’s the curse of having smart friends, they’ll take time to academically COOK your ass, here is my friend’s response to my original post. I loved it and I know you will too ūüôā

” Let me just start by saying that I’m addressing the points that I disagree with.

First, I don’t agree that #MeToo is simply a men’s issue and that the hashtag should change to #BeBetter. The #BeBetter hashtag, I feel take away an important part of the #MeToo movement and it oversimplifies the movement. The¬†#MeToo was originally to show how prevalent sexual harassment and sexual assault are within our society, without necessarily telling your story and feeling as though you are not alone.¬†In my opinion,¬†#MeToo is a movement that aims to resist the system that has historically re-victimized and stigmatized women for speaking out against their abuse and harassment. By re-victimization, I mean that when women tell their stories, for example in a courtroom, the role of the defence lawyer is to minimize what has happened to the woman and to discredit her. By stigmatize, I mean that a label is automatically attached to the women who speak out. They are often held responsible for their own victimization (victim blaming: i.e. what were you wearing, what did you say, what did you do etc.) and it affects their reputation (i.e. some of the Weinstein accusors were blacklisted).¬†These are often linked to the reasons why women often don’t speak out until years later, since they may feel embarrassed, or in a workplace environment, they may fear that nothing will happen (Exhibit A: Larry Nassar). So in my opinion,¬† the¬†#MeToo give women a voice that under some circumstances would be silent.¬†For any major issue, I think that it’s important to denounce the problem first and then try to find to find a solution. That’s exactly what¬†#MeToo has done: denounce the problem.

Second, when it comes to sexual harassment, it for sure means something different for every woman. It’s that line where women feel uncomfortable with certain interactions. This links with my third point that yes I agree that little boys should be taught better, but so should little girl. One of the major problems I think is that when women speak about their sexuality, they are often shamed for it. So, I think it could be difficult for a woman to “check” a guy about her boundaries. A simple example: a girl gives a guy the wrong number or simply never answers the guy’s text. Why can’t the girl say I’m not interested?¬† It could be that she’s scared because if she refuses the guy might become aggressive or persistent. Another issue is that girls¬†are taught: Oh boys will be boys in order to render certain behaviours acceptable. The #MeToo movement through the sharing of personal stories has, in my opinion, given women a label that they can use for situations that they didn’t realize was sexual harassment, because “boys will be boys”, even though it made them uncomfortable. So I think that an equal effort should be made in changing how little girls and boys are raised. ”



Lets get real, you’re not into football, you barely watch but you’re lost. But Thank GOD my blog exists and I’ll break down all you need to know for todays big game. First foremost I hate HATE the patriots for many reasons but the root of it is jealousy. If only my headass Ravens could play football…smfh. This is not objective at all, Patriots fans can disperse and go back to Hades. So let’s go Eagles we doin this for MEEK! Now lets start with the breakdown.

Philadelphia Eagles (National Football Conference)

  • Best team in the NFC #1 seed with a 13-3 record
  • Second year head coach Doug Pederson’s first SB appearance
  • One of the best defenses in the league
  • The “Underdogs”
  • douche fans, terrible city, im tryna visit it and get a cheese steak


  • ¬†FLETCHER COX (91)¬†– Besides having the funniest last name. Mr. Cox will plug up any gap (LMFAO plz read that again). His calf is injured the scumbag Pats will cut block him. *he might not play…Injury Reserve*
  • MALCOLM JENKINS (27)¬†– If Cocks x can put pressure on the LINE, Brady (12) is a human so he will make mistakes. Jenkins will take that to the house. Pick-6.
  • CHRIS LONG (56)¬†– Won with the Pats last year, prob does coke and will fight someone. Expect a strip sack, he is the spirit of the team
  • JASON PETERS (71) – Pro Bowler, he’s 6’4 and 328 pounds…ya try passing that dude….
  • JASON KELCE- (62) One of the best Centers in the league Pro Bowler. He will protect #9 , related to our favorite white boy TE
  • NICK “how tf did I get here?” Foles (9) – if he throws 2 INT (interceptions) or more, Eagles lose
  • Will Smith – his face and IG after the Eagles win (hopefully)
  • Doug Peterson – his calm and resolve when the Pats make a comeback…
  • Carson Wentz – “you da real MVP” – Kevin Durant

*bonus: check how Zack Ertz (86) is defended. If homie gets freed up he will CRUSH

New England Patriots (American Football Conference)

  • C’mon dawg….even your mom knows they’re great. Do I need to kiss their ass anymore?


