Ottawa isn’t whack, you’re whack (and boring).

Ottawa isn’t whack, you’re whack (and boring).

I hate when people say Ottawa sucks. Its one of the most annoying cliches ever…”yo dawg i just came from the 6 and realized how trash OT is.” “Ottawa’s so trash can’t wait to move to Montreal and be a failure there” okay i may have added the last part of that quote, but y’all get the point. Statistically speaking Ottawa-Gatineau is ranked 4th in terms of population within all of Canada, so take this in, when you roast Ottawa you are basically shitting on Canada. Now I’m not the most patriotic person ever but I at least have respect for this country and the blessing it really is. If you go out of your way to say Ottawa is trash then what in the hell are the other 30+ cities beneath us ? Trust me it’s only the youth who roast Ottawa while they spend 4 more hours watching a stupid show on netflix while tweeting “aint shit to do in ottawa” , y’all pathetic asf.

But yo I’m not dumb so here is what people mean when they say “Ottawhack”…they mean the Culture of Ottawa is trash. That’s debatable, but false. Keep this in mind OTTAWA IS A GOVERNMENT CITY! Bruh you think the ratchet shit that happens in larger cities would gwan here? 2+2 does not equal 6…that’s facts. Ottawa is the capital of Canada there is a level of decorum that has to be maintained. Big Facts. Easy example, Rick Ross had a planned concert a few years ago but he was was involved in a lyric controversy where he admit to Pill Cosby a girl and “…she aint even know it”. His concert was shut down, which fed into the lame mans forever argument that Ottawa sucks. False. Culturally speaking the city is conservative and not multi-cultural, its slowly improving but here’s the real problem. People who roast Ot are doing nothing to progress it. Its like you complaining about being fat while eating a junior chicken. And this reoccurring narrative that the youth has given is a self fulfilling prophesy, where you see the whack in everything. This also relates to the current trend of hyper-awareness and constantly being plugged in, “wow did you see that Migos concert on snapchat? Vancouver always his the lit shows”…we are becoming an age and generation of envious lazy losers.

How about this, why don’t you haters actually get some shmoney, check Ottawa Festivals or City of Ottawa website, follow some cool movements in Ottawa and actually do something with your bum life. Cause Ot was never whack, you and your friends (if you have any) are just boring. You’re welcome.


What everyone missed about the NFL protests…

What everyone missed about the NFL protests…

Over the course of this weekend we have seen Trump go after athletes. I won’t summarize what happened but I’ll talk and discuss context. He was at a rally (why is the man doing rallies when he won the election 10 months ago) in Alabama and felt stupid enough to proclaim that NFL players who peacefully protest with a kneeling during a national anthem are “…sons of bitches” and they should be fired. Let me lay down a few points:

  1. The NFL owners can’t cut or fire a player of protesting peacefully. They can decide NOT to add a player (*cough*Kaepernick*cough*) for that reason.
  2. The American national anthem is embedded with racism. Political science Professor Jason Johnson wrote an amazing historical post on The Root detailing the history of Star Spangled writer and slave owner Francis Scott Key.
  3. The anger towards the protests is misguided and dumb and here’s why…

Every argument against the NFL players protesting is ignorant and misguided because it is the simplest form of protest, it is Peaceful Resistance. It is akin to what Ghandi and Nelson Mandela did, they decided to resist and protest against oppressors without resorting to violence. Folks (whites mostly) are mad because the protest represents disrespecting the flag, the military or America as a whole. All of em are stupid as hell! When Kaepernick was asked about why he sat during the NFL pre-season and decided to kneel during the national anthem, he clearly stated “…it is because of police brutality and racism in America, I want to bring awareness to the topic…“the mans said this in September 2016. AND THAT’S WHAT EVERYONE MISSED! A protest in its very purpose is to BRING ATTENTION TO A DAMN TOPIC OF INTEREST! And sadly the NFL players who locked arms with the Same owners who voted and supported Trump forgot the purpose too…they forgot the reason they were protesting. The anthem doesn’t matter, the flag doesn’t matter…it is a starting point, a conversation starter to the bigger topic and problem. SYSTEMIC RACISM and POLICE BRUTALITY. Kaep never disrespected the flag and to be dead honest he didn’t disrespect the anthem, he simply knelt down and kept quiet. The same soldiers and military members who oppose Kaep’s protest are the ones that fight for his right to protest, they should be the first to support this movement.

