The Golden State Warriors are the greatest team of all time and it’s not even close…

The Golden State Warriors are the greatest team of all time and it’s not even close…

When I am 60 sitting on my couch slowly dying from diabetes I will tell my grand kids that the best NBA team, the 2015-Whenever Golden State Warriors.

Sadly I’ll tell them that my favorite player, Dwyane Wade, had ego problems and couldn’t play with the greatest player of all time. I’ll tell my grand kids about a man called LeBron James, the first NBA billionaire and the greatest player of all time consistently LOSING to the Warriors. I’ll tell them that James faced teams that were stacked and built to destroy him, Super teams. I’ll tell them about Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen two of the greatest players of their generation, choosing to form the NBA’s first ever Super Team that inspired players to form MEGA-Superteams leading to the collapse of the NBA.

While they pretend to listen to me on their Super Iphone 23 I’ll remind them that the Warriors had 4 Hall of Famer’s on one team. I’ll tell them how their “fans” were bandwagons that don’t care about parity in sports. I’ll rant about the NBA turning into La Liga where two or three teams run the entire league and no one else has a chance. I’ll make sure they know that Kevin Durant, the greatest scorer in the NBA chose to leave his contender team to join 2 of the best shooters of all time.

But my grand kids won’t care. Nobody cares about facts, people care about emotions. They won’t understand. They’ll be wearing LeBron 23’s and watching Jet racing on Super TVs because facts don’t matter. Emotions matter.

The Warriors are the greatest NBA dynasty of all time and LeBron faced them and won, Once. Which is enough because 29 professional teams can not say that.



The top 10 photographers in Ottawa

The top 10 photographers in Ottawa

Ottawa has a A LOT of talent. For a conservative Government town we are having an Artistic renaissance from all forms of expression. From rap, fashion, r&b, production, film and of course Photography! I  say with full confidence that our city has the best photographers in Canada . In no particular order here is my list of 10 Photographers in this city REALLY REALLY doing work and putting us on the map.

  1. Wassim Farah (@wssm6)


In the space of hip hop no one trumps Wassim, a true inspiration and innovator. Shoots with Drake, Jorja Smith, Ski Mask the Slump God and Ottawa’s bubbling rap star Night Lovell Wassim’s work ethic and passion deserves respect! I personally love his edits and simplicity. His pictures make you feel something.



2. Dini (@the.visionary)


The definition of HUSTLE. Dini is one of those rare photographers that gained accidentally became great, if you get the chance ask him how he got in the game. His work ethic and drive has made him one of the most sought after shooters in the city. On top of that he is a strong Brand ambassador and a genuinely good guy.



3.  Cassandra Even-Hen (@cleoflaneur)


Creativity! That’s the first word that comes to my mind when I look at Cassandra’s work. Certified hustler, she is one of the most innovative creators in the city (and Montreal too). Her work is eclectic like her personality! As one of my mentors she offered wisdom and genuinely cares about the art form. Big Ups Cleo, can’t wait for your next move!



4.  @freshh_anderson


One of the most experienced photographers on this list Fresh offers exactly what his name says. From top to bottom his work is fresh in a structured way! Consistency is his strong suit and being able to provide quality shoots with some of the most beautiful models in the city. Stay up Fresh!


5. Odunsi Oladimeji (@oladimeg)


As y’all have noticed I am pro-black and afro centric, Odunsi’s work speaks to me at that level. Featured in Afropunk for his series about Black women, it is clear that he is proud of his heritage and his people! Big respect to the young shooter.




6. Arnold Hamisi (@giftedvisions)

Gifted Visions

You know I have to stand up with my Africans! Arnold is one of the most talented individuals in this city, other than shooting he is a great christian rapper. His work behind the lens is creative and very professional. Check it out!






7. @Soul.kreativity


Bold is the first word that comes to mind when I think and look at Soul’s work. She brings a strong yet gentile touch to her pictures, usually following a narrative. Her consistency has led her to being one of the best in the city, check out her #Fokus series at Happy Goat.



8. @Omnarayana


Omnarayana is one of those photographers that sees the bigger picture before focusing on specifics. With a very minimalist style he gives a breath of fresh air in his shoots, definitely worth a look. Simple is best!





9. Andrew Kaikai (@andrew.kaikai)

Andrew kaikai

One of the few architectural and landscape photographers on this list, Andrew presents amazing pictures that spark the question “where is that?”. He is able to find gems in the city and make them look great, a true talent.






Personally I believe that faces has some of the best edits in the city. People often forget that a big part of photography is editing and faces stands out! Portraits may seem easy on the surface but the way he/she does it is refreshing and unique.








A short list of other amazing shooters in the city!

@jeanviews                                                      @tash0graphy


@therealkerbens                                         @613ninja

Kerbens 613ninja

@rgreeley2214                                                    @art.ssenses

Robert Greely Felix



LeBron doesn’t owe Cleveland a DAMN thing!

LeBron doesn’t owe Cleveland a DAMN thing!

