Rampage – Movie Review

Rampage – Movie Review

Its spring and we already know what time it is. Studios are looking for that HIT, a blockbuster and they are desperate. Let’s keep it real, most of the movies that we will see in the next three months are gonna be absolute doo doo cakes but I can confidently say, Rampage is not one!

Most of the time trailers are very misleading but this was not the case, from start to finish this was a goofy action movie that accomplished its task, edge of the seat action. From the first scene to the dramatic explosive ending this movie was a fun ride. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson came in and played Dwayne Johnson, but George stole the show. Start to end. This movie will give you King Kong on steroids vibes and its actually funny. My only critique for this movie is that it was predictable, from the begging we saw the end coming. This can be attributed to the fact that most Action/Monster movies are predictable but they could have had more fun with it. My boy Dwayne should have became a gigantic monster too fam (he basically does at the end [and no that aint a spoiler]).

Overall this movie is 4.5/5 stars and it is a must watch for Johnson fans and all fans of fun movies. It’s gonna kill at the box office, just watch.


Top 5 Up and Coming Street Rappers of Ottawa

This list is subjective and in no order. To preface it, Hip Hop is a street genre it started in the Bronx among street gangs that hosted parties in the 70s. Yea fam Hip Hop aint that positive Kumbaya shit that Chance The Rapper preaches. There’s a reason street rappers are so popular…its because THAT is the essence of the genre! Rap will always have a street presence because that’s what makes it special, its the reason Black people (and now the World) gravitate towards it. The fight and struggle from being at the bottom, hustlin by any means necessary to get to the top. That’s why most rap songs sounds the same, the universal story of hip hop is fighting the power and if that means being a “crook” then it is what it is! Nowadays people like to glamorize rappers that stray from that, but I say “fuck all dat”. In my City we have some of the hardest Street Rappers in Canada! Does it matter if what they’re spitting is true? HELL NO! What matters is their skill, flow, wordplay, metaphors and sauce because Rapping is an art form it doesn’t have to be factual…this is my criteria and this is my list of the top 5 Up and Coming Street Rappers of Ottawa:

  1. BNE Gotti maxresdefault (1)

Though his work is not extensive and he’s new to the rap game, a week ago when he released “Red Dot No Hook” the entire East side of Ottawa stood up! BARRRZZZ Fuckin Baaarzzz! With one track he single he put the whole OT rap scene on notice, can’t wait for the mixtape !

2. Mario Grinds

Mario Grinds

In my opinion he is the best Somali Rapper in the city. Haven’t heard his name in the streets for a min but his recent 2017 mixtape “Mario Grinds vs Toolymanelaflare” showed his diversity and his. The issue with a lot of up and comers is they don’t know how to flow or can’t mix their beats properly but Mario goes IN. Peep “On My Soul” and his “Computers Freestyle”.

3. Pe$o Ferb


Even though he’s been in the game for a min no one on this list has had a bigger LEAP and hustle than Pe$o. On his grind alone, he deserves to be here. Back in the day his barz were predictable and weak but his work ethic is undeniable, now with fire tracks like “Prime” , “Lagg” and “My Team” he’s the one to watch. He brings that Jamaican energy, that Famous Dex, Rich the Kid energy that our city needs! His mixtape should be comin out soon

4.  Ritchie Boyz


Out of everyone in this list the Richie Boyz have the most “Mainstream” potential! With a recent fire collab with rising Tdot rapper CasperTNG on the track “How?”, Fresco and Greatest are up to some shit. They’re the type of rappers that show the gritty side of the city (don’t play with South side OT) while delivering thoughtful introspective records. They’re known in the city and I heard they put up great shows. Big ups to their crew.

5. Ricardo Da Vinci


Other than being the homie, Ricardo is a breath of fresh air in the Streets. While most focus on the gutter, dirty, grimly side Ricardo spits the heartbreaks of it. With his recent EP “Little Black Kid” he raps about his love for Haiti, his mother and the downsides of gettin faded! Peep the EP you’ll be thankful.