  • Tom Brady (12) – The best Quarterback of all time. He will not be the reason they lose. He will make a comeback in the fourth quarter. Might throw one INT. But he will be flawless…as…always… *stabs myself*
  • Rex Burkhead (34) He is their best running back. He will do work. Catching a lot of balls
  • Dion Lewis (33) He will decide the game. If he plays trash…especially in the 4th quarter, they lose the game.
  • Chris Hogan (15) they didn’t use him much, Dude can catch everything (not STDs doe). Fast fast boi. He catches 11 balls for 100+ yards
  • TheBandwagons – watch…they’re everywhere, they are herpes

Match up to watch: Gronkowski (87) vs Malcolm Jenkins (27)


It doesn’t matter what I predict. Patriots have already won. They symbolize perfection, they are in an era of untouchable excellence, they have reached sports immortality and my blog will not change that. This game is gonna be tight and great.¬†¬†Realistic Prediction: 32-28 Patriots win….

The ideal prediction: 21-20 Eagles win!!!!!

Championship Game Predictions


If you’ve been reading this blog you know how much I hate the patriots, you know that every inch of my soul wishes the worst for them. You know this. “And if you don’t know now you know nigga” – The Greatest Rapper Of All Time (Biggie Smalls). So with that in mind…I’m gonna pick them to beat the Jags*. Why? Because All my sports predictions end up wrong and I hope I’m wrong again! Watch out for Telvin Smith vs Gronk, whoever wins that match up will win the game. This will come down to D line vs Brady. And we’ve seen how this story ends.

Score: 28-14 New England

*highkey would love to see Jalen Ramsey post game interview if the Jags pull the upset*


Imagine a Blake Bortles vs Case Keenum Super Bowl ? My nut sack can’t contain the excitement, gimme 5 mins. *returns* Well…that was a fantasy. And like any fantasy, it’s fake and more of an ideal view of reality rather than a realistic one. This game will come down to turn overs…whoever creates the most will in. Plain and simple. And I trust Minnesota to do that.

Score: 14-3 Minnesota

Imma be live tweeting the game @seanjeann follow the boi

The NFL FINALLY got Good !

The NFL FINALLY got Good !

First and foremost this was a terrible NFL season, by almost every metric. TERRIBLE! If you’re not a football fan then I’ll break it down to you. Almost every relevant/popular did not play a full season of football. For reference 5 players with the top 10 selling jerseys of the 2016-2017 did not last a full season. Ezekiel Elliot (1) was beating women, but somehow isn’t full kicked out of the NFL like Ray Rice, was suspended on and off. Odell Beckham Jr (3) left week 5 with a fractured left ankle, ending the Giants season. Rob Gronkowski (5) is Rob Gronkowski the mans couldn’t finish a season even if he was promised a yacht party at the end of it. Carson Wentz (6) literally the 2017-2018 MVP but tore his ACL week 14 against the Rams. Aaron Rogers (7) broke a collarbone week 6 against the 2017-2018 Super Bowl Champs Minnesota Vikings (yes bitch im callin it now!). Antonio Brown (9) actually played most of the year but was sidelined week 15 with a leg injury and would have put up better stats for MVP consideration. Outside of the top 10 is 3 time Defensive Player of the Year JJ Watt (15) who got a leg injury in Week 5 against a shitty Kansas City Chiefs.

FAM LETS NOT EVEN START ON THE PROTESTS! Lets Not even start on concussions and the dumb “protocol” which is basically a 5 minute breather for pro bowl players. Cuz fuck a players health eh, we need rating nigga get your ass back on the field! Pathetic. Keep in mind I called this at the beginning! This NFL season was gonna be trash in alllllll directions. BUT I was wrong (and right).

I didn’t expect this season to have AMAZING Playoff games. After all most of the teams playing haven’t been post-season regulars. Now every post-season we have about one maybe two amazing playoff games/finishers. Last year we had the 28-3 return of the Pats and their Android QB Tom Brady. This year we could easily list off 4 and we aint even at the Championship games!


Famz we finally passed the foreplay stage and we gettin in that THANG! FINALLY THE NFL GOT GOOD! and that is what football (and sports fans) needed.