Sports media is so stupid I literally want to slap the life out of ESPN, TSN, FOX Sports and Dummies on Youtube!

For most of LeBron James career they’ve always criticized him. Skip Bayless leading the charge. Here are the narratives

  • LeBron can’t make the finals
  • LeBron can’t beat Boston
  • LeBron can’t get a ring
  • LeBron can’t surpass Kobe
  • LeBron can’t win without all-stars
  • LeBron can’t surpass Jordan

BULL! A bunch of Bull that’s what it is! These analysts get paid millions to talk smack about the greatest basketball player of all time. Yes I said it, even being 3-6 in the finals LeBron James has surpassed Michael Jordan, he doesn’t owe Cleveland or any “NBA Analysts” anything! His accomplishments speak for themselves.

Making the NBA Finals 8 makes him automatically puts him in GOAT conversation. Making his team come back from a 3-1 deficit against the greatest Dynasty of all Time makes him seal that convo. You ever went to the washroom and took a strong poop, start cleaning your asshole, go on with your day and realize later that there’s poop particles still in there? Those aint particles, they are the 2017-2018 Cavaliers Roster. LeBron deserves better, he will leave this team and I will buy his Lakers/Knicks jersey for the 2018-2019 season.

And you should too.


We need to talk about suicide

We need to talk about suicide


We need to seriously start talking about suicide, from the media point of view and how we can stop this epidemic.

First and foremost I have issues with news media outlets talk and how they talk about celebrity suicide. This is the same problem I have with school shooters, the way they talk about mental illness as a side bar to the whole story but feature the victim/attacker NON STOP! This glorifies the Shooter and creates copycats! Its the same reason 13 Reasons Why is a terrible show and shouldn’t be watched. Lets say I was running CNN and decided to host 24 hour coverage of pancake. My viewers would get hungry and then go out to Shoppers and buy a shit ton of them. This is the same logic that advertisers use when it comes to product placement in movies and TV shows. Humans are simple, we see something, then we do it. Monkey see, monkey do. Do you understand the danger in this? When the media decides to follow MONEY and CLICKS in the subject of Depression and SUICIDE, I get fuckin angry. Why must TMZ keep writing stories about Kate Spade instead of broadcasting suicide prevent hotlines? I’ll tell you why.

The Medium is the message. These news outlets and gossip sites are about MONEY. Advertisers give them money based on views, producers are scum of the earth that will flip their moral compass upside down to get a quick buck in the name of GREED. The media must change the way they show suicide and how they report on it, it should be done with care and with pure intentions. We don’t need details about the “hanging”, “overdose”, “head shot” we need solutions !

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Lil Tay is modern black face…and so is Drake

Lil Tay is modern black face…and so is Drake

I hate this generation, so much.

We value clout over being real and genuine. Yesterday I wrote about Drake being a shady guy. He’s a faker and a millennial that stands by the phrase “fake it till you make it” and the mans faked it to the top. I always knew he was more plastic than authentic. What pisses me off about the manz is the fact that he used black face during a photo shoot. I know y’all are gonna come with the excuses “he was young” “he was an actor” …shut the hell up.


As a black man in North America we experience racism on both sides of the border, one is more overt and one is more covert. For a black man (yes, mixed race is black) in Canada to present yourself in the most racist symbol in American history is offensive and really stupid. Black face represents the The Coon Caricature which was developed during American Slavery. A coon represented black stereotypes: non-account niggers, unreliable, crazy, lazy, subhuman creatures, eating watermelon, stealing chicken, shooting crap and butchering the English language. Drake purposefully did this without explanation and without thinking it through, he chose to show this and he’s pathetic for it. BUT Lil Tay is worse.


Lil Tay is part of this trend of non-black hip hop acts who pretend to be the most ignorant part of black Americans, The WoahVicky, Bhad Baby and Tekashi 69s they are Coons that present themselves as black while benefiting from their whiteness or in this cause their Asian ancestoryy. Go on Instagram right now and search up Lil Tay. After loosing brain cells, time and patience you’ll realize she’s acting, being directed by someone. That someone is her brother and her mother. In this video Tay is being fed lines for a future IG video, literally being told to “be more ignorant”. This child is 9 years old. Do y’all understand the danger in this? Do y’all understand how popular this girl is? Do y’all understand that her popularity in this fucked up generation validates people’s view of blacks?

It’s sad and it needs to stop. We can’t let history repeat itself, we can’t support her when she starts rapping (because that is her end goal, become a rapper and make money). We can’t let her be a representation of black people and be in hip hop culture, dummies like her Brother and Mom need to be put in jail for child abuse. Dummies like Drake need to Take Care of their kids (pun intended) instead of feeding us lies about their “artistic expression”. You can be artistic without being an idiot.

We the people deserve better than that.

This is the biggest L of Drake’s career

This is the biggest L of Drake’s career

He higher they rise the harder they fall.