Honorable Mention

  • Loudboydizzo
  • Mtrockie
  • Joe Flacco


This list is inspired by City in three’s profile of the Ottawa Rappers, shouts out to them.

Thoughts #HurtBae2

Thoughts #HurtBae2

We all saw this video, me and a friend even reacted to it, you can find the clip here and what makes this video so important is the fact that I was right. I wrote a post about this a bit over a year ago and if reading is hard imma summarize: I loved the first video and BOTH had problems. I framed it as Kourtney being naive, not trusting and oblivious…and I wrote that Leonard was brutally honest but kind of an asshole about it. But let’s keep it real after we watched Part 2 a FULL year after, my last post was 100% correct. When they sat down this second time it was more of the same, it was clear they barely spoke since the last video and that they still had unresolved issues.

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Ottawa’s climate of hate

Ottawa’s climate of hate

Everyone knows what hate is, and if you’re slow the dictionary definition of hate, it is to “feel intense or passionate dislike for (someone)”. This is the verb definition but there is also a noun definition that is more informal. To throw it back to middle school, a noun is a word that is used to identify any class of people and y’all Ottawa folk are haters. A hater (noun) is: a person who greatly dislikes a specified person or thing or a negative or critical person. Ottawa is a hater ass city. Now, ironically, it’s half of your faults. Why do I say half instead of fully? Because it’s a mix of our society and our culture that creates this climate.

Let me provide an analogy, when I was younger, a friend of mine told me “Ottawa is the largest town” and he was right, we are a tweener, not a big city but way bigger than a large town. Like Brittney Spears said ” I’m not a girl, not yet a woman”. This city has a little bit over 1.25 million people making us the 4th largest city but it is one of the most diverse ones in the entire country. According to a 2011 survey, there are about 24% foreign-born residents (non whites) in a city that is about 163 years old (source: World Population Review) . Majority white (Irish and French) from the beginning but why does this matter? Because this City is in constant flux and change, it has no solid identity other than the being the capital and being a Government city which are both “recent”. You mix that small town feel, a diverse population, trash weather, a young city, an elderly population and conservative mindsets, you get a perfect storm of hate!

Beyond demographics, people here have a very rotten attitude. Now I can’t speak for Montreal, Tdot or Calgary (cities that are compared to Ottawa) but I can say, without a doubt, that the people in Ottawa are incredibly divisive; its a big “US vs Them” mentality that creates opposition. Obviously when you’re opposed to someone, you start to hate them and then your Pokemon lookin’ headass evolves into a hater. Since this city is so small and you literally can catch anyone on the 95 Trim, you see the Opps every week. This wouldn’t be a problem if we had unity, but there isn’t; it’s just small segments of even smaller subcultures within smaller counter cultures.

You could literally go to a Congolese party in the East side of Ottawa with the same niggas you went to high school with.  That’s not an outlier by the way, that’s the NORM. I don’t know about you but I’m not a fan of that; I’m not a fan of people doing the same thing with the same people then complaining about their surroundings. When we were younger, we were taught to explore the world and not suppress ourselves into a corner. Here’s the problem, people here would rather stick to their own corner with their own lame ass lives than expand themselves. They become haters of anything different when EVERYTHING in life is different and that’s what makes life beautiful. What makes this even worse is that it becomes a self fulfilling prophesy. The people that hate on Ottawa make it worse and perpetuate that narrative, this is how the cycle goes: You start being negative and critical of people in the city, then you become a hater of the city when you yourself (and your group) aren’t willing to be a part of the solution.

I wrote this post because I myself was a hater, I’ve been around haters, and I’ve learned NOT to be one. Other than the bi-polar weather, Ottawa has a climate of hate. From all angles, we will never progress as a city if this becomes the norm. Spring is approaching so let’s change climates, let’s change clothes and let’s change ourselves. Show love, be open and be great. Someone else’s shine should inspire you NOT have you criticizing and hating. That is how OT becomes great; I gave you the keys, now open the door.