The Super Late 2017 WrapUp

The Super Late 2017 WrapUp

Backed by popular demand (3 of my best friends harassed me) I will be making my brief 2017 wrap up. Why now? Because my life doesn’t revolve around this blog and adulting is real hard when you spent most of your life being a goof. Also its good to take some time, breath and look back rather than feel forced to cram an opinion (yes Im throwin shade at COMPLEX). I’m going to assume you’re an avid reader, and I’m thankful for that, but for those that are new, all I do is basically write about music, sports and movies in a blunt stereotypical black ignorant male cis-gender offensive tone! With that being said here are the first annual “Super Late-Ass Blog bout Nothing Awards”


Get Out 

Plain and simple this movie is a classic, it won’t win awards because Caucasians are gonna Caucasian, but it will go down as the movie that HAD to happen and that DID happen. When I assess movies I look at two things: Is it different? and does it exceed expectations? Bruv this¬† movie NOT only does both but it does both phenomenally. Take this in: this movie was so good it created TWITTER MEMES! This is the type of movie a dumb dude and a smart introspective dude can get beers and watch, just don’t watch it with your white side-chick/girlfriend. Do y’all understand how impact that is? Fam you don’t. You really do not. Do y’all understand how many times I’ve used “sunken place” in my colloquial speech? You really do not. Do y’all understand how hard I clapped when my mans started chocking his Alt-Right crazy bitch girlfriend? You really do not.¬†¬†Get Out is the best movie that came out this year and it aint even close (a lot of shitty movies came out, keep that in mind). If you disagree, refer me to a better movie and its still gonna be CONSIDERABLY worse than Get Out.

Honorable mention: Split¬†<—read my review on it. I enjoy twisted horror/thriller.



No Dope On Sundays, Cyhi da Prynce

Man I can’t lie this year was fantastic for hip hop, and to be very clear I cover rap and R&B but I’m open to other genres. Back to the point, out of all the amazing albums/mixtapes that came out I always spin Cyhi for one clear reason; he’s a breath of fresh air. In a climate of over saturated Trap Rap (Migos collectively released 5 projects) I love love seeing something fresh and different ! Y’all remember Coloring Book, when Chance shifted and became the mainstream hip hop artist that white america was waiting to embrace post-Kanye West? Imagine that album had more bars and deeper topics mix that with some ignorance then BOOM you have No Dope On Sundays. People will disagree but they haven’t fully heard his album, I’ve been a big Cyhi fan back to his freestyle days and saw the raw talent of Prynce, the unadulterated passion he has, the story telling he has in tracks like Nu Africa! The soul he spits out in “No Dope on Sundays” (track) with one of the best Pusha T verses I’ve heard in YEARS, YEARS FAM! I love artists who actual have a story behind their artistry…homie spent years ghost writing bars for G.O.O.D. music (like Party Next Door is doin for Drake) and to finally have his first album be a HIP HOP CLASSIC…Lord I’m starting to tear up. Plus the mans is short, me and him relate on a spiritual (lower) level. Listen to this album, your ears will thank you, your soul will thank you and you should thank me.

Honorable Mention: Culture (Migos), Sonder Son (Brent Faiyzan), Issa (21 Savage), Ctrl (SZA), Shine (Wale), Luv is Rage 2 (Uzi Vert), You Will Regret (Ski Mask the Slump God), The Program (Cam’Ron), Sounds from the Other Side (Wizkid) and Dedication 6 (Lil Wayne)


Lavar Ball

He is the most important thing that happened in sports all of 2017. He shit talked his son into being the 2nd overall pick while the proceeding 6 players after him are better in almost every metric. He finessed sports news media into literally covering his every move for the past 8 months. He made us google “Lithuania basketball”. He made you want to buy 500$ shoes. He sparked a conversation about white victimization in face of black resistance. He made us question Steph Curry’s greatness. He taught us that black fathers are NOT as absentee as the media tells us. He made us take a strong critical look at the corporate slave plantation that is NCAA. He taught us how to parent and I’m forever grateful for that! This nigga was on WWE…read that again, this NIGGA WAS ON WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT….oh well that doesn’t matter eh. Let’s try Donald Trump. This man shit talked Donald J Trump and got clout off it. He transcended sports, politics and North American borders *drops mic*

Honorable Mention: Uncle Shannon Sharp (me and Brando gon’ be on that Mild and Yak haaarrrrrrrrrrrd)