This is the climax of any type of protest, it is here to make you feel uncomfortable. This is the time to realize and understand the narrative that the media (and Trump) will try to tell us…and how false it is. THIS IS ABOUT POLICE BRUTALITY AND SYSTEMIC RACISM. Only reason people (including NFL players) knelt, locked hands, prayed or stayed in their locker is because of Trump, NOT because of the main reason and NOT because of the main purpose. That’s what everyone missed.

I’ll write on this topic again.


The Strength of Luv

The strength of love is harder than cement blocks

the strength of love is harder than 808 beats beats

the strength of love is more adroned than Miguel lyrics

the strength of love is deeper than the milky way

the strength of luv is deeper than Uzi Vert albums

when the rage is deeper than rap songz and punk albums

when the notes and rhymes are deeper than critics  j ds

the feels appeals and its real how I feel about you, even a printer could could fax

yet born sinner I find that crooked smile alluring had me thinking , DAMN

made me style on em, sweeter than syrup sandwiches and grandma lowances

Lowe dat

the strength of love is greater than double gauge shot guns

thats how my heart is pumping, no kickback

Kyrie/IT4 Trade Will change the NBA

Kyrie/IT4 Trade Will change the NBA

I am not a “contact” guy, I barely research or understand the CBA. I just know that broadcasters have invested hella guap in the NBA and its teams, more money more problems. I promise you, if NBA contacts were the same as they were 3 years ago Kyrie would still be on the Cavs! Bruh if you were staring at the solar eclipse and lack the capacity to use your eyes, you can probably hear the Gasp from all NBA fans about this CRAZY ASS TRADE! Kyrie Irving going to the “unofficial” rival of the LeBron James, the Boston Celtics! In exchange for Isaiah Thomas, an essential defensive presence in Jae Crowder, the useless Ante Zizic and an important 2018 1st round pick after LBJ leaves.

If you know basketball you know that LeBron has a crazy history with Boston. As a Miami Heat and Raptors fan I always wanted LBJ to have beef with us, but it either never happened (during the DWade era) or was a pure domination (Eastern Conference finals 2016). What we have seen with LeBron is a pure hate of the Celtics starting with the formation of the original Big 3 in 07′-08′ season! LeBron going against 3 of the top 15 players in the league for 7 games in the conference semi finals just to get embarrassed by Paul Pierce heroics. Personally I believe that L made Lebron lose his fire. That L had him start gettin in talks with Wade and Pat Riley. That L gave LeBron the “if I lose, I don’t care, Imma get mines and whatever happens happens”. That attitude is ultimately why Kyrie left.

Communication and psychology are a funny ting. Especially non-verbal communication. Body language can and usually speaks louder than words, during the 2017 Playoff campaign by the Cavs it was clear as fuckin Dasani water that Kyrie (and most of the team) didn’t really fuck with Bron Bron like dat! Maybe it’s hindsight, maybe its revisionist history but the Cavs were not a true team, they were not together. It was literally the same Dwane Casey playbook of “feed the two all-stars on the team and get out the way!” Let’s keep it a buck, we were all shocked. I’m still shocked. Its only a matter of time till we see Kyrie vs. Lebron in the Eastern Conference Finals, this will change the NBA. Kyrie, Gordan Hayward and Jayson Tatum comin at KLove, Bron and IT4. Finally the east is interesting, finally the Cavs have some real competition and FINALLY we see the match ups we’ve all been waiting for!

Who won the trade? Cavs easily. They made a summer move that would improve their team finally. Kyrie is just a scorer so is Thomas. Thomas is arguably more clutch than Irving.

Prediction: Kyrie hated Lebron from jump but loses to him in game 7

The NFL is destroying itself

The NFL is destroying itself

When I was 14 years old and I first started watching football I was in love (no homo) with LaDainian Tomlinson! He still is my favorite player of all time, the grace in his running style, the speed, the juke moves, the stiff arm and the power that most didn’t expect. He was the first true “hybrid” back, catching balls out the backfield, the guy was La’Veon Bell before La’Veon Bell. I even liked his calm “put in work on the field” attitude, dude didn’t need to go wild he just knew he was the man on the field so why talk? Let’s be about that action! To see him enshrined in the hall of fame was not only a satisfying moment for me, I damn near cried listening to his speech! I don’t care what anyone says I have him #2 back of all time right behind Barry Sanders. Here is where the niceness ends and I tear the NFL ass apart (no homo)…

It is a fact that the NFL is destroying itself, most people would say it all started with Ray Rice and the domestic incident seen around the world but no…that’s not when it started. I trace it back to Junior Seau’s 2012 suicide. That was the beginning of the end of the NFL. During that time there had been a growing concern over CTE’s and more specifically the bocumentary “League of Denial” by Frontline coming out in 2013 really showed me that the league was over. To understand the implication of brain damage on football legends such as Seau who was not just a phenomenal Linebacker, he was a Hall of Famer first ballot, was disturbing. Sprinkle on that a 2014 domestic violence saga were Ray Rice and Greg Hardy were talked ESPN more than LeBron (ya fam it got THAT serious) this was a recipe for pure doo doo cakes. Add on that the retirement of Patrick “THE NEXT LAWRENCE TAYLOR” Willis and his rookie phenom teammate Chris Borland…the writing was on the wall, clear enough for King Nebuchadnezzar and all true sports fans to see. Don’t get me started about Aaron Herenandez this post could go 0 to 100 nigga real quick. The NFL is over. I will declare it right now, it is done. This is the turning point to a sport and chapter in North American history that we will never re live.

Gone are the days 1990s or early 2000s football, where Chad Ochocinco would put on a show in the Endzone, gone are the days of savage hits and amazing interceptions…all gone. Its over. Who is to blame? THE NFL! It’s a scapegoat to say that it is all roger Gooddell’s fault. No, he’s a business guy that wants profit for his shareholders who are the owners and the sponsors…he could give a fuck about the players. He’s a slimy piece of shit that’s true but the climate he’s in allows it…the climate of the NFL. Here is a league that prides itself on being tough when the owners are scared of hurting their business by hiring a former All-Pro Quarterback (Kaepernick…if you’re too slow to get the reference). A league that will fine players 50 racks for twearking in the endzone (Antonio Brown), a league that will literally let players consistently get away with domestic violence (Ezekiel Elliot and countless others) but are quick to ruin an athletes career over some Mary Jane (Josh Gordon). The Climate is pathetic.

I wrote extensively on brain injuries and sports, its clear like visine how the NFL has messed this up. The best player in the league doesn’t want to talk about his experiences with concussion because he fears being benched. Yes, Tom Brady would get benched for Grappalo if Belichiek knew he was getting permanent brain damage from Terrell Suggs sacks. This isn’t just an irregular thing, NFL players consistently deny concussions and “play it off”. All of this shit would be iight if the NFL had a morale code and weren’t fuckin Hypocrites…but guess what, the mess up yet again.

This week the Miami Dolphins signed one of the most pathetic Quarterbacks of all time, Jay “imma ruin ya season in with the first snap” Cutler. In a classic Cutler move, he not only quit his media job (he would suck at that too) he decided to join the same conference Tom Brady has been shoving his left testicles in for the past 14 seasons. Instead of picking up an actual threat at QB who has a history of winning KAEPERNICK they decided to get a pathetic piece of human flesh called JAY “Imma find a way to lose, believe dat” CUTLER! “Nah, lets not sign the best free agent Quarterback who’s actually fighting for a righteous cause in this nation that consistently shows racial injustice, nah lets go with the retired sack of human excrement!” – Dummy Miami GM who’s gonna get fired in 3 months…

This league is pathetic. It’s a league that is quick to chew and spit out its best players while consistently ignoring ones that don’t fit their twisted “agenda”. Everyone go and search up Brent Grimes interception, I promise you it is one of the most phenomenal INT you have ever seen but the NFL hates his out spoken wife (she has a great podcast) and never showed his highlight. The NFL is quick to give terrible contracts with shitty guaranteed money for EVERYONE but 5-6 Quarterbacks when the Average NFL career is 3 years. It is time for us as NFL/Sports fans to boycott the NFL with our time, attention and the most important thing Our Wallets.

Imma still watch football but I will bootleg and stream all games. I will not support it, I will support NCAA and youth football but the league is pathetic. I can’t do it anymore. My sons (if I have any) will not go to the NFL I will not allow it and I encourage all athletes to avoid it.

I give it 3 years till they start to free fall into oblivion and even less than that for a viable competitor to rise up. The flag football league looks promising.

THE NFL IS OVER. Remember where you read this.


p.s. Shout outs to Ross for inspiring me to write this.

Feel some ways

Feel some ways

                      faded and  leaning on the toilet seat

i feel some ways

failing at my midterm test

i feel some ways

finally seeing you in that exam room

i felt some way

facing my mortality even though i want you eternally

i feel some ways

                                                           falling for you so suddenly

i feel so scared


Why everyone has anxiety

Why everyone has anxiety

I’m not a psychologist, don’t quote me as such. But I have thoughts and ideas since you’re here i’m assuming you want to hear em so let’s spill the beans. On a macro level I’ve noticed that there’s a rise in mental health issues but on a more micro level among my friends I’ve learned that there’s a Huuuuuug *Trump voice* rise in anxiety. I’m not here to pull stats out of my ass and pretend that i’ve done extensive research, you can go read some other blog or textbook for that. As a curious person I decided: why not ask people why anxiety is on the rise and I even talked to some of my friends that go through it. I was able to have a few conversations and even run a poll asking people “why is there a rise in anxiety?” I came to a weird yet strangely obvious answer, both linked to the idea of perfection…social media and family dynamics. Yes those are the 2 main reasons everyone is anxious. I hope some sociology and psychology majors are doing research on these two factors because it’s clear as hell.

For Social media it makes all kinds of sense…just to give y’all a prefix, I’m not talking about generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) cause you need a doc to give that title i’m talking about day to day anxiety that would and could be seen as “normal”. Social media makes sense (i’ve written several times about it) because every day we try to put out an image of the best version of ourselves and send an illusion of perfection. People literally delete entire galleries of pictures because of a low amount of likes…its pathetic, but it contributes to the idea that “if i’m not perfect, i’m not needed”. You understand what kind of pressure and stress that puts on someone? When you look at another IG pic of someone’s perfect relationship, vacation and adventures you feel some type of way. Self doubt, perfectionism, self-conscious, excessive worry about how you’re perceived within the platform you express yourself in…all of those are signs of anxiety. When everyones life looks fuckin blessed what are you gonna do? Compare and feel anxious about your own.

With the poll I did, I found that family dynamics was the second highest reason why our generation is more anxious, this surprised me. So I went into deep thought and looked at reasons why this was picked…For the most part, my friends answered the poll. Most of my friends have divorce in their family (including me) so the family dynamic is not “typical” or “normal” whatever the hell normal means nowadays. Then it lead me to think: what is a normal family dynamic? Especially in Canada, and even more among minorities (most of my friends aren’t white). I found out that common law marriages are on the rise in Canada, second marriages are common and the nuclear family prototype is slowly being phased out. How does this cause anxiety? Cause we live in a society where what we see represented as “perfect”, the wife, husband and kids prototype isn’t a reality! How would you feel if everyday they ask you about your father and you aint seen that man in 16 years? How would you feel if they asked about your biological parents but you’ve been adopted? How would you feel about having step siblings you hate or have never even meet? Anxious. The media and society has lied to us and pressed us on the idea of “perfection” that doesn’t exist in the world we live in.

Those are the reasons everyone has anxiety.