Do Not Disturb (poem+analysis)

Do Not Disturb (poem+analysis)

Do Not Disturb…an honorable man

Do Not Disturb my tunnel vision

Do Not Disturb…what I look forward to

Do Not Disturb my diamond light

Do Not Disturb…sunshine, lil shorty

Do Not Disturb my our Black Excellence

Because noises keep surrounding me, camera on my eye and I, I wish that time never mattered

Photo Series @luke.views #DoNotDisturb (Instagram)


When I started this photo series I had a specific vision, the inspiration was a the Drake song “Do Not Disturb” the outro track of “More Life”. Even though it was Drake’s worst album this specific song had so much relevance, here Drake was speaking in his honest, unfiltered, raw, autobiographical tone which is what I wanted to do with this series. My goal was to have raw unfiltered emotion in each picture, It’s easy to tell a model to pose take a specific pose but to catch a raw emotion is rare. Do Not Disturb is symbolic of something untouched, something honest and pure, uninterrupted is a great way of putting it. A big component of this series was featuring people of color, majority black models. This was intentional. What we commonly see in society is people of color being put down and not recognized for their beauty, a sad yet a real sentiment. Do Not Disturb was chosen as the title ironically, my vision was to disturb. The vision was to show my followers (or any audience) something that they wouldn’t expect, each picture in this series was curated to leave the viewer puzzled and disturbed. Because that is the essence of art…to move you from one level to another. From the stout strength and poise of part i & ii to the joy and triumph of part iii the viewer is going on a journey.

When you view #DoNotDisturb I want you to see: Black Beauty, unfiltered honesty and triumph.


Interesting in Shooting? Have a concept or want better pictures for online profiles/social/corporate? Best rates in the city.

Email me: thajayel@gmail.com

Serious inquires only.

Black Panther Review (Spoilers and Analysis)

Black Panther Review (Spoilers and Analysis)

As promised this is my second review of Black Panther, I won’t waste your time. If you haven’t watched Black Panther and want a swift spoiler free review click here. This is the spoiler review and analysis, I plan to dig deeper than most of my other posts because this movie is more important than most. This post is long and if you’re too ADD to handle it I suggest you leave now and go back to checking your Snapchat for that phantom reply you’ve been waiting for.

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Black Panther Review *no spoilers*

Black Panther Review *no spoilers*

Over time a movie comes along that defines a generation or the time it is in. A few years ago that movie was Avatar. The type of movie everyone had to watch for the cinematic masterpiece and the 3D prowess it displayed. Black Panther is that movie for may reasons but the largest being: it is for us, by us. The “us” is black people and more specifically Africans. Rarely do we see a movie that focuses on the best of us rather than a feature about war (Hotel Rwanda, Last King of Scotland, Blood Diamond) and poverty (any and every African movie). When we Africans know the truth, our continent is like any other, full of happiness, joy, peace, war struggle and poverty. This is why Black Panther is excellent, on representation alone it is great sprinkle in a great plot and amazing action scenes…famz how could i give it a bad review? Now to the pure review:

  • Strong plot points
  • Sometimes great visuals – some issues with CGI
  • Interesting characters – especially female characters *OKOYE IS A BADASS*
  • Amazing story development
  • THERES A TOKEN WHITE GUY…ya dawg that’s not a typo Token Whites a ting now !
  • A nuanced approach to subjects of African Diaspora, Colonialism, Refugees and African minerals
  • Strong female representation
  • Great analogy with the Lion King story

To be clear, black, white, Asian, man, woman and child should all go watch this movie. support black movies at all times! The thing to look out for is Erik Killmonger (Michael B Jordan’s character) how left me conflicted the entire movie, why? Because you understand where he comes from and why he is way he is. I haven’t felt this way about a movie since the first Blade came out, this movie is important for today, tomorrow and forever. I plan to have a more detailed review in the future (with spoilers) but for now this movie is…..

4.8/5 ! start to bottom a great time and a critical movie for our time and age!