Let me keep it real, I am not a huge Pusha T fan, BUT I am a fan of Good music (pun intended). I want to hear high quality hip hop, lyricism, rhymes and hooks mixed together to make a sonic masterpiece. DAYTONA by Pusha T was his best work hand down and is automatically in “Album of the Year” conversation. The fact that it’s 7 songs really makes you listen to the BARZ and enjoy the beats being served. I don’t say this about most albums, but GO BUY THIS ALBUM. Literally buy it or stream that shit all the time. We need to support real hip hop! By now y’all have heard Infrared, the last track on DAYTONA and the spark to this war, then the swift response on Duppy freestyle by Drizz. But as I heard both I knew that Drake was leveraging his celebrity and success to win the fight. The shift of this beef was when dude literally posted a receipt on his Instagram with 42.1 Million followers, proving that he’s using 2014 Meek Mill tactics. Deep down when I saw him post that I knew that the 6god wanted 0 smoke and Push was a motherfuckin chimney.

If anyone saw Pusha’s Breakfast club interview at around 18:30 to 20:50 he is asked about being ready for “war” with the superstar. And said, you can’t pit him against Aubrey, they’re in a different universe. Which is the truth! Push came with ammunition and venomous facts, that’s why The Story of Adidon was so powerful. The fact that Drake was associated with blackface, his insecurities about race, abandoning of his son, his choice of women and his warped morals were things that Push knew about. He just needed an excuse to pull out the shotgun. When Drake mentioned T’s fiance’s full legal name it gave him a motive. What transpired was a 3minute and 13 second dissection of the lightskin Keith Sweat. What makes this even worse is that Drake presents himself as a “nice guy”, which we can credit his marketing team, but in reality he is a fuck up just like all of us. Here is my problem with Drake: He’s a fake and a cornball who avoids controversy and panders to the majority instead of being real! Push won this war and I wouldn’t be surprised if he had more Clipse in the chamber (pun intended).

So what happens now? Drake will use 3 songs on his album, Scorpion, to address this. They will probably be force feed on radio and one of them might hit, but we will never get a “Back to back”. If his team was smart they would ignore this, similar to the Joe Budden attack in 2016. Drake is facing a new beast who wants all the beef, no McDonalds. I’m excited to see what happens next.

Score card

Pusha T – 2

Drake – Lz

The NFL “kneeling” policy is digging Football’s GRAVE…and other sports opinions

The NFL “kneeling” policy is digging Football’s GRAVE…and other sports opinions

The NFL introduced a new rule that bans players from kneeling during the national anthem because they’re stupid and completely missed the point. I wrote about the downfall of the NFL. This policy is taking the NFL to its own funeral, the game is becoming less fun and more political. Banning players from protesting, which is against US law, propels the narrative that these players are just pawns for the OWNERS. Let me remind you guys why Kaepernick was kneeling: he asked a retired Military member “what is the most respectful way to protest the anthem?” and kneeling was the answer. This was after he sat during the anthem in 2015. Colin was kneeling to bring attention to POLICE BRUTALITY AND INEQUALITY!!! Not to disrespect the flag, and anyone who says otherwise is a liar. The NFL owners are liars. Roger Goodell is Thanos and the owners are The Black Order.

Brett Farve


  • Recently Farve came out to Peter King discussing his addiction to pain pills and alcoholism. The most shocking part was he had 3 rehab stints during his long 3 time MVP career. THIS further proves my point, the NFL doesn’t care about players they only care about the bottom line. Money. Dollars. Farve was great for ratings but the man had severe battles that many knew about, rather than fix him they let him go out there and pop Vicodin while chugging Jack Daniels. PATHETIC.
  • If y’all think Farve is the only player to go through this you might be more delusional than Rachel Dolesol.


Rockets vs. Warriors


  • Going into game 6 tomorrow at Oracle without Chris Paul is going to be hard, BUT i’m sticking to my prediction the Rockets are winning this series for two main reasons
    • Eric Gordon will continue to step up. After yesterdays 24 points he further solidified his role as a pivotal starter. Offensively and Defensively.
    • PJ Tucker and Trevor Ariza’s defense. Notice how I didn’t mention Harden, nigga never plays D. Tucker and Ariza will play lock up D and finish this series in Oracle tomorrow.

Celtics vs. Cavaliers 


  • When LeGoat James faces elimination he usually comes out on top, ask Indian. He will WILL his team into going to his 8th consecutive NBA Finals. My logic is simple, the NBA is revolved around two concepts (shout out Jalen Rose).
    • Skill: To win in the NBA the most skilled players win, the Celtics are a very very skilled group of players. Looking at both rosters we can easily say Boston is the better team on paper. BUT we said the same thing about Toronto! Which leads me to…
    • Will:  You have will players and teams, they’re the type of guys that have the heart to win. The Kobe Bryants, the Allen Iversons, the LeBron James, the Micheal Jordans, these are the guys that will fight till their last breath for a win. Celtics do not have that, their a young team that loses mentally when they’re on the road. Only Terry Rozier has the heart to fight and take the Buzzer beater, but I’ll take Brons heart over Scary Terry.