Monday Motivation (August 22nd)

Monday Motivation (August 22nd)

I’ve abandoned the idea of posting early or even posting on time. The content matters, and so does timing which is a skill I have to learn. Besides that, my loyal readers (and hopefully new ones) need some motivation, and nothing has motivated us more than the Olympics. Yes, even through it ended yesterday and there’s more bullshit in this world to write and speak about we must slow down and realize how cool it was. I’m not going to go off about Usain Bolt, Andre De Grasse, Simone Biles, Michael Phelphs or Lyin Lochte, I’ll speak on a purely base level. All of these incredible athletes that went to the Rio Olympics have one thing in common, a drive and a vision. That’s the essence of what I’d like to send out today. Having a goal, having something that wakes you up every morning to achieve greatness is something that is rarely replicated. Every single athlete that went to represent their country, regardless of a realistic chance at gold, had a vision! They had drive, so much so that they beat out other competitors aiming for the chance to compete at the biggest stage.

The joy of even being able to represent your country, being Continue reading “Monday Motivation (August 22nd)”

Poetry Wednesday (August 17th)

Poetry Wednesday (August 17th)

Self Destruction

We play the same games without interruption

slowly adding the grenade to our self destruction

fade to black, a scene that we try to forget

self destruction be the reason we have regret

staying up late, not replying and losing respect

self destruction, its the thing we rarely detect

I want her, she wants me but we play it wrong

finding her love became self destructive like that Drake song

hit it in the morning have her moaning before her alarm starts

but pride and self destructive tendencies lay in our hearts

my thumbs yearn to move and hit you up

so i fear self destruction, i just shut up

hearing you speak baby it is not enough

I need you constantly like a drug, its kinda rough

Focused on you without a single interruption

Scared of what always happens

Self Destruction

Monday Motivation (August 15th)

Monday Motivation (August 15th)


Last week we learned what a Kim Kardashian sextape would be like in 2016. We didn’t see it but we saw the implications of such a thing were to happen today. “What the hell is this weirdo talking about?” Thanks, and I’m talking about YesJulz. If you haven’t heard of her I don’t blame you but I’ll attempt to explain. She’s a “Social Influencer” basically she has a large following on social media (mainly Snapchat, Twitter also) where she promotes, markets and hosts events in the urban (hip hop) sphere. She’s not huge, but those in the know know her. Her brand is basically big booty voluptuous white girl who loves “the culture” and empowering women (her staff is 6 women). Friday a sextape of her was leaked on twitter and all hell broke loose. The memes were on Jordan Crying levels, it was literally a party in twitter. The general consensus was her moans sounded manly and she deserved the roasts because of her 2011 tweets disparaging women. To be honest I could go off about how idiotic and group think Twitter can be but that’s besides the point, here we learned what a Kim K sextape would be in 2016. YesJulz and 2007 Kim K are similar in the “why the hell do I know that person?” realm. Women who had a sextape leaked on their come up. While one was able to propel the private moment into a millionaire empire, the other has just seen the ugly side of the internet. In 2007 when the Kim tape came out it wasn’t in the social media driven society we experience today were; group think, pitchfork mentality, memes, roasts are a major key.

While I scrolled down my phone and I laughed at the dry Spongebob comparisons but I reached the point where I felt sorry for the girl. She was #1 trending and it was because of her getting dicked down. Sad times, 2016 times.While I agree with 99% of twitter that her tweets on black women were wrong, I believe that people change, and no one deserves to have private moments go public. We all got dirt under the rug. I saw an inspiring Continue reading “Monday Motivation (August 15th)”

Monday Motivation (August 8th)

Monday Motivation (August 8th)

I had to do this. Literally have been going through a wave of ups and down, life isn’t pretty for your boy. So let’s just get to it. Music speaks to my soul, 2 Chainz released his mixtape Daniel Son; Necklace Don and one song sticks out, Big Amount (LISTEN TO IT NOW). Now that you’ve heard it, you’ve noticed his little introduction “if you woke up this morning you’re winning” which is factual. He goes off riding the smooth flute inspired beat, literally spitting bars from an impoverished youth to getting “red bottoms in his and hers”. Why does this matter? This post is about gratitude, be grateful, like 2 Chainz is grateful.

We live in a world of constant complaining, its pathetic. We literally take everything for granted from the jobs we have to the fact that some of us are in a peaceful country. There’s people who read this blog that are in war torn regions and I sit back and think to myself “wow how? and why?”. Just know that you and I are blessed, we are alive, that’s more than some people can say. We are safe, that’s more than some people can say. We have internet, that’s more than A LOT of people can say. I could literally stop this blog post right now and say that I motivated you because the idea of us having all these blessings should inspire each and everyone of you. We take some much for granted, as if it’s normal to have what we have. There are kids out there starving NOT just in Africa, South America or Asia there are kids starving in our city, in our province (or state) and our country. The Continue reading “Monday Motivation (August 8th)”

A few Movie Reviews

A few Movie Reviews

I’m not a super movie person, to be honest I like TV shows overall way more than movies. But I’ve gone on a small streak of watching some good movies so why not review them because apparently people read this (but they’re too soft shy to comment). My metric for a good movie is “will I watch it twice? is it memorable? is it original? and did it make me NOT want to check my phone”.

Rating Scale

1=Nah bruh 2=Trash, but watchable 3=Its iight 4=Buy a ticket 5=WHY HAVEN’T YOU SEEN IT?

Central Intelligence: Giving this a to be honest its perfect at what it does. The Rock is hilarious its amazing, Kevin Hart doesn’t play Kevin Hart and its refreshing. People seem to forget that Hart is a legit actor, he stopped playing the same character and balanced out with Dwayne Johnson. Watch it with a squad, a cute girl who wears Jordans, not with mom though.

Bad Moms: This movie is the definition of a 2 its trash but its watchable. If you’re Continue reading “A few Movie Reviews”

Monday Motivation

I can’t deny that I love twitter. It’s my favorite form of social media to waste my time on and hate myself for doing so. There is a lot of fuckery on that app and I’m very aware of it, but once in a while you see a tweet that transcends the retweets and likes, a tweet that speaks to your soul. @Boogie2988 had that tweet. He wrote “A massive number of people won’t care about you. Many people will actively dislike you. Only a few will love you, cherish them“. This is spoke to me. I hope it speaks to you too. These recent years in my life I have realized that this is one of the truest statements I’ve ever read, I literally landed on it a week ago. Have you ever felt like something is in the back of your mind but you can’t vocalize it? That’s exactly how I felt about that tweet. Everyday I recognize that the number of people that don’t or won’t ever care for me is very large, whether they pretend to or they actually do, most will not care about me. You can be great, you can have a friendship, you can have a party, you can play sports together, you can be friendly, you can lend money, you can even be blood relatives and most people will not care about you. Some will pretend to for some ulterior motive, but just know, most will not care about you. Many will dislike you, no matter what you do. This is why I’m a large believer in people being who they are 100% of the time without a single hesitation. Just do you, fuck everyone. Be yourself. Because being a genuine person helps you sleep better. Many people will actively dislike you. This reminds me of Rico Richie song “Poppin” in his chorus he says “If you aint got no haters y’aint poppin”. People will hate you, its not your job to be loved, its your duty to be yourself EVERY DAMN DAY and NEVER apologize or “Fit in”. Few will love you and that’s a fact. Cherish them, cherish those moments and cherish the memories. Because nothing ever lasts, but the memories we create and